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Paul Howes:

An Australian Unionist or a Zionist Propaganda Author?

By Asem Judeh

Al-Jazeerah,, March 29, 2010

The extraordinary anti-Palestinian tirade in the Daily Telegraph from Paul Howes, federal secretary of the Australian Workers Union raises questions about who Howes is working for, says Asem Judeh, human rights activist and Israeli Terrorism Monitor founder. "Is he a unionist or a Zionist propagandist?” asks Judeh. “The sight of him rubbing his hands with glee at Mossad’s extra-judicial killing of a Palestinian, which involved using false passports from Australia and other countries, is sickening.

What exactly are his political affiliations, and what prompted him to say such things when even pro-Israel politicians in Australia, America and Britain are outraged by what has happened?" 
Judeh says questions should be asked by the union movement about Howes’ political links. He says there is no place in the union movement for excessive support of Israel when it is engaging in acts of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the bombing of civilian populations. “The union movement is concerned with justice; no union leader can look on acts like the blockade and subsequent bombing of Gaza and be unmoved.
“Yet here we have Howes saying that the extra-judicial killing is “a positive outcome for those who believe in peace and justice.” He dismisses the “liberal conscience” – that is, anyone with a moral sense – as just weak thinking. He says we should all be “proud” Australia is a friend of Israel. Is he “proud” of the bombing of Gaza?
“He says Hamas is responsible for undermining of the peace process? Even the White House has realized that Israel has no intention of negotiation -- it has not negotiated for
60 years. He says Hamas has waged terror against Palestinians. What about the terror that Israel has waged against the Palestinians? And why did Gazans elect Hamas if it is so terrible?
“He talks about the “giant lie” “they” (whoever “they” are) are “pushing”. What about the giant lies of Israel? Israel has had 60 years to make peace with the Palestinians, and yet Palestinians remain dispossessed, without a country, subject to ethnic cleansing, military oppression, bombed. And apparently it is all their fault. What could be a greater lie than that?
“He says anti-Israelis are pushing propaganda. He is the one pushing propaganda. The reaction to the passports issue has been muted, especially in Australia. Then of course finally we get the references to Nazism, implying that Middle East Muslims and Hitler are somehow alike. How is this not racist? We can all see who the fascists and the racists are – and it is not the Palestinians.”
Judeh says the conclusion is clear. Howes has strong Zionist connections, and is trying to put propaganda into the public arena to defend those interests. “It is time questions were asked,” says Judeh. “Who exactly is Howes affiliated with and working for? And what does this have to do with unionism? This is not just a passing political comment, it is far too biased and extreme for that.”

AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, racist and warmongering Op-Ed opinion piece. The Sunday Telegraph, March 7th, 2010: ‘Dubai killing strikes blow for decency’




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