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Are Zionists violating Norwegian sovereignty by terrorizing a Palestinian Norwegian citizen in Norway?

By Salim Nazzal

Al-Jazeerah,, March 29, 2010


Al-Jazeerah Editor's Note:

Dear D. Salim Nazzal,

You are not alone to be subjected to Zionist intimidation. Read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' article, published also in today's issue to realize that you are not the only intellectual in the world to be targeted by Zionists, in an attempt to silence them. Here is the link:

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It By Paul Craig Roberts

You have done an excellent job and you'll continue doing so. We cannot afford giving up. It may feel frustrating to see the ship heading fast towards the rock without being able to stop it or change its direction. However, we cannot afford being silent. We must continue the noble job of education, research, warning, and activism until the ship is saved or at least spreading knowledge about the coming sure wreck, so people can be prepared for the calamity that will fall on their heads.


Two months ago I wrote an article about the Zionist attempts to intimidate me. I made it clear in the article that if Zionists think they can stop me from writing about the Palestinian rights they will absolutely fail. I made it clear that the state of Israel will not scare me.


I will write and write and Iam ready to die any time for my principles, and ready to do anything and everything in my power to defend my rights as a Palestinian Norwegian writer to express my views through the media.
After that article they stopped sending e mails, instead, and to my surprise, they managed by some way to go into the Norwegian communication system, and knew my secret home numbers and my mobile number. This begs the question, who is able to go into the Norwegian telecommunication system, and who has the technological knowledge to know the number of my mobile which I changed only 3 weeks ago!!!!
The answer to this question is not difficult, it must be an organization supported by a state that has a history in trying to terrorize the critical voices which stands against the Zionist occupation. My conclusion is that Zionists and Zionists only who are capable of such tactics and who have a motive to want to silence my dissent against Israel. 
To show these bullies that I will not be intimidated I am seeking legal assistance to push for a thorough investigation to determine who is responsible for the threats I have received over a long period and how they manage to go through the official Norwegian communication system TeleNor. According to expert advice received, this latest attempt to intimidate me, by tapping into a Norwegian telecommunication company has committed a serious offence by violating Norwegian sovereignty.
By means not yet determined, the perpetrator/s has been able to obtain all of the private telephone numbers held by me.  In spite of changing all of the numbers recently, they were able to obtain the newly issued telephone numbers and intensified their assault on my peace by calling all three lines, simultaneously. This indicates that there is more than one person involved.

For that reason I will involve the Police, the media and the juridical system to take this case into highest levels to be able to identify the terrorists. And from now I will do nothing except following the case with my lawyer and the Norwegian authorities and the Media.
This matter will now move to higher authorities. I am a Norwegian citizen, and if it is determined that those responsible for this NAZI like intimidation tactic, within the Norwegian capital, is connected with the Mossad and Israel, as I strongly suspects, I will make sure that the public opinion in  Norway and the world knows about it. 
Not content to have murdered eight members of my family in Palestine and three more in Lebanon, with the assistance from USA funded Phantom jets; they have twice bombs my home between 1974 and 1982. Now it seems to me these Zionists fascist with a long history of this kind of intimidation are attempting to terrorize in my Second home country Norway.

The recent intensification of their attacks on me indicates they are becoming more and more desperate.  Since the assault on Gaza and the slaughter of 1600 Palestinians, 600 of them children the world is watching Israel very closely.  For the first time in its history its staunchest ally the United States of America is using strong words against Israel they are unaccustomed to hearing.  So their tactic against strong voices that speak out against their crimes has become more daring.
The Zionists are slow to realize that no matter how many people they murder - no matter how much Palestinian land they confisticatede - no matter how many Palestinian families they terrorize and dispossess - no matter how many children they kill, or how many olive trees they cut, this attempt to genocide Palestinians from their homeland and culture will fail. One day Palestine will be free of this occupation. Until then Palestine, Palestinians, and friends of Palestine all over the world stand against this oppressive, murderous regime until it is just a memory in history - as the Nazi's of Germany are today.

Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.




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