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Pink Floyd's Music Video for Gaza: "We Shall Overcome" by Roger Waters

Roger Waters is best known as the bass player, co-lead vocalist, lyricist, principle songwriter and one of the founding members of the world famous rock band Pink Floyd.



"Gilad Atzmon, a British writer and musician who was born in Israel and served in the Israeli army, believes that the raid will lead the world to see what Israel is all about”.

“They are convinced that the more people they kill, the more people will be deterred to jeopardise what they regard as their security,” Atzmon told RT.


I hope that you can spare 18 minutes and 16 seconds to watch:
AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 2  The Treasonous Dollar Drain
A closer look at how the members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee exercise a grotesquely disproportionate amount of power over the foreign policies of the United States.
While I was checking the final edit of this video, the Israelis gave the world yet another stark reminder that they are not fit to control a collection of bumper cars, let alone a land they have stolen from others, much less an arsenal of over 200 nuclear weapons.  Clearly, Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians or anyone else in their region, yet the membership of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, support, aid and abet these criminals in their disregard for the lives of others. They have done their best to suppress the Goldstone Report on the 2008/9 attack on Gaza, and now, no doubt, they will side with Israel in their latest atrocity.  I am referring to the attack of May 31st, 2010, on the Gaza Flotilla which was attempting to bring much-needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in their beleaguered, fenced-off, Apartheid Prison called The Gaza Strip. 
Please pass the link along and link it on your website or blog.


Subtitled video of Erdogan speech and more on PTT and Gulagnik

PTT and Gulagnik have now provided even more complete coverage of the landmark speech by Erdogan. To fully grasp the depth and intensity of this intervention, one must see the video, subtitled in English.

Currently we have inserted the first 14 minutes and the concluding remarks will be inserted later in the day. We have also added the Italian translation by Diego Traversa and the Portuguese translation by Monical Alves will be inserted later in the day. You may watch the videos directly either on Gulagnik's site or PTT (flash player).

Appreciation and thanks to Guzin Bilgi for this enormous marathon effort.
and and 




The men involved in Policies about the coming events in the world are meeting every years  in a changing secret place .That ,started early after WW II.
They have been tracked , and protested by tenacious activists .
 In the last 4 years  public knowledge has grown in an interesting way..

Guy Jones


Israel and the attacks upon the Flotilla

Letter to the Editor (
New York, NY
Re: Israel and the attacks upon the Flotilla
Dear Editor:
We are asking your paper to account for the numerous factual misrepresentations in your featured op-eds. There is a great need that op-eds be published by and about Palestinians, victims of the blockade, people affected on the flotillas, and professionals from human rights organizations, among many others.
Please know that there are two sides to every question. Israel and its followers always have strong reasons against the pro-Palestinian issues, and it is not fair that both sides' opinions are not being focused upon.
We hope that we will soon see changes exposing more of what really occurred when the Flotilla arrived at Israel. The world is now very upset.
Thank you.
Paul and Carol Bradford
P.S. Kudos to Nicholas Kristoff. Thanks.



Israel expects United States to deflect outcry over its high-seas assault


Israel can probably live with the diplomatic cost of its bloody storming of Turkish-backed aid ships bound for Gaza – unless its US ally fails to shield it. 
Israel’s high-seas interception of the flotilla, in which at least nine people were killed, has provoked a firestorm of criticism around the world and shredded the country’s already tattered relationship with Turkey, once its only Muslim ally.
Demands will intensify for Israel to end its siege of Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinians, decried as “inhumane” by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday. The European Union and Russia urged Israel to open crossings for aid, goods and people.
Another casualty, at least for now, is US President Barack Obama’s effort to get indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks moving. Monday’s drama will further test the credibility of Obama’s broad drive to regain the trust of Arabs and Muslims.
So far Obama has only voiced regret at the casualties and called for clarification of what happened in the raid. The UN Security Council condemned the “acts” that led to casualties and urged an investigation “conforming to international standards.” Israel has weathered world outrage over its policies towards Palestinians and its Arab neighbors often in the past, largely because it could rely on Washington to veto hostile resolutions at the UN Security Council and protect it from any punishment.

Washington Comes to the Aid of Israel over Gaza Convoy Massacre
An Israeli navy commander indicated to the Jerusalem Post that the military was readying violence against the next two ships as well. “We boarded the ship and were attacked as if it was a war,” he said. “That will mean that we will have to come prepared in the future as if it was a war.”
Turkey expressed outrage at the commando raid for targeting the Turkish ship and killing mostly Turkish activists. In a speech to parliament, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister, called Israel’s raid a “bloody massacre”.
The Obama administration put enormous pressure on Turkey, currently a member of the United Nations Security Council, to accept a watered-down statement from the Security Council, as discussions dragged on for 11 hours in an emergency session throughout the evening and night.
As a result of US arm-twisting and use of its power of veto, the UN made no direct condemnation of Israel and removed the call for an international investigation of the incident. It also weakened the demand to end the economic blockade of Gaza that the activists were trying to break.
The Security Council issued a statement saying that it “deeply regretted the loss of life and injuries resulting from the use of force during the Israeli military operation in international waters against the convoy sailing to Gaza”. It requested the immediate release of the ships as well as the civilians held by Israel and meekly suggested that the situation in Gaza was “not sustainable”. It called only for an impartial inquiry into Israel’s raid, which Washington interprets as leaving Israel free to organise its own whitewash.
According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Obama White House placed no pressure on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to cancel his scheduled visit to Washington, citing a White House source who said that the two sides talked about moving it up to Monday, but it was not possible.
A summary of Obama’s phone conversation Monday with Netanyahu posted on the White House web site said that the meeting would be rescheduled “at the first opportunity”.
A State Department statement on the massacre was even clearer in its support for Israel’s justification for the attack, appearing to blame the killings on the Palestinians and their supporters.

Now batting for Israel: Joe Biden

As Israel and American supporters look for an ally in the White House, many say they believe Biden is pressing for a softer line on the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a harder one on Hamas. Biden and his advisers have privately upheld the public administration position, they say, of opposing an American-backed peace plan, something reportedly championed by National Security Adviser James Jones.  And while administration officials insist that Biden has no foreign policy other than the president's -- "there's not a lot of daylight" between Biden's recent statements and Obama's own, National Security Council chief of staff Dennis McDonough told POLITICO -- pro-Israel members of Congress and pro-Israel groups see Biden as their top administration ally.

This Says It All
Israelis kill American – Joe Biden says: "What's the big deal?"

Imagine if Iran had done this. Washington would have reverberated with the sound of thunder emanating from the White House, and the attack fleet would already be steaming toward the Gulf, taking up position. That the culprit was Israel, however, puts a whole different face on the matter, at least as far as our government is concerned: they’re content to let the Israelis "investigate," and let the matter drop.
For years, some of us have been saying that the government of Israel and its partisans in this country exercise a decisive – and unhealthy – influence on the making and execution of US foreign policy. We’ve been accused of everything from anti-Semitism to pushing "conspiracy theories," and yet the Mediterranean Massacre – and our government’s non-response – underscores that, if anything, we’ve been underestimating the extent to which the US takes its orders directly from Tel Aviv.
Kill a Turk and Rest

Making enemies of the Turks is more than foolish. For decades, Turkey has been our closest ally in the region, much more close than is generally known. Turkey could play, in the future, an important role as a mediator between Israel and the Arab-Muslim world, between Israel and Syria, and, yes, even between Israel and Iran. Perhaps we have succeeded now in uniting the Turkish people against us – and some say that this is the only matter on which the Turks are now united.
This is Chapter 2 of “Cast Lead”. Then we aroused most countries in the world against us, shocked our few friends and gladdened our enemies. Now we have done it again, and perhaps with even greater success. World public opinion is turning against us.
This is a slow process. It resembles the accumulation of water behind a dam. The water rises slowly, quietly, and the change is hardly noticeable. But when it reaches a critical level, the dam bursts and the disaster is upon us. We are steadily approaching this point.
“Kill a Turk and rest,” the mother says in the joke. Our government does not even rest. It seems that they will not stop until they have made enemies of the last of our friends.
Israel Commits Massacre in International Waters, Killing 19 Pro-Palestinian Activists from Different Nationalities, Injuring Scores More
The pre-dawn commando operation, which killed nine pro-Palestinian activists, was also sure to strengthen Gaza's Islamic Hamas rulers at the expense of US allies in the region. This will mean a huge gap between the interests of Washington in the region and those of Israel.  The more Washington sides with Israel the more it finds its interests are ill-served.
Obama, Bush alike on Israel

Tel Aviv knows it can always count on unwavering US support despite its flagrant disregard for human rights
The US could not do anything more than say it needs more information to determine what had happened. Nevertheless, in the UN Security Council, Washington pushed member states to endorse a watered-down presidential statement about the "acts" i.e. equating Israeli commandos who attacked the ships and the activists, who were trying to protect themselves.  Although Israel has embarrassed its staunch ally by repeatedly derailing US efforts to jumpstart the Middle East peace process, Washington never tires of providing Tel Aviv its support on numerous occasions. It uses its veto power to shelter Israel from global condemnation.
Obama at Ground Zero in the Middle East

America’s Middle East policy has reverted to absolute ground zero with the convoy crisis. Little remains of the ambitions Obama had at the beginning of his term. The United States caved in on the question of halting Israeli settlement building, and whatever credibility he had among Palestinians went out the window. The Israelis, on the other hand, snubbed Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Jerusalem by announcing new settlement building projects, and then dispatched Mossad murder squads with European Union passports on assassination missions — and now this disaster with the solidarity convoy.





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