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Another Victim of British Hypocrisy

By William Gladys

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, June 28, 2010

Many influential people in Monarchical Britain believe that it is justifiable to send its military  to Afghanistan to occupy, invade, overrun, dominate, coerce, suppress, rule - call it what you will, in order that  Britain’s  so called ‘democracy’ can be  installed in your country! What an insult, what impertinence to the millions of Muslims living in Afghanistan.
                      No matter what word is used to describe Monarchical Britain’s foreign policy objective however, the end game is power and dominance of an Islamic State, and the inevitable change to its culture that would follow at the behest of a Crusading Imperialist aggressor from the West.  It is hardly surprising therefore that the citizens of Afghanistan and other Middle East countries refuse to accept this Colonial intrusion into their affairs and the need to logically resort to rejection and legitimate resistance, as we in the British Isles would resist if the boot was on the other foot.
                       My reference to Monarchical Britain’s “end game of power and dominance” is based on alleged comments made by a Cabinet Minister in the new Coalition government. And I quote:  “Britain was not a global policeman; we are not in Afghanistan for the sake of an education policy in a broken 13th.Century country. We are there to see our Global interests are not threatened”. So much for the phoney comments about British ‘democracy’!
                        Moreover, while apparently wishing to install our ‘democracy’ on other Nations States, Britain continues to subject its own people to draconian measures of dictatorial disinformation. The enquiry into the Bloody Sunday tragedy in which thirteen innocent citizens of the Republic of Eire were killed by British troops is just one example; where the delay of a thorough and transparent enquiry into the catastrophe was regarded by many as a conscious withholding of vital information from the public for decades.
                        And yet this example is as nothing to the distortion placed upon the Freedom of Information Act 2000; Britain’s discriminatory bending of the Act to suit the Royal Family. And I quote in part with minimal editing from The Times  June 2010.
                         “The Royal Family and the Royal Household were exempted from direct request for information under the freedom of Information Act 2000… members of the public are unable to access information held in the Royal Archives. The exemption is intended to protect communications between the Queen and her ministers and other public bodies from appearing in the public domain.” It beggars the question, what does the Queen and her successors have to hide from a public that has every right to know what interactions and conceivably POLICY DECISIONS are being made between the Queen and HER Government in their name? The outrageous Royal Exemption means that the public will not be able to know the real truth until many years after the demise of each and every Royal. That isn’t democracy. That is Dictatorship!
                          Indeed, is this one example of hypocritical warping of British ‘democracy’ (not forgetting the numerous other distortions), what the people of Afghanistan and other Islamic States in the Middle East want from Monarchical Britain?  I doubt it! But whatever the outcome it seems reasonable to expect Muslims around the world to reject such hypocrisy forthwith.
In conclusion, bring all the Queen’s troops home and not just the Queen’s privileged Grandson Prince Harry! Let’s pursue peace, peace, peace instead.
William Gladys, London.






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