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Jose Maria Aznar:

A Zionist-Fascist Voice from Spain

By Khalid Amayreh

 in occupied Palestine

PIC, July 3, 2010


Jose Maria Aznar, the former Spanish Prime Minister, is reported to have called on western countries to protect and defend the Apartheid Israeli regime, despite the latter’s Nazi-like policies against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the  Middle East.
Aznar reportedly argued that “if Israel goes down, we all go down.”
“Israel is our first line of defense in a turbulent region that is constantly at risk of descending into chaos,”
Aznar, a key ally to former President Bush in the war against Islam, added that “to abandon Israel to its fate at this moment of all moments, would merely serve to illustrate how far we have sunk and how inexorable our decline now appears.”
Aznar’s argument seems strikingly similar to arguments made by the defenders of the South African apartheid regime before its ultimate downfall. Then we were told repeatedly that abandoning the apartheid regime would remove the last vestige of civilization and enlightenment in Africa.
Now, Aznar is shamelessly making the same argument, namely that the West has to maintain support for the Israeli policies of occupation, apartheid, and colonialism “because this is the right thing to do.”
Needless to say, such arguments can only come from either a manifestly ignorant or bluntly immoral person or both.  Today, Israel is a virtual Nazi state that thinks, behaves and acts alike a Nazi state.
Israel is an occupying power that murders innocent people, practices ethnic cleansing and uses lies to cover up its crimes against humanity as the recent Goldstone report pointed out rather elaborately.
Israel is also an international outlaw, a state that lives by the sword and systematically violates international law.
In fact, there is no other state under the sun that is more in violation of international law, especially the international humanitarian law. Human rights organizations have issued numerous reports indicting Israel for violating the basic human rights of millions of people.
In short, Israel has committed more war crimes in recent history than any other state. These  crimes  range from raining white phosphorus on besieged civilians and dropping millions of cluster bomblets on southern Lebanon  to slaughtering in cold blood aid activists carrying milk powder and other humanitarian materials to helpless civilians  languishing under a Nazi-like siege in the Gaza Strip.
So, one is prompted to ask the following question:  By what moral Criteria does Aznar urge the West to support polices and practices that any conscientious human being would reject and condemn outright?  Indeed, are the European peoples under any moral obligations to support ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and the Israeli policy of starving and savaging Gazans  just because Israel didn’t like the outcome of Palestinian elections?
I have no doubt that that Aznar can cite no moral justification to support  his morbid call for supporting and backing a country that murders school children on their way to school and then claims that the murder is justified because “who knows? The victims would have grown up to become terrorists.”
Furthermore, I can safely claim that Aznar and like-minded Europeans who consume Israeli lies and disinformation around-the-clock know virtually nothing about reality in Israel. Had he known that Israel is close to becoming a full-fledge fascist state, whereby non-Jews, including people like Aznar himself, are viewed as inferior beings or even human animals, he probably would have had a different idea.
However, his ignorance, moral blindness, lack of honesty, and virulent Islamophobia are preventing him from seeing the truth.
Aznar seems to think that Israel represents western civilization in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world. However, this is either a big lie or a gigantic misunderstanding. We who live in Israel-Palestine know better.
In fact, Israel is a religio-ethno-centric entity upholding a decidedly racist doctrine based on Jewish, especially Ashkenazi supremacy. Even Jews of Middle Eastern origin, the true Semites, are discriminated against by the Ashkenazi establishment. In truth, there is more in common between Israel and Nazi Germany than between Israel and western Europe. I am saying this with the knowledge that fanatics like Aznar are not capable of bringing themselves to comprehending this fact which is readily acknowledge by many conscientious Jews.
Aznar argues that Israel’s right to exist shouldn’t be questioned as it was established by a United Nations resolution. Big deal!
Well, the UN never gave Israel a license to wage wars of aggression, occupy neighboring countries, savage and brutalize neighboring peoples, murder their children, men and women, destroy their homes and farms, steal their land, and expel millions to the four corners of the globe.
More to the point, a country that is based on ethnic cleansing, mass murder and mendacity loses its legitimacy irrespective of any UN resolutions.  Israel loses its legitimacy because it is a gigantic war crime, a crime against humanity. Israel is a mass murderer, a land thief, and liar. As such, it has no legitimacy.
The ignorant man from Spain claims that Israel has deeply rooted democratic institutions. Well, these remarks reflect shocking ignorance. We all know that Israeli democracy is only for Jews just as democracy went to the Whites whereas apartheid went to the Blacks and other colored people  in the defunct apartheid South Africa. And if one is not Jewish, his or her chances of obtaining equality before the law are nil. Just ask Ahmed Teibi what it means to be an Arab Knesset member in Israel?
Yes, Israeli leaders are elected, but so what?  Nazi leaders such as Adolph Hitler were also elected.
Yes, Israel has laws, and the laws are applied, but so did Nazi Germany where every thing was done according to law as well.
In the final analysis, it is not the application and implementation of laws that counts, but rather the extent to which these laws are fair and just. Indeed, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever whether unjust and racist laws are passed by democratic or undemocratic regimes since their ultimate effect is the same.
Then Aznar claims that Israel exists under constant threat of attack. This is a clear lie because Israel is militarily the strongest country in the Middle East. It is a nuclear power and a virtual huge American aircraft carrier. And at the top of all of this, Israel  nearly completely controls the American government by virtue of  controlling Congress, whose members have long transformed themselves into  Israel’s most obsequious political whores at the American arena.
So, how could such a country be under constant attack?
Yes, the peoples of the Middle East are resisting Israeli Nazism just as the European peoples resisted the Nazi occupation of their countries. Resistance, in case Aznar doesn’t understand language, is not constant attacks.
A rape victim (a foreign occupation is an act of rape) has every right to repulse and resist the attacker’s onslaught. This is legitimate resistance, not “terror, or aggression, or constant attack.”  Indeed, calling Palestinian or Lebanese resistance to Israeli Nazism “terror “is a serious abuse of language. It is the ultimate fornication with language.
In the final analysis, the ultimate threat to regional stability and world peace is not the victim’s resistance to aggression, but the aggressor’s aggression and Israel has always been and continues to be the real aggressor.
Finally, a West whose survival depends on embracing Israeli Nazism, e.g. embracing the Zionist settlement enterprise in the West Bank, is not really worth maintaining. A fascist West would be doomed to implosion, sooner or later. In fact, Israel has already brought about the West’s moral downfall. Very often a physical downfall follows a moral downfall.
So, my advice to the West is  “don’t embrace Israeli Nazism. It would cost you your soul.”




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