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It's About Time for Another Apartheid Regime to Be Abolished

By Ali Al-Hail

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 5, 2010

The terrorist entity of 'Israel', has proved yet again that, its school of thought is determined to prevail. The Zionist hooligans, who run, or ruin 'Israel', rather, are only, good at manufacturing massacres, holocausts, and genocides.
The lunatic thing, that is wrongly and unfairly called 'Israel', (with an apology to our Prophet 'Israel', or 'Jacob', Peace Be Upon Him), has since its illegal inception, in 1948 been
trademarked by murdering innocent humans, and civilians, including of course, children (their favorite knack). No one should've been surprised by the performance of Israel's thugs on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla.
The butchers at Tellet Arrabi'a 'Tel  Aviv', have not solely, become, more than anytime in their bloodthirsty history, a formidable burden on the United States of America's taxpayer's forehead's sweat, but it has increasingly, become so on the human Jews of our World, present, and past.
It's not just about time to abolish the AIPAC, and all Zionist lobbies in the US, and Europe, but also, to abolish the Zionist state in Palestine. In the same way, the South Africa's Apartheid regime was abolished, once and for all, the racist, Apartheid Zionist 'Israel', ought to (if not must) be abolished, once, and for all.
Since 1948, the persecuting, land-grabbing 'Israel', has not been qualified to run a modern state. Its vandalizers, since then, all they have been doing; had been killing, committing crimes over and over again, demolishing homes, and beauty. This is almost entirely, without a single exception, the only thing, they are capable of doing to the World.
Had they stopped the only thing they can do to the World, they would've lost the whole existence, and the very survival, of their meaning, assuming, they have got one. Virtually, Everybody in the World, now, more than anytime before, knows that, 'Israel'  is only, associated with crimes against humanity, in the same way, everybody knows that, for example, Japan is associated with making cars. 'Israel' is  associated with making crimes.       
Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Media Consultant, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge, Psychosomatics writer, Management Trainer, and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.




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