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If Gillard Stops Zionist Bias, Will Partner Lose Job?

By Asem Judeh

Israeli Terrorism Monitor, Australia, July 5, 2010
Rev. Dr Alan Reid letter to Gillard’s Foreign Minister,

The Hon. Stephen Smith, 29 June 2010:
Dear Minister,

Given the report in The Age newspaper this morning I am appalled that our new PM has allowed herself to lie open to the accusation of bias. Whatever happened to what I understood was Labor policy (as a member, supporter and voter of the ALP) of evenhandedness in dealing with Israel/Palestine. It is surely a brave (or ignorant) politician who can criticise only one side of a sad conflict.

I would be glad if you would assure me that I have not misread Labor policy and that you will convey my disappointment to the Prime Minister. Looks like I shall have to resort to the Greens otherwise.

Rev Dr Alan Reid
Dear all,
AT this Digest you will find ITM media release regarding The Age report
Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv’.  I stopped counting number of emails
sent to me in relation to The Age. Just today, after 3-days of reporting the story,
I’ve received 5-emails about the story.
What do we expect from politicians who only care about their power! What do we
expect from politicians who are fully convinced that they cannot win the
government without the organised pro-Israel lobby support. And to get their
support that they, politicians, must blindly support Israel.
"I am sorry, gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents," said US President Harry Truman.

I cannot understand why we only blame politicians and organised pro-Israel lobby! Frankly speaking, we should blame ourselves, Muslims, Arabs and Palestinian solidarity movement for not being organised.
According to my knowledge, there are three mosques and one Islamic school just in one of Julia Gillard’s Lalor electorate suburbs, Werribee! Leave alone that Lalor electorate has high percentage of migrants.
How many of Australian Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians are members of Labor Lalor branch? None.

How many Zionist Jews lives in Lalor electorate? May be none!
Pro-Israel lobby they have every right to lobby politicians and the government of the day.
We and others have every right to lobby politicians and the government of the day.
I know as a matter of fact, that PM Julia Gillard, knows very well all Muslim organisations in her electorate and visits them regularly.

If you want to force PM Julia Gillard to show more fair and balance Middle East foreign policy, then you have to lobby first the Muslim organisations in PM Gillard’s electorate, Lalor. Our community leaders must understand that their community interest and
cause is more important than the funding for their own organisations!!!
Finally, yourPDFDU urges  you to sign the attached petition.  Print as many copies as you can; take it to your mosque, church, union, etc. and ask people to sign it. BTW, two mosques in Werribee suburb collected signatures for the attached Petition.
Please click on THIS link and carefully follow the instructions.he Instructions.
We have to collect at least 20,000 signatures. Please sign, distribute and return all signed Petition to the following address:
Asem Judeh
Stay tuned and remain resilient!
Israeli Terrorism Monitor PRESS RELEASE: If Gillard Stops Zionist Bias will partner lose Job?
1 July 2010
The revelation that Prime Minister Julia Gillard's partner is employed by a prominent Israel lobbyist has exposed her appalling anti-Palestinian bias, says Asem Judeh, human rights activist and Israeli Terrorism Monitor founder.
"Even former Australian ambassadors to Israel are coming out expressing outrage at Gillard's bias," says Judeh. "Now it emerges that Gillard's partner is on the payroll of Albert Dadon, a Zionist Lobbyist connected to the Australia Israel Leadership Forum and the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange. Does this mean that if Gillard starts being fair and reasonable about Israel's illegal and immoral atrocities towards Palestinians then partner will lose his job?"
Judeh says former ambassador to Israel Ross Burns has exposed Gillard's appalling bias during the Gaza war, when she condemned Hamas, but said nothing about the use of phosphorous bombs on innocent people. "Gillard talks about fairness and representing Australia, but she seems more interested in representing Israel," says Judeh. "It is supposedly Labor party policy to be even handed on the Middle East, but Gillard clearly has no interest in that. As Burns said, she went last year on a tour to Israel with the Australian Israel Leadership Forum, but made no mention of Israel's murderous war against Gazans, which came after years of blockading the region.
"It is also noticeable that appalling pro-Israel right-wing union leader Bill Shorten was instrumental in the leadership coup.""It is
a case of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" when it comes to Israel, as far as Gillard is concerned. It is the same deliberate
moral blindness that proved so disastrous in the Second World War. How is that representing Australia's principles of fairness
and decency?"

For further details, please contact:

Asem Judeh

For more information refer to The Age reports, 29 June 2010:

‘Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv’

‘I urged Gillard to challenge Rudd: Bill Shorten’





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