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Eleventh International Kashmir Peace Conference, D.C.,

July 29, 2010

Kashmir American Council And The Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

Proudly Presents

Eleventh International Kashmir Peace Conference

“India-Pakistan Relations: Breaking the Deadlock over Kashmir”

Thursday, July 29th, 2010, from 8.45am – 6.00pm, at the Cannon Caucus Rm # 345 and

Friday, July 30th, 2010, from 9:00am – 5:30pm, at the Rayburn, Gold Room # 2168

The  Eleventh International Kashmir Peace Conference will be held on Thursday, July 29th & Friday, 30th, 2010 on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.  The primary objective of this conference is to explore various possibilities to set a stage for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Speakers will represent Kashmir on both sides of the cease-fire Line; from India, Pakistan and include eminent personalities with an interest in this explosive global concern.

The international community upholds the principled position that the future status of Kashmir be ascertained in accordance with the wishes and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.  When the Kashmir dispute was brought before the Security Council in 1948, a commitment to this was evident and remains valid. The rights of self-determination are clearly articulated in the United Nations and no one has the right to coerce or diminish the identity of another.

The urgent goal of resolving the Kashmir dispute cannot be left to the two governments to achieve.  Bilateral talks have proven barren for more than 61 years; they have lacked a sense of urgency. It requires the engagement of a multilateral effort with the participation of the Kashmiris themselves.

A durable peace, with the development of harmonious relations for the entire region, will serve the vital interests of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and India as well as the international community. With good faith by all  concerned parties should work together towards a final settlement of the Kashmir dispute.  Nuclear proliferation and rising levels of violence only exacerbate the urgency of the matter.

List of Confirmed Speakers


Professor Stanley Wolpert                 University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Karen Parker                                UN Delegate, Intl. Edu. Development
Dr. Rodney Jones                              President, Policy Architecture Intl.
Dr. Haley Duschinshi                         Dept. Of Anthropology, Ohio University
Professor Richard Shapiro                California Institute of Integral Studies
Dr. Bruce Hoffman                            State of Ohio
Professor Joseph E. Schwartzberg  Distinguished Intl. Emeritus Professor

Ms. Victoria Schofield                     Writer & Author, England

Amb. Kuldip Nayar                          Former Indian High Commissioner to the U.K.
Justice Rajinder Sachar                  Former, Chief Justice, Delhi High court
Ms. Rita Manchanda                       South Asia Forum for Human Rights, Nepal
Prof. Angana Chatterji                     Scholar-activist, San Francisco       

Senator Mushahid Hussain            Secretary General, PML - Q
Mr. Mohammad Afzal Sindhu         State Minister of Law & Justice, Islamabad
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi                          Former Pakistani Ambassador to the US
Ambassador Munir Akram,             Former Pakistani Ambassador to the UN
Amb. Hussain Haqqani                  Pakistani Ambassador to the United States
Dr. Attiya Inaytullah                        Member, Pakistan National Assembly
Ahmed Bilal Soofi, Esq                   President, Research Society of Intl Law
Amb. Mohammad Aslam Khan       DCM

Mr. Raja Farooq Haider                  Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq                    Chairman, All Parties Hurriyet Conference
Mr. Mohammad yasin Malik           Chariman, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Mr. Ved Bhasin                               Editor-in-Chief, Kashmir Times, Jammu.
Amb. Yusuf Buch                            Former Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary General
Pandit Jatinder Bakhshi                 J&K Forum for Peace & Reconciliation
Dr. Farhan Chak                            Dept. Of Intl Relations, Qatar University, Doha
Mr. Zahid G. Mohammad              Author & Writer

Sareer Fazili, Esq.                      Board Member, Kashmiri American Council
Prof. Nazir A Shawl                    Executive Director, Kashmir Center, London
Mr. Muzzammil Thakur               London, England
Ejaz Sabir, Esq                           Attorney-at-Law
Prof. Faizanul Haq                     University of New York, Buffalo
Professor Maqsood Jafri            Author & Writer
Prof. (Dr.) Imtiaz Khan               George Washington university
Barrister Majid Tramboo            Executive Director, Kashmir Center, Brussels
Mumtaz Wani, Esq.                   Attorney-at-Law
Prof. (Mrs.) Shamim Shawl       Scholar-activist
Prof. Wasiullah Khan                 Chancellor, East West University, Chicago
Mr. Raja Muzzafar                     Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Dr. Nisar Choudhary                  Pakistani American Congress
Mr. Javaid Rathore                    Peoples Party of Pakistan Azad Kashmir
Mr. Shaheen Khalid Bhat          Chairman, Kashmir Mission, New York
Prof. Hafeez Malik                        Prof. of Political Science, Villanova University
Senator Akbar Khawaja                      Herndon, Virginai
Mr. Ali S. Khan                                  Executive Director, Kashmiri Scandinavian Council
Mr. Mohammad Afzal Bhat               President, Islamabad Press Club
Dr. Mohammad Hafeez Javaid        South Bend, Indiana
Ms. Atiqa Akbar Khan                Principal, New Jersey
Mr. M Khawaja Ashraf                 Pakistani American Congress, California
Mr. Zareef Khan                        JK Muslim Conference
Mr. Ehtisham Kayani                        Kashmiri Youth
Sardar Niaz Hussain                        President, Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party, USA
Sardar Ishaq Sharief                        Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Mr. Zubair Khan                        Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference
Hafiz Mohammad Sabir                Leader, Kashmiri American community
Mr. Tahir Iqbal                        Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party
Mr.  Malik Nadeem  Abid                New York
Mr. Liaqat Kiyani                        Azad Kashmir Peoples Party
Sardar Sawar Khan                        Peoples Muslim League, Azad Kashmir



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