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The lies about Hamas rockets (2 videos)

CAIR Video: Hate Groups Promoting Islamophobia in America Fla. Mosque Attack Called Terrorism

CAIR Video: Texas Talk Show Host Under Fire for Mosque Bomb Remark

Verse: Do Not Despair

Video: Jon Stewart Blasts Fox for Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Khilafah Conference 2010: The Struggle for Islam in the West
Videos and Photographs can now be viewed at:




Dear President Obama:

This is indescribably terrible news. I think it is about time you, from the top down, should really tell the American people why you believe this. 

Are you beholden to another country? A country that doesn't care about the American people, doesn't care about the Palestinians, about their occupation, we do not understand this. And why should Israel be the only country/state to have nuclear privileges? They are not our ally. Do they help the American people? No.

America and its citizens come before the "needs" of Israel, 3 billion we could use here, in our own country.  

Why is Israel so important to you, to our Congress, Senate, and our politicians? Why do all of you sign on to this racist state? This is why the American people are so disappointed.

Are you following the -pro-Israeli dollars? For sure, it seems like it. 

You signaled change, but there is no change.

Are you a War President like Bush?

 It would seem to be so. 

Paul and Carol Bradford


10 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10019-1158
To:  CNN
July 8, 2010
Re: Firing of CNN Editor, Octavia Nasr
Dear folks at CNN:
We are really shocked at this one. Just because most of you are already
Zionized, we regret that you would consider firing one of your employees
only because she praises a cleric who deserved consideration as he was well
respected in the Middle East.
This is brazen and against the rules of this country, USA, where we
believe in Freedom of Speech. Especially when you have Wolf Blitzer
your notorious speaker who was formerly with MOSSAD.
Surely, the world will or already believes that pro-Israel ideologies are
just not going to work.
Paul Bradford
Carol Rae Bradford



British trade unions take part in global day of action to boycott Israel

Palestine activists marked the fifth anniversary of the call by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee to boycott, divest and sanction goods and companies from Israel until it comply with international law.

On Friday, trade union members will be asking shoppers not to buy Israeli goods from Tesco’s outside Russell Square between 1-2pm. Palestine supporters will also be calling supermarkets Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s demanding an end to the sale of Israeli goods.

The Event was on:  Friday 9th July  at 1330
Place: Tesco’s outside Russell square station (Piccadilly line)
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) aims to raise public awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people. PSC seek to bring pressure on both the British and Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from communities across the UK. Join PSC today!
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Tel:   020 7700 6192
Fax:  020 7609 7779

Media contact:

Ruqayyah Collector, Campaigns and Communications Officer e:; t: 0207 700 6192
Questions put to supermarkets can be accessed here >>
For more information about the BNC and the call to action visit:



Khilafah Conference 2010: The Struggle for Islam in the West
Videos and Photographs can now be viewed at:
The Khilafah Conference was a resounding success by the grace of Allah. May Allah reward all those who attended this very important event and insha'Allah benefited.
The conference videos can now be viewed online including a short Video presentation outlining the Western Attacks on Islam.
The conference talks clearly revealed the dangerous pattern of the Western onslaught against Islam and the Muslims. Instead of shying away, the talks exposed in a crystalised manner the real agenda behind these attacks and Australia’s role in these attacks. The Niqab ban was also taken as a case study to demonstrate the underlying Western agenda against Islam. The Conference was rounded up with a thorough explanation of what the Muslim community’s response should be politically, intellectually and spiritually.
Many questions were received in the lively question and answer session. Those which could not be answered due to time limitation will be answered on our website in due course. For now we present all the talks for those who were not able to attend. Any questions in relation to these presentations can be sent to and we will also endeavor to answer them on our website.



International Action Center calendar July 9 - 18


We note with sadness the death on July 3 of Georgia Welch Clark, the wife and partner of the founder of the International Action Center, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Georgia worked side-by-side with Ramsey on many legal cases and political struggles against the death penalty, repression, war and all forms of injustice. They were married for 61 years. Georgia Welch Clark, presente!

Special Program: Monday, July 12, 7pm, Larry Hales, a national leader of F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together) and organizer for nationally-coordinated student actions against education cuts, will address the "Successes and Challenges of the Global Youth and Student Movement." He will reportback on his recent trip to Bangladesh as a guest of the student movement there and the heroic strike of Puerto Rican university students. From California to New York, from Michigan to Texas, students at public and private colleges, universities and high schools are mobilizing against the devastating cuts in education budgets. Come learn what is being planned and how to participate.

The discussion will be held at the International Action Center office, Little 5 Points Community Center, 1083 Austin Ave NE, (corner of Euclid and Austin), Rm. 203. Parking is available behind the building. Upon entering the building, take the stairs to the top floor. Room 203 is midway down the hall on the left side.

Light refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by Workers World Party. For more information, call 404.627.0185.


Monday, July 12

7-9pm, program, Successes and Challenges of the Global Youth and Student Movement," with Larry Hales, national leader of F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together). Little 5 Points Community Center, 1083 Austin 1083, (corner of Euclid and Austin), Rm. 203. Parking is available behind the building. Upon entering the building, take the stairs to the top floor. Room 203 is midway down the hall on the left side.

Light refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by Workers World Party. For more information, call 404.627.0185.

Wednesday, July 14

7pm, potluck dinner and welcome to Pastors for Peace caravan, N. Decatur Presbyterian Church, Medlock and N. Decatur Rd. Bring a dish to share. Support the Caravan members bringing medical and education supplies to Cuba. End the blockade of Cuba!

Thursday, July 15

6pm, Solidarity with Delta Workers Townhall Meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1325 Virginia Ave, 303337. Recent changes in the rules governing union elections have opened the way for a fair process but airline management continues to harass union activists. Support airline workers' right to unionize!

Saturday, July 18

3pm, Movies with a Mission, "Good Fortune," Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library, Free. For more information, go to


Thursday, July 22

10am-noon, Rally against Foreclosures and for Jobs, 1st Iconium Baptist Church, 542 Moreland Ave SE 303016.

12:30pm, protest, Wachovia Bank HQ, 17th St (Atlantic Station).

Sponsored by national AFL-CIO, Atlanta-N. Georgia Labor Council, Atlanta Fighting Foreclosure Coalition and others.

7pm, dialogue, "Boycott as a Tool of Mass Resistance," with several activists from immigrant rights, farmworker organizing, palestine support, anti-apartheid and anti-racist movements, Friends Meeting, 701 W. Howard, Decatur. Sponssored by Human Rights Atlanta.

Monday, July 26

6pm, quarterly potluck dinner and community forum, "The US Social Forum:What we Learned and What's Next," Friends Meeting, 701 W. Howard, Decatur. Bring a dish to share at 6pm; program featuring Atlanta participants, video and pictures will begin at 7pm.Sponsored by Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition/Atlanta.

For more information, go to





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