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Essays on 21st Century Western Imperialism and the Return of the Caliphate

By Abid Mustafa

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 12, 2010


21st Century Western Imperialism and the Return of the Caliphate

All praise belongs to Allah (SWT) the Lord of all Mankind, and may the blessings and peace of Allah (SWT) be upon His Messenger Muhammed (SAW). The last and final messenger sent to mankind.

Since September 11, 2001, the West has intensified its confrontation with Islam. This struggle is not a clash of civilisations as misunderstood by some; rather, it is a war of civilisations and the Muslim world is the foremost of battlegrounds. Western powers are waging this brutal war with all of their might and wealth to ensure the survival of their political, economic, cultural and military domination of the Muslim world.

The growing Islamic revival we witness today constantly shakes the thrones of the agent rulers and threatens West's hegemony over the Muslim Ummah. What the West fears most is the re-emergence of the Caliphate which will radically alter the international situation and displace America, as the world's sole super power.

Against this backdrop, I have authored a plethora of articles about several subjects that both Muslims and non-Muslims will find intriguing and intellectually stimulating. The articles challenge the very nature of the conventional views held by the West and their surrogates in the Muslim world.

The articles have been grouped together into four sections. Where appropriate, I have modified some of the articles to ensure consistency and readability. Part 1 is a rebuttal of some of the common accusations levied by western writers against Islam. Part 2 exposes the collaboration between the West and the Muslim agent rulers regarding the colonisation of the Muslim lands. Part 3 sheds light on the inability of Western Capitalism to solve its problems at home. Finally, Part 4 expounds on the failure of the West to prevent Muslims from yearning to live under the Caliphate.

Introduction 5

Part 1 War of Ideas: Western Capitalism versus Islam 7

1. Using the Sword to Spread Western Values 8
2. Unveiling Secularism 11
3. West's Bigotry towards Islam Knows No Bounds 14
4. Secularism Not Islam Is the Real Enemy of the Vatican 19
5. Tsunami: Why the West has No Compassion and Respect for Human Life 25
6. E- Union Fearful of Islam Downgrades Turkey's Entry Talks 29
7. America Exports Democracy Abroad, Cultivates Totalitarianism At Home 32
8. UN Reforms to Legitimize Terror Against Muslims 37
9. America and Iran Out of Step with Democracy and Islam 40
10. Iraq: Another Fake Islamic State in the Making 43
Part 2 Western Masters and Agent Rulers 47
11. Abdullah Sacrifices Saudi Arabia to Shore up Bush’s Future 48

12. Syria aids American hegemony over Iraq 54
13. American-Iranian Relations: Collusion or Collision? 57
14. Musharraf's bloodbath at the Masjid 60
Part 3 Fighting to Preserve Western Decadence 63
15. Liberal Values Spawn Violent Crime 64
16. Individualism in the West Contributes to Child Neglect 70

17. Ethics in the West: Deciding whether Cloning is right or wrong? 74

Part 4 Return of the Caliphate 83
18. Europe’s Constitutional Schisms Reveal Important Lessons for Muslims 84
19. Mid-East: America's Democracy Advance Puts Secularism Into Retreat 89

20. 21st American Century Is About To End 94

21. Why the West Has Lost the Ideological War Against Muslims 97

22. CIA's 20:20 Vision for the Future Caliphate Is Short Sighted 104

23. Obama the Crusading Knight and the Muslim World 110

24. Pakistan’s Leadership Vacuum Precipitates the Caliphate 114

25. Notes 118

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