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Coming To An End

a Poem

By Sam Hamod

Al-Jazeerah &, February 22, 2010

And haven’t we come to an end,
A kind of place where we wonder how far
We’ve come, whether it be age or
An awareness of how long the road has
Been, and now wonder how far longer
We may have to be with those we love
Or to raise our voices against injustices we
See on a daily basis the hue and cry
Against Blacks, Latinos, Muslims,  or some new
Crisis manufactured by our government to
Keep the people occupied, or the latest
Championship in football   basketball or baseball or
 An ongoing argument about
Which college team is the best in the country—while
Death hangs at our very door,   so many waste away these
Precious days flipping the TV remote, hoping to find
Something to entertain themselves,
Never realizing that it is the only time they have, and beside
The wars seem so far away in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,
So they continue entertaining themselves
Entertaining themselves unto death

Sam Hamod has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry; he has published 11 books of poems, and has published articles and poems on in the past.

Dr. Hamod may be reached at




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