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Voting for Australian Labor and Green Parties in Isaacs Federal Seat Is Vote for Zionist Terrorist Israel

By Asem Judeh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 8, 2010


Democracy Is Also For Muslims – Use It!

Governor-General Sir Isaac Isaacs in ceremonial uniform. Photo 1930.

The Member for Isaacs, Mark Dreyfus MP (ALP), is an active supporter of Israel like my local MP, in Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby (ALP), and we all know how Israel oppresses the Palestinians. However both MPs should research who the electorate of Issac's was named after. Sir Issac Isaacs was a High Court Judge, the first Australian born Governor General and a Jew. He also opposed political Zionism and opposed the concept of a Jewish State in Palestine. Sir Issac would be turning in his grave knowing how his name is being used in an electorate by a Labor MP with such opposite view to Sir Issac on the occupation of Palestine by The Jewish State of Israel. FREE PALESTINE and put Mark Dreyfus last on the ballot paper.


Adrian Jackson’s letter to the Editor, July 24th. 

Read HERE more about Sir Isaac Isaacs view on Zionism.

Dear all,

Voting for Labor and Greens Isaacs federal seat is vote for Zionist terrorist  State, Israel. The attached flyer will enter every house in Isaacs federal seat.  

Australian Muslim Palestine Committee encourages you to send the attached flyer to all your family and friend in Isaacs seat. There are 7 mosques in Isaacs federal seat, two are managed by the Turkish community, how we can accept someone like Mark Dreyfus win this seat. Act now!

This is the link for Isaacs seat map


           Democracy is For Muslims – Use It!


By Asem Judeh***

During every election campaign we see politicians from both the major parties rushing to appease the influential organised pro-Israel lobby. When this happens Muslims are, if not demonized, at least subtly criticized. It is not possible to accept Israel’s Zionist agenda and not also accept an underlying prejudice against Muslims.

Muslims have two choices. They can be quiet, and accept the bigotry directed against them. Or they can participate at the ballot box, become involved in a democratic process that is for them as well as every other Australian. If they do the second, they can counter the message being pushed by the pro-Israel lobby that there is something suspicious about Muslims.

It is well known that the Israeli state has sponsored murderous and terrorist acts, and that it has systematically deprived Palestinians of their land and basic rights. One reason the Israeli lobby is so organized and aggressive is because it has to ensure that Israel is above criticism. If Israel was criticized like other countries, it would be seen as the lawless and dangerous country that it is. The recent callous murder of nine innocent Turkish people on a boat bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza is just the latest example of Israel’s aggression.

There are many examples of the unhealthy Zionist influence on Australian politics. In the Australian Jewish News, July 23rd, the front page said: “Courting the community: Just days into the election campaign, senior Government and Opposition politicians sought to woo Jewish voters, meeting communal leaders and appearing at a number of special events”.

On page 3 there was this: “Abbott swipes at Labor Party’s stance on Israel”. On page 4: “Bishop visits the King [school]” and “Wentworth candidates do battle over Israel”. On page 5: “Crean confirms Shoah education option” and “Liberal resigns over Danby slur”.




The Zionist influence is growing. There are two Zionist Jews Labor MPs, Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus. After this election another Australian Jew

will become Liberal MP for safe Kooyong Liberal seat, Josh Frydenberg, replacing retired Liberal MP Petro Georgiou. Those MPs are the organised lobby

representatives. Their job is to silence any MPs who dare to criticise Israel in the Parliament. They use parliamentary committees to defend Zionism and

attack those who dare to criticise Israel. They pressure the government of the day to allocate more funds to the Jewish community to promote the Zionist ideology.

There is a democratic way of countering this heavy influence. Australian Jews number about 130,000. Muslims and Arabs (including Christians) number

close to one million. So why do we, Muslims and Arabs, blame politicians and the organised lobby. How come that we don’t have a voice and politicians do not listen to us? Because we are not using democracy the way it is intended to be used.  

There are very few politicicians from Arabic or Muslim background. Very few Muslims or Arabs are members of major parties. Community activists do not

pressure politicians to be more even handed. It is time to stop blaming the politicians and the Israel lobby and start to exert democratic influence ourselves. 

*** This Op-Ed will be published this month in the Crescent Times Newspaper (                 


The martyrs and the Heroes of the Mavi Marmara must not forgotten. August 21st put Labor & Greens last in Isaacs federal seat.

In peace


 yourPDFDU ‘Unique and True News of Palestine: Voice of Knowledge and Courage’


Asem Judeh

Mobile 0415 802 780

POBox 2080

Templestowe Heights

Victoria, Australia 3107






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