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Most Americans Are Spoon-Fed Zionist Propaganda

By Khalid Amayreh

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 19, 2010


I don't think that most Muslims hate ordinary Americans who believe in the general principle of "live and let live." Moreover, I don't think that most Americans would unhesitatingly embrace Israeli Nazism if they had the chance to know the truth about Israel, e.g. that it is a criminal state par excellence, based on ethnic cleansing, land theft and racist and religious discrimination.

Unfortunately, most Americans are spoon-fed Zionist propaganda from early childhood. This creates a virtual reality in America's collective mind about Israel, a virtual reality that is nearly completely disconnected from the real reality in Israel-Palestine.

For example, many Americans are made to think that Israel and America have much in common, in terms of democracy. However, the truth is that democracy in Israel is more or less confined to Jews while non-Jews are systematically discriminated against. Their land is confiscated, their homes are demolished, and their rights and dignity are trampled upon.

And when they seek redress at Jewish courts, they discover that non-Jews can't possibly hope for true justice and equality under Jewish rule. Ask non-Jewish Americans who have been living in Israel and you will hear a lot of hair-raising stories about the Israeli "democracy."

Some Americans are so brainwashed that they are willing to claim that Muslims hate America for its freedoms.  This is what Georg W. Bush, probably the most ignorant President America has ever had, once claimed.

The truth of the matter, however, is that most Muslims hate the US government for embracing tyrannical Arab and Muslim regimes that torment their own people by denying them natural freedoms and civil liberties as well as the right to freely elect their own governments. This is in addition, of course, to backing and supporting Israel's Nazi-like policies, including ethnic cleansing and settlement expansion at the expense of the native Palestinians.

It is really scandalous that while Americans boasts bout their First Amendment freedoms, successive American governments have consistently embraced despotic regimes abroad. In many instances, the US intervened either brazenly or behind the scenes to destabilize or overthrow democratically elected governments such as in Iran, Chile, and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Of courser, America's days of infamy are too numerous to be counted. For example, we all tend to view Adolph Hitler as the ultimate embodiment of evil. However, it is historically true that the US, its allies, Stalin, Mao, murdered more people than the Third Reich ever did.

America wanted to be looked upon as a moral example to be followed. But the beacon of light eventually turned into a ruthless beastly power where military might took priority over moral power.

Take for example America's stand over Israel. For decades, the United States enabled Israel to violate every international law and norm and commit every conceivable crime under the sun including murdering children by raining on them White phosphorus.

This is the same America that allows herself to judge the world for human rights violations while enabling Israel diplomatically, politically and mainly militarily to pursue decidedly Nazi-like policies against the Peoples of the Middle East.

In 2006, the Nazi government of Israel dropped 2-3 million cluster bomblets over Lebanon, enough to kill or maim 2-3 million Lebanese children. And instead of denouncing the manifestly nefarious act, the US government declared that "Israel has the right to defend itself."

Today, there is an anti-Islamic hysteria in the United States. The main reason for this hysteria is the fact that the United States can't live normally with itself without an external enemy. In short, there has to be an enemy in order to keep the American psyche intact. There has to be an enemy in order to keep the military industrial complex functioning. In short, capitalism can't function without war.

In fact, Muslims don't view themselves as enemies of the United States, as the vast bulk of Muslims are peaceable people who are mainly interested in the pursuance of their daily life, enhancing their daily living, improving their standard of living and making ends meet.

Yes, there are violent groups here and there, but these are tiny groups which in no way represent the Muslims of the world.

I think many Americans are ignorant of these facts. I also think that many other Americans, would condemn Muslims right or wrong. I am  talking about people who would burn the Muslim Holy scripture, the Quran, in order to highlight their hatred of Islam, a religion with more than 1.6 billion  people.

Well, to those I say one thing: the dogs will keep barking, and the caravan will keep going.

Besides, if you have one reason to hate us, we have a thousand reasons to hate you.

None the less, unlike you, we are not willing to allow our primitive impulses to decide our behaviors. Our religion, the source of our morality and behavior, doesn't allow us to behave the way they do.

This is why we will not burn copies of the New Testament, we will not attack churches, and we will not call Christianity bad names.

It is often claimed that the religion Jesus founded is based on Love. But any fleeting view of your "religion" caricatures a hate-based cult that has very little to do with Jesus and the authentic messages he preached.

Did Jesus ever call children "murderers" as you did recently in Texas? In fact, I dare say that you and people who subscribe to your cultist hatefulness are a cancer upon the conscience of Christ.

So, you hate us because of the 9/11 events. Well, 99% of Muslims condemned in the strongest terms these terrorist acts. And we are sorry for the umpteenth time for the death of dozens of hundreds of innocent Americans, including Muslims, in these terrorist attacks.

None the less, your democratic elected government has been responsible for the death of millions of Muslims. In Iraq alone, the United States has killed or caused the death of at least two million Muslims in the past two decades. Hundreds of thousands of other Muslims have been killed in Afghanistan. These are just two examples of America's genocidal wars against the Muslim world.

Hence, if you have the right to cite one 9/11, we can cite hundreds and thousands of 9/11s. And don't you ever think that your lives are worth more than our lives. All human beings were created by the same God and are equal if only because there is no such a thing as a lesser God.

One day, the oppressed will have their day, and there will be no spin, no hasbara and no propaganda.  And the New York Times and Fox News  and AIPAC and all other organs of lie  will have been evaporated into nonexistence.

God is just.





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