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Ban Israeli Illegal Settlement Goods

Dear Friend,

In the 43rd year of Israel’s occupation of Palestine, the repression of its people is worse than ever.

This must end. The Palestinians have a right to live with dignity, free from occupation.

To coincide with the call for a Global Day of Action on 30 March 2010, made by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is pleased to launch a campaign in partnership with the TUC which aims to end the sale of settlement produce in Britain.

The British government has recognised that the settlements are illegal and an obstacle to peace. Yet produce from Palestine’s stolen land — fruits, herbs, beauty products, DIY tools — are being sold in our supermarkets and shops, helping to economically sustain the settlements and strengthening the occupation.

Take action using our campaign tool-kit. Inside you’ll find:

All available at:

Together, we can send a clear message that the international community is serious — Israel’s illegal occupation must end, and it must abide by international law.

In solidarity,


Hugh Lanning
Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

barbed wire



Happy Easter, Next Year in a Free Jerusalem

Happy Easter to all our Christian brothers and sisters especially Palestinian Christians.

Palestinian Christians (as other Palestinians) are suffering from either brutal Israeli occupation or a denial of their right to return to their ancestral homeland by racist Israeli laws.

In solidarity with them we started a campaign to endorse the call of their leaders for free access to Jerusalem see We also sent our request for endorsers to most of the mainstream churches in Canada, none of whom answered us directly. We are aware, however, that the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops did send a letter to PM Stephen Harper on March 29, 2010, highlighting some of the problems faced by Palestinian Christians that limit their basic freedoms*.

The endorsers names are posted on our website, just go to under Support for Easter in the Holy Land without Apartheid Passes and see Complete list of endorsers click here!! or access the following link  

Thanks again for your support and solidarity.
Next Year in a Free Jerusalem and a Free Palestine

Hanna Kawas



  Israel in Action on Good Friday:

Colleague Arrested, Car Windshield Smashed

Israeli occupation forces finally released our 10 friends yesterday from Israeli jails on bail pending “trial”. Those kidnapped from the peaceful march in Bethlehem area on Palm Sunday attended a press conference in Ramallah and passed by Beit Sahour late last night.

Each is to appear in front of a military judge later this month. Yet, the Friday regular demonstration in Al-Ma’sara was large and daring. Speeches were given at the site where soldiers had stretched barbed wire blocking the road. Internationals (including Israelis) participated with Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces decided to end the demonstration early with a barrage of concussion/stun grenades. Two reporters and two demonstrators were injured by the soldiers as they tried to arrest some people in a violent way. They managed to arrest our deaf Italian colleague.

The soldiers also shot directly at my car smashing one concussion grenade into the windshield from a distance of over 100 meters (replacement and clean-up will cost $250-300). Video at Similar repression occured in other towns in teh West Bank. Israel also shelled a number of places in Gaza including a dairy products factory.

 Huwwara Checkpoint land day event: nonviolent resistance met by violence again and again

Al-Jazeerah English shows our land day activities in Beit Sahour

 BART Art Commemorates Palestine Land Day in San Francisco

Support the Maia Project: Bringing clean water to children in Palestine

Some of my talk in Pittsburgh made it to this radio show and you can listen to it at

Video of my talk in Stamford, CT is now posted at

US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government

Actions speak louder than words.. both ways good and bad Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

Popular Committee to Resist the Apartheid Wall and Settlements-Beit Sahour Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities Chairman of the Board, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People,                                      

By Mazin Qumsiyeh



 It seems many good CIA agents are starting to talk.

 Watch this very revealing speech by Robert Steele.
 In the context of succesive corruptions coming to the surface

 the lattest being the "flu", the "global warming " and the Banks racqueting everything on their path we have now the systemic violation of children being exposed.

This is a big one as it is responsible for a large part of our disfonctional society. Many of us still do not realise that amongst these unfortunate kids some were selected to be Brain manipulated , educated to hold important positions and as "slaves" execute the craziest programs given to them once adult (politicians , CEO's,justice etc.. )
 This Robert Steele who understand all this gives us a way out of this mess.
 There are lots of people involved in different ways on the ground to regain our freedom but Steele approach using the web is a valid one too.
 Guy Johns


ADC Cautiously Welcomes Revised TSA Policy | The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) cautiously welcomes the decision by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to reverse a prior security policy based on national origin or racial profiling.  Prior directives targeted individuals, including U.S. Citizens, travelling from Muslim majority or Middle Eastern countries, with no regards as to whether these travelers posed individualized threats.  The newly announced policy supersedes the directives implemented this past January.  ADC's prior work on this matter can be read by clicking here

The official release by DHS can be read here.  The new policy shifts the focus from national origin profiling to threat-based intelligence.  Further the new policy is no longer country specific, but rather applied to all passengers coming to the U.S., regardless of country.   This is a move in the right direction, as national origin profiling has proven to be an ineffective and not a smart law enforcement tool. 

ADC is concerned, however, about how the new policy will be implemented.  As reported in the Washington Post, in some cases "screeners will have to rely on their judgment as they consider the listed traits."   The complete Washington Post article can be read here.  ADC will be requesting assurances from DHS that such judgments are not based on pre-conceived biases or other improper criteria, to implement what appears on its face to be a neutral policy.  Accordingly, ADC will be seeking clarification about the reported "particular travel patterns" screening procedures. ADC will also be seeking clarifications from DHS about the new policy's implementation and assurances that adequate training, and educational instructions, will be given to Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officers. 

ADC National President, Ms. Sara Najjar-Wilson, stated that, "ADC is very pleased that DHS has rescinded its 14 country protocol and is issuing a new policy that appears to apply equally to all those who travel to the U.S.  ADC continues to be concerned about how the policy will be implemented at the "front lines."  Our previous experiences tell us that, while the policy appears to be neutral on its face, the use of  "particular travel patterns" or "personal judgments"  could be applied discriminatorily resulting in adverse treatment to persons of our heritage.  DHS must give assurances that such resultant outcomes of this policy will be avoided."   

ADC will continue to monitor the implementation of this new policy and looks forward to a continuing and open dialogue with DHS.  

If you are travelling and have any questions please feel free to contact the ADC Legal Department to:, or by calling 202-244-2990. 

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) |




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