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Anti-Muslim Candidates in the Philippines 2010 Elections

By Samira Gutoc

Al-Jazeerah,, April 12, 2010

For decades now, the Moro people are still deprived of their God-given right to self-determination and be fully recognized for thier distinct culture and identity. This is the root of the Moro conflict that spawned four decades of armed rebellion in Mindanao. An opportunity to resolve the conflict came forth when peace negotiators of both the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) formulated the historic Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) that sought to end " historical injustices" against the Moro people.
But political vultures, led by MAR ROXAS and FRANK DRILONswooped down on the MOA-AD even before it could take its course, paving the way for renewed war in August 2008. Today, these people are presenting themselves as worthy of the publics by running for political office. Joining them is the ever incorrigible war advocate, Erap Estrada. Well, Drilon and Estrada are long past their time of having hoodwinked the people for their trust. But what is disturbing is the unrepentant ROXAS whose anti-Moro stance seems to grow even stronger as he sees political seems to grow even stronger as he sees political victory in May 10, 2010 as just around the corner. He desrves no less than political defeat to shake him off from apathy.
Several Muslim religious leaders have spoken about their worries reagarding the candidacy of these people. In MARch 9, 2010, a  fatwa(religious edict), by Marawi city's Grand Imam, Shiek Jamil Datu-haron Yahya said:
" After studying the actions and
policies of Mr.Erap Estrada before and after his election as president until this present time, we found out that he is really an enemy of Islam. Likewise, Mar Roxas and Franklin Drilon who were strongly opposed to the MOA-AD and filed petition-intervention before the supreme court against the signing of the MOA-AD. Hence, up to the present, they are against the welfare of the Bangsa Moro.
" Also due to their
anti-Muslim and anti-peace, we strongly call all Bangsamoro people NOT TO
VOTE   for them ( Roxas,Erap,Drilon.)
Inspired by the example of yahya,Islamic scholar Abut thabit saripada who wrote the following opinion which supports the basic idea of the fatwa:
" Every Muslim should help in phillipine politics with a clean intention of achieving the prosperity of the people and the nation. It is an obligation of every Muslim in the Phillipines to help not to let those candidates that are against the Muslims and Islam win, from the presidency and in every position, just like Erap. Those who have the lest evil or those who are not against the Muslims and Islam should be supported. That is what Allah means in his verse:
(Surah AL-Mumtahinah)
Lessons learned from this verse:
1. Non-Muslims are of two kinds. First,
those who fight against Muslims and his work is to destroy and oppress the Muslims.
Second, those who treat Muslims in a good way and in justice, and not against the Muslims and Islam.
2. Those non-Muslims who are not against Islam should be treated fairly and justly. They should not aggrieve them because they could help for the betterment of the community and the nation. Just like voting a candidate who is not against the Muslims.
3. It is unlwaful and forbidden to support tha candidates who are against the Muslims, like Erap who killed many Muslims. It is also reported that they slaughtered a pig in a Masjid in (Camp) Abu Bakr, and used the Qur'an as Tissue paper.
That is why we need to widen our mind and open our hearts to help the candidates who have the qualifications of loyalty, honesty and strength for (bringing about social) transformation."
Let us remember: catapulting ROXAS,DRILON and ESTRADA into power will only give them greater leverage to thwart any attempt to build lasting peace in Mindanao!

Samira Gutoc




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