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Human Trafficking on the Rise in Bangladesh, Demand to Shut Down Private Cars One Day a Week, Super food Kinoa Cultivated

July 30, 2022

Combating Human Trafficking Conference, in Bangladesh, July 30, 2022

Demand to shut down private cars one day a week in Bangladesh, July 30, 2022 kalerkantho


Human trafficking is on the rise using Facebook, TikTok

নিজস্ব প্রতিবেদক Dhaka

Prothomalo, 30 July 2022,

Human traffickers have entered the cyber world (the digital space), they are trafficking by showing various temptations. Human trafficking has increased using social media, including Facebook, TikTok. This trend has increased during the special corona period.

The speakers said this at an event organized by the IOM on the occasion of The International Day against Human Trafficking at HoTel Interc Noti Nenta Le on Saturday. They said that the money laundered is also being smuggled by the traffickers through illegal banking channels. Traffickers must be punished to prevent human trafficking. At the same time, the developed countries of the world need to come forward to stop human trafficking.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Mo Main said, "Human trafficking using information technology is increasing day by day. We can prevent human trafficking using technology. Mentioning four steps to prevent human trafficking, the minister said awareness needs to be raised, proper action by law enforcement agencies and identification and operation of human traffickers should be carried out by identifying vulnerable areas.

Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, Home Minister B.Le N. said that the government is seeing a zero-tolerance policy to prevent human trafficking. Regarding the Rohingyas, the Home Minister said that in Banglad, it is understood that the Rohingyas are standing. Bangladesh wants a safe return. Robert Chatterton Diction, the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, said: "Just as traffickers are doing their jobs using technology, we can also raise our voice against it using technology.

The number of trafficking has increased due to the pandemic. Like other countries, smuggling is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. We have been providing assistance and advice to Bangladesh in various ways to prevent trafficking. We have trained around 30,000 women to check illegal trafficking.

Switzerland's ambassador to Bangladesh, Nathalie Chuard, said: "The Swiss government and the Government of Bangladesh have been working together for 12 years to prevent human trafficking. Trafficking has increased due to social media. But we can also prevent trafficking using social media.

Abdus Sattar Isov, bangladesh chief of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said, "Since the time of Corona, human traffickers have become more active in trafficking using technology. Using technology, we can also be made to work to prevent trafficking. However, it is not possible alone, it is possible to prevent human trafficking through collective efforts.

Senior Secretary, Department of Public Security, Ministry of Home Affairs Md. Akhter Hossain said, "Bangladesh is earning foreign exchange as a country for the week. Technology makes it easier to find people for trafficking, we should also work against them using technology. The government continues to carry out various anti-human trafficking activities.

ফেসবুক, টিকটক ব্যবহার করে বাড়ছে মানব পাচার (

Demand to shut down private cars one day a week

Dhobi Correspondent

Kalerkantho, July 30, 2022

Leaders of 10 environmental organisations have called for a halt to the use of private cars once a week to deal with the energy crisis. They made the demand at a sit-in in front of the National Museum at Shahbagh in the capital at 11 pm on Saturday.

In addition, they recommended increasing taxes on import of private cars to tackle the fuel crisis, refraining from building private car-friendly infrastructure (elevated expressways, flyovers), planning public transport with priority for commuting, building and maintaining footpaths that are pedestrian-friendly, creating infrastructure suitable for cycling and rickshaws for walking short distances, taking steps to control the use of private vehicles, banning the use of private cars in educational institutions.

Speaking at the sit-in, the speakers said that the energy and gas crisis in Bangladesh has reached an alarming level and the crisis will increase further.

The increase in the use of private vehicles could further aggravate the country's energy crisis. Due to excessive use of private cars, fuel wastage, excessive traffic congestion by occupying more space on the road, noise and air pollution, accidents, etc. increase.

They also said that controlling private cars can play a significant role in combating the energy crisis by preventing energy wastage as well as having a positive impact on health and the environment and controlling the use of private vehicles in the city as a whole and ensuring a fair environment for walking and cycling.

The organisations participating in the sit-in are: Save the Environment Movement (POBA), Asha Drug Advocacy Organization, Human Rights Development Centre, Raya Bazar High School, Dhaka Ideal Cadet Ghum, Dhanmondi Kachikanth High School, Chhatal Bangladesh The Institute of Webbing Bangladesh (IWB), Carfree Cities Alliance Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Climate Network (BYCN) and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust.

| demanded that private vehicles be shut down once a week 1168379 | The voice of the day | kalerkantho

Super food Kinoa is being cultivated in the country

Abul Qasim Bhuiyan

Ittefaq, 30 July 2022, 15:46

The popular North American crop super food kinoa is now being cultivated in Bangladesh. The popular crop Kinoa has been researched for five long years at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University in Bangladesh. The new crop has been cultivated in five plots at the field level after a long study. Of these, two plots are being cultivated in Lalmonirhat, one in Kurigram and two in Patuakhali. Kinwar is being cultivated in Lalmonirhat on 50 per cent of the land on two plots. The farmers are expecting the crop to grow as expected.

Agricultural scientists say it costs Rs 500-600 to cultivate kinoa per cent of the land and it will produce 4-6 kg of kinoa. The farmers have benefited by cultivating kinwar on an experimental basis.

There is an environment conducive to the cultivation of kinoa in Bangladesh. There is a huge demand for kinoa in the international market. However, the people of Bangladesh are not so aware of Kinoa. That's why the Kinwar market has not been built here so far. However, there is a demand for kinoa at a limited level. For this reason, Kinoa is available in the supershops of the big cities of the country, including the capital Dhaka. Those interested collect the kinoa from the super shops. At present, the demand of kinoa is being met by importing kinoa from abroad in Bangladesh. The price of imported kinoa is Rs 1,600 per kg. The buyers of kinnows are increasing in the country.

As the demand for kinoa has increased, the interested farmers are coming forward to cultivate kinoa. In different areas of Lalmonirhat, agricultural scientists are providing kinoa seeds to the farmers by providing special training in kinoa cultivation. This creates interest among the farmers. This crop can be cultivated using organic fertilizers without the application of any chemical fertilizers.

A farmer said it cost him Rs 13,000 to cultivate kinoa on 25 per cent of the land. The farmer will produce 80-90 kg of kinwar from 25 per cent of the land. It is possible to cultivate kinoa on both drought-prone and salty land. By cultivating this crop in mid-November, the yield can be taken home from the first week of March to the middle of March.

Kinoa is a high-protein rich food. It's also called super food. Kinoa contains amino acids and is rich in lysine which helps in increasing healthy tissues throughout the body. Kinoa is one of the main sources of iron, magnesium, vitamin-E, potassium and fiber. When the kinoa is cooked, its grains become four times larger in size and become almost transparent to look at.

Super food is being cultivated in the country. (


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