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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Dozens of Yemenis Killed by Saudi-Led Air Strikes and Houthi Attacks

July 2, 2017 

Editor's Note:

The war in Yemen is fought internally by the forces of the elected President, Hadi, and the allied Houthi-Salih forces. The Hadi forces are supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces, which are also supported by the United States. The Houthi-Salih forces are supported by Iran, which is also supported by Russia.

Thus the war in Yemen has its internal, regional, and global rivals, who are interested in keeping it going on for their own benefits (of course, no body cares about the dispensable, cannon-fodder Yemenis).

The larger context for understanding the Yemeni war (and other wars in Syria and Iraq) is that it contributes to the implementation of the Zionist-Israeli plan of destroying the Arab Middle Eastern states in preparation for the establishment of the greater Israeli empire, from the Nile of Egypt to the Euphrates of Iraq. 

For a background, read: 

Zionist Creative Destruction of the Middle East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime


A Yemeni man Killed by pro-Saudi fighters in Taiz, July 15 Houthi Yemeni fighters, file, July 16, 2017
Saudi-led coalition warplanes bomb Houthi vehicles ,sites in Mocha and Mozaa, July 16, 2017 Shabwa, Yemen, where there was an attack at a military checkpoint, on July 16, 2017



The following news stories are from the pro-Saudi website Al-Masdar (  ):


Five soldiers killed ,four others injured in attack at military checkpoint east Shabwa

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-16T19:57:55

 A military source said that a military roadblock of government forces was attacked by unknown gunmen east of Shabwa province, southeast Yemen.
 The source told Almasdaronline that 5 soldiers on Sunday killed and 4 others injured in the attack on the military checkpoint stationed on the road linking Attaq city,the capital of Shabwa province, to Wadaya border crossing point with Saudi Arabia.
 The source points out that the investigation is underway to expose the incident.
 No one has yet claimed responsibility for this attack.

Taiz..Coalition warplanes bomb Houthi vehicles ,sites in Mocha and Mozaa

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-16T17:08:44

The Arab Saudi-led Coalition late in the evening of Saturday launched several air raids on positions of Houthi militants in Mozaa,Makbanh and Mocha districts in western Taiz province, southwest Yemen.
A military source told Almasdaronline that 3 were Houthis killed and 7 others injured by 4 airstrikes of Saudi-led co. on militias’ sites in Hameli area of Mozza district. 
 Two other air raids also launched by Saudi-led co. on Houthi vehicles in Rawis area north of Mocha district,killing 2 militants , wounding 4 others and destroying the vehicle which was carrying them. 
  On the other hand,Houthi-Saleh rebels stationed in Hawban area renewed launching heavy artillery shelling on residential neighborhoods of Taiz.

Residents:Coalition warplanes hit Dailami Airbase northern the capital Sanaa

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-15T19:44:00

Local residents said that the Arab Saudi-led Coalition warplanes on Saturday launched two air raids on a military airbase north of the capital Sanaa.
Residents told Almasderonline that the airstrikes bombed Dailami Mil. Airbase controlled by Houthi-Saleh militants,adding that smoke rose from targeted positions.
The aerial bombing came following intensive flying by Saudi-led co. fighter jets over the sky of the city since early morning hours ,according to the sources.

Nine Houthis killed and 9 others captured in clashes against pro-gov't Forces western Lahj

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-13T23:28:54

A military source said that pro-government forces thwarted on Thursday a large-scale offensive launched by Houthis militants and forces loyal to former president Saleh in Kahbob area of northern Madharaba district west of Lahj province.
 Houthi-Saleh militas and pro-gov’t. forces were engaged in violent battles for 7 hours, the source told Almasderonline.
On the other hand,the Arab Saudi-led Coalition aircrafts launched 4 air raids on Houthi-Saleh’s sites in Kahbob ,4 others on militias’ reinforcements between Madharbah and Mozaa districts.
The airstrikes resulted in killing 10 militant ,injuring 5 ,destroying 3 military  personnel carriers, and capturing 10 including a Houthi field leader who died of his injury later.

11 Houthis killed,15 injured by Coalition airstrikes western Taiz

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-13T22:01:18

The Saudi-led Arab coalition on Thursday launched air raids on sites and reinforcements of Houthi-Saleh forces in Mekbanah and Mozza districts western Taiz,southwest Yemen.
 A military source told Almasderonline that warplanes of Saudi-led co. carried out 4 airstrikes on Houthis’ positions in Barah area,killing 4 and wounding 6 others.
 “Aircrafts of Saudi-led co. fighter jets conducted airstrikes on Houthis’ reinforcements in Hameli area ,2 on Khald Mil. Camp, inflecting 7 militants killed ,11 others injured and 2 military vehicles destroyed”, the source added.
Meanwhile ,clashes and exchanging artillery shelling intensified between pro-government forces and Houthi rebels west of Khald Camp last few hours.
Houthis also bombed residential villages in Hayfan and Selw districts in western Taiz.

Houthi militants beseige a village,kidnap 2 persons in Al-Jawf

ALMASDARONLINE, 2017-07-13T21:57:27,

Houthi militants laid a seiege on Thursday to a village and kidnapped 2 residents in charge with killing a houthi commander past days in al Jawf province ,northeast Yemen.
A local sources told Almasderonline that dozens of Houthi militias besieged Bani Amr village ,demanding its residents hand persons accused of killing the leader Qamlan ,otherwise launching artillery shelling on the village.
The accused belonging to Houthi rebels had first refused to give themselves up ,but a tribal mediation managed to hand them,the source added.
Houthis gave no evidence for these claims of killing the commander but they did that in retaliation for heavy losses they suffered in battles with pro-gov't forces in al Jawf ,according to the source. 


The following news stories are from the pro-Houthi website Yemen Extra (


Two Saudi Soldiers Shot Dead in Jizan

Jul 16, 2017, YemenExtra, Y.A

 In a response to the Saudi-led coalition daily air strikes, The Yemeni joint  forces shot dead Sunday two Saudi soldiers in military sites in Jizan province, according to a military official .

The soldiers were killed in military sites of Al Kirs and Al Ma’ain valley.

In addition, the artillery of the Yemeni joint forces struck gatherings of Saudi soldiers in several military sites in Najran and Jizan provinces,

The shelling hit the gatherings in military sites of Al Lasan, Al Makhrawq, northern Al Tala’a in Najran.

Meantime , the national forces struck another gathering in military sites of Al Tawel crossing and Al Abadih in Jizan, the official added.

A Military Vehicle Bombed , Crew Members Killed in Jawf

Jul 16, 2017, YemenExtra, Y.A

In a response to the Saudi-led coalition daily air strikes, the Yemeni joint forces Sunday bombed a military vehicle of the paid fighters and killed its crew members in Al Ghail district ,Jawf province,according to a military official .

The military vehicle and its crew were hit in Shawaq valley in the district, the official confirmed.

On Saturday, theYemeni joint forces aimed at gatherings of the paid fighters and bombed two military vehicles in Shabwah and Jawf provinces.

Gatherings of Paid Fighters Hit in Marib

Jul 16, 2017, YemenExtra, Y.A

The Yemeni joint forces hit Sunday a gathering of the paid fighters in Serwah district ,Marib province, according to a military official .

Scores of the paid fighters fell dead and wounded , as well as three their military vehicles were bombed due to the operation, the official added .

Earlier today, two of the paid fighters were killed and three others wounded as the Yemeni joint forces bombed their military vehicle in Serwah district , Marib province.

Saudi Paid-Militias, Once Again, Engage in Clashes Against Each Other in Taiz

Jul 15, 2017, YemenExtra, M.A.

The city of Taiz, central Yemen, witnessed on Saturday morning renewed clashes and street fighting between armed Saudi paid-militias.

Armed confrontations broke out between unknown gunmen and the so-called Abu Abbas battalions controlling the popular market of Walid downtown, leading to one member killed affiliated with Abu Abass, local source reported to YemenExtra.

It is not the first time local reports state the presence of disputes between militias working in favor of the Saudi-led coalition, clashes just erupted yesterday causing at least ten gunmen killed in Al-Masrakh district, among them are security commanders in the district.

US-Backed Saudi War Crimes Monitored on the 15th of July in Yemen

Jul 15, 2017, YemenExtra, M.A.

The Saudi-led coalition conducted a number of airstrikes against Yemeni governorates on the 15th of July, causing several losses in lives and public and private properties.

To start with the heart of the country, capital Sana’a, two airstrikes rocked Al-Dailami Air Base while another raid targeted Nehm district based in the governorate of Sana’a.

Going to central Yemen, Taiz governorate, one air raid hit a farm located in Al-Barah region in Maqbnah district, leading to the severe injury of a woman and completely demolishing whatever of life is present in the farm.

Heading to Hajjah govenorate, northern Yemen, at least six airstrikes aimed at the bordering districts of Haridh and Medi.

Concluding it with Jawf governorate, nearly three air raids targeted Al-Matoun district, in addition to two US-UK supplied bombs being dropped on farms and livestock of citizens in Al-Masloub district.

Saudi American Airstrike Hits a Farm in Taiz, Wounds a Woman

Jul 15, 2017, YemenExtra, M.A.

A woman was injured on Saturday in a raid waged by the Saudi-led coalition, in the western province of Taiz.

Yemeni Arabic-speaking Almasirah channel reported that the female victim sustained intense wounds after the targeting of a citizen’s farm in Al-Barah reion, Maqbnah district.

The air raid also resulted in considerable damage to the farm, source added.

The Saudi-led coalition have been accused countless times of deliberately targeting civilian public and private properties.

Since the US-backed Saudi war began on March 26 of 2015, more than 33,000, including women and children, fell dead amid the international silence.

One Civilian Sustained Wounds Due to a Saudi American Airstrike on Taiz

Jul 14, 2017, YemenExtra, M.A.

A citizen sustained wounds on Thursday following an air raid waged by the the Saudi-led coalition on the district of Maqbna, west of Taiz governorate, central Yemen.

At least three airstrikes hit Al-Barah region, leading to the injury of one civilian, local source confirmed to YemenExtra.

For more than two years, the Saudi-led coalition has been waging a war that has left thousands of Yemeni citizens killed, injured, starving or diagnosed with the cholera epidemic. 


The following news stories are from the anti-Saudi website Al-Motamar (


Saudi-Led air strikes on Bajil, Jawf, and Dulaimy military base in Sana'a

3 غارات للعدوان على كسارة أحجار في باجل

الأحد, 16-يوليو-2017 المؤتمرنت - 3

 غارات للعدوان على كسارة أحجار في باجل شن طيران العدوان السعودي اليوم، ثلاث غارات على محافظة الحديدة. وأوضح مصدر أمني أن طيران العدوان استهدف بثلاث غارات كسارة أحجار في مديرية باجل، خلفت أضرار مادية.

طيران العدوان يواصل استهداف المواطنين وممتلكاتهم

الأحد, 16-يوليو-2017 المؤتمرنت -

طيران العدوان يواصل استهداف المواطنين وممتلكاتهم استمر طيران العدوان السعودي في استهداف ممتلكات المواطنين والمنشئات العامة بعدد من محافظات الجمهورية خلال الساعات الماضية. وأوضح مصدر عسكري أن طيران العدوان استهدف بغارتين مزارع ومواشي المواطنين في مديرية المصلوب بمحافظة الجوف، وشن ثلاث غارات على مديرية المتون. وذكر المصدر أن طيران العدوان شن غارتين على قاعدة الديلمي بأمانة العاصمة وثلاث غارات على مديرية نهم بمحافظة صنعاء وغارتين على منطقة الهاملي في مديرية موزع بمحافظة تعز. وأشار المصدر إلى أن طيران العدوان شن ست غارات على مديريتي حرض وميدي بمحافظة حجة و ثماني غارات على موقع الطلعة في نجران و غارتين على الحضيرة في جيزان .

غارات للعدوان على مناطق متفرقة بالجوف

السبت, 15-يوليو-2017 المؤتمرنت - 5 غارات للعدوان على مناطق متفرقة بالجوف شن طيران العدوان السعودي اليوم خمس غارات على مديريتي المتون والمصلوب بمحافظة الجوف. وأوضح مصدر أمني بالمحافظة أن طيران العدوان إستهدف بغارتين مزرعة مواطن بمديرية المصلوب خلفت أضرارا كبيرة فيها وأدت إلى نفوق عدد من الماشية. وأشار المصدر إلى أن طيران العدوان شن ثلاث غارات على مديرية المتون خلفت أضرارا بمنازل المواطنين.


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