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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Yemenis Continue to Fight Each Other, as Regional and International Power Doing Almost Nothing to Stop it

September 9, 2016 


U.S. strikes kill 13 al Qaeda operatives in 11 days in Yemen, September 7, 2016 A Saudi air strike kills 5 Yemenis in Imran, September 8, 2016 mot


The following news stories are from the pro-Saudi website ( ),

followed by news stories from the anti-Saudi website ( ):


U.S. strikes kill 13 al Qaeda operatives in 11 days in Yemen

Al-Masdaronline-Agencies-Yemen, September 7, 2016
The United States killed 13 al Qaeda operatives in three counterterrorism strikes in Yemen from Aug. 24 to Sept. 4, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.
All three of the strikes against the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula targets were conducted in central Yemen's Shabwah Governorate, U.S. Central Command said in a statement. It did not specify how the strikes were carried out or the identities of those killed
"Strikes against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen put consistent pressure on the terrorist network and prevent them from plotting and executing attacks against US persons, our homeland and allies," the statement said.
AQAP has been taking advantage of Yemen's civil war to seize and broaden its territorial expansion.
Two injured including a child as Houthis shell two villages in Al-Dhalea, Southern Yemen,

Al-Masdaronline- Yemen-Al-Dhalea, September 7, 2016
Houthi gunmen and forces loyal to former president Saleh continued its shelling on villages within Murais district of Al-Dhalea province southern Yemen.
Local sources told Al-Masdaronline that Houthis and Saleh’s forces on Nassah mountain fired tens of missiles today Ramah and Swon village.
Two civilians were injured including a 11 years old child whose injury is sever in addition to the destruction of the solo drinking water well in the area, according to the local sources.
Last Tuesday, Houthis and Saleh’s forces located on site of Al-Houmary and Al-erfaf, vehemently shelled villages and destroyed houses properties in villages of  Yaees, Qahrah and Qadama , Al-Dhalea province. 

A landmine kills two Houthi fighters while they plant it in Al-Baidha province middle of Yemen

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen, Al-Baidha, September 5, 2016
Two Houthi gunmen were killed and one other severely injured today as a landmine exploded while they were planting it in Al-Manaseh area, Rada'a district of Al-Baidha province middle of Yemen. A local source told Al-Masdaronline.
The three gunmen are of All Al-Qaderi tribe and they were placing landmines in the area when the landmine blew them up.  The source said
Houthi gunmen and forces loyal to former president Ali Abli Saleh have intensifying planting of landmines in areas they control and expect to lose or withdraw from. The local source added

A civilian killed and five others injured by Houthi's shelling on residential neighborhoods in Taiz, southern Yemen

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Taiz, September 4, 2016
Two civilians were killed and ten others injured as forces of Houthi and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh shelled residential neighborhoods today in Taiz, southern Yemen.
 Local media center stated -in a news release of which Al-Masdaronline received a copy- that a woman killed and five other civilians wounded in Beir Basha area western the city in a shelling by Houthi gunmen who are located to the north of the city.
One of the popular resistance at least was killed and 7 others injured whereas three from Houthi fighters were killed and 9 others injured in the ongoing clashes western the city. the release added. 
 According the statement popular resistance forces fend off Houthi counter attacks on neighborhoods of al-Zonoog and the 40th   northern the city.
Houthis and Saleh has sent military reinforcements to join the battle in different areas of the city included al-Dhaba,  south of Sabr mountain, Al-Selw, Haifan , Al-Ahkoom, Maqbnah and al-Wazieiah. 

Houthi gunmen storms HQ office of Al-Saeeda TV and arrests the general director

Al-Masdaronline, Sana’a, Sunday, September 4, 2016
Houthi militia stormed head quarter office of Al-Saeeda TV channel and arrested its general director and fired the staff northern Yemeni capital Sana’a.
Anadolu Agency reported that Houthi military patrols broke into office of the channel in Al-Hasbah neighborhood northern Sana’a city, and shut it down after kicking out the whole staff and arresting the general director Mukhtar Al-Qadasi, who was taken to prison of Al-Ahmar police station.
Al-Saeeda has not yet comment on the incident.   


The following news stories are from the anti-Saudi website (  ):

Saudi airstrike kills 5 residents in Amran

Thursday, 08-September-2016

At least five residents were killed and six others wounded when Saudi aggression's warplanes hit the home of a citizen in Amran province early on Thursday, a local official said.

The airstrike targeted the house near Najr popular market in the province's central city, razing the home to the ground and fatally damaged nearby houses and traders' shops.

Saudi warplanes raid Serwah, Marib

Thursday, 08-September-2016

The Saudi fighter jets launched four air raids overnight against Serwah district of Marib province, a local official said Thursday.

The hostile warplanes targeted the house of a resident in Habbab area with one raid, causing fatally injuries among citizens and destroying the house.

Army forces repulse mercenaries advance in Jawf

Thursday, 08-September-2016

The army and popular committees forces repulsed an attempt by aggression's mercenaries to advance towards al- Ghayl district in Jawf province , a military official said Thursday.

The army and popular committees also repulsed a mercenary attempt to advance on al-Bahath area, which led to great losses in lives and materiel among them, he

Many mercenaries killed in Taiz

Thursday, 08-September-2016

A number of Saudi-led mercenaries were killed and others were wounded in artillery shelling by the army and popular committees targeted their gatherings in al-Harijah village in Taiz province, a military official said Thursday.

Saudi aggression wages 28 raids on Sa'ada

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

The Saudi aggression launched on Wednesday 28 air raids on several areas of Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The Saudi warplanes targeted al-Malil, al-Buqa' areas in Kutaf district with 12 air raids and al-Azqol area in Sehar district with an air raid.

Moreover, the hostile warplanes waged nine air raids on al-Majda'a, Muhaidedah, Mandabah areas in Baqem district and Kahlan area in the vicinity of Sa'ada city with five raids.

Saudi raid kills child in Sa'ada

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

A child was killed on Wednesday in a Saudi air raid in Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The Saudi warplanes targeted citizens' houses in Razeh border district in Sa'ada, the official said, adding four other people were injured in the raid.

Saudi aggression wages over 130 airstrikes in past 24 hours

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

Saudi brutal aggression launched over 130 air strikes over the past 24 hours against Yemeni territories, a military official said.
The airstrikes, 45 of them, concentrated on Saada province, hitting al-Majda, Mandaba, al-Sabhan areas in Bakim districts.
Also in Saada, the airstrikes hit the provincial government compound in the provincial capital city, as well as several other air raids against al-Dhahir, Malahidh, Husama, Shada, Buko and Kutaf districts.

Saudi aggression jets raid al- Ghayl

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

The Saudi fighter jets launched four air raids on al- Ghayl district of Jawf province, a local official said.
The hostile warplanes targeted al-bahath area with two raids, leaving a woman fatally injured and destroying the house.
The aggression also launched two raids on al-Mhjar area in the same province, he added.

Saudi aggression launch over 60 airstrikes on Jizan

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

The Saudi aggression's warplanes waged over 60 strikes overnight and yesterday against several sites in Al Khubah in Jizan, a military official said.
The strikes targeted al- Dfinah and al-Karn sites in al-Khubah with more than 60 raids, the official told Saba news agency.
"The air strikes came after Yemeni military units and popular committees'

UNICEF medical assistance plane arrives at Sana’a International Airport

Wednesday, 07-September-2016

A UNICEF plane laden with medical assistance arrived on Wednesday at Sana’a International Airport delivering vaccines for children under one year of age.

Director of Vaccines Department at the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Taha Ahmed Al-Eqari, said that the UNICEF has provided two shipments of vaccines for children less than a year old, noting that the first shipment arrived on Tuesday carrying six tons of pentavaccine with 360,000 doses.









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