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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Israeli Occupation Army Kidnaps 14 Palestinians, Builds Underground Wall Around Gaza, Illegal Settlers Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque

September 8, 2016 

Editor's Note:

The following news stories are just few examples of the Israeli occupation government violations of Palestinian human rights, which cannot continue without the full financial and military support from the US-EU governments.


Israeli occupation government returns body of slain Jerusalemite for burial, September 8, 2016 Israeli occupation government accelerates construction of underground wall around Gaza, September 7, 2016
Illegal Israeli settlers groups break into al-Aqsa, September 8, 2016 14 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli occupation soldiers in predawn sweep, September 8, 2016


Israeli occupation government returns body of slain Jerusalemite for burial

September 8, 2016


The Israeli occupation authorities returned at dawn Thursday the slain Jerusalemite Abdul Mohsen Hassouna’s body after being withheld for more than nine months.

Israeli intelligence imposed a number of preconditions on Hassouna’s family before returning his body, limiting the number of funeral attendees to no more than 25 family members.

Israeli policemen were deployed throughout the occupied city of Jerusalem, as they prevented people from approaching to conform to Israeli limitations on the number of mourners allowed to attend the funeral.

Hassouna was shot dead by Israeli police last December for allegedly carrying a car-ramming attack.  

Awqaf department slams Israeli ad hominem attacks against Aqsa guards

September 8, 2016


The Islamic Awqaf (Endowment) Department in Occupied Jerusalem slammed the simmering Israeli attacks and ad-hominem campaigns against the supervision personnel at the holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

A Facebook post by an Israeli fanatic settler and his wife accused a guard at the al-Aqsa of abuse, in allegations posted and shared by Israeli settler gangs. 

The Islamic Awqaf reiterated its support for the al-Aqsa supervision staff and all those who have been defending such a sacred place of worship against Israeli aggressions.

“Such Israeli accusations and ad-hominem campaigns stem from a dangerous attempt to find pretexts for the incarceration of Muslim guards at the al-Aqsa,” the statement read.

“None of those allegations will dampen the spirits of our guards,” it added. “Those who keep storming the Mosque are the real criminals.”

Israeli fanatic settlers have been vandalizing the al-Aqsa Mosque on a quasi-daily basis and under a heavy police escort.

The Israeli occupation authorities have slapped arbitrary bans from the al-Aqsa on dozens of Muslim guards and peaceful worshipers in an attempt to create a new fait accompli on the ground and wipe out Muslims’ presence at their third holiest site. 

Illegal Israeli settlers groups break into al-Aqsa

September 8, 2016


Illegal Israeli settlers groups desecrated Thursday morning al-Aqsa Mosque via the Israeli-controlled al-Magharibeh gate under heavy protection of Israeli Special Forces.

A number of the settlers tried to perform rituals at the Islamic holy site, which angered Muslim worshipers and provoked them into chanting Takbeer loudly in protest against the settlers’ presence.

Meanwhile, several pro-Aqsa female activists, whose entry to the Aqsa Mosque is banned by the police, rallied outside the Islamic holy shrine and embarked on reading the holy Qur'an. 

Tension remained high in and around al-Aqsa Mosque since early October 2015 after Israeli police repeatedly stormed the site and restricted Palestinians’ access into it, while allowing large numbers of settlers to access the holy site under heavy protection.   

14 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli occupation soldiers in predawn sweep

September 8, 2016


At least 14 Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) from the West Bank at predawn time on Thursday.

The IOF kidnapped ex-prisoner and Hamas leader Ahmad Zeid, 48, after they wreaked havoc on his family home at the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, to the north of Ramallah city, at 2 a.m.

Ex-prisoner Fadi Darwish and citizen Saher al-Barghouti were also kidnapped by the IOF from the city.

The occupation troops stormed Nablus province and kidnapped the Palestinian ex-prisoner Hisham Beshkar from the Askar refugee camp, to the east.

An assault on Sebastiya town overnight led to the abduction of youngster Anan Bahlak following clashes with the occupation troops.

Meanwhile, three Palestinian citizens were kidnapped by the IOF from the southern occupied West Bank province of Bethlehem.

Youngsters Anan Ikhlil and Muhammad Adi, both in their early 20s, were kept in custody after they were summoned to questioning in the Gush Etzion camp. Both are natives of al-Khalil’s northern town of Beit Ummar.

At the same time, the IOF stormed Qabatiya town, in Jenin, and kidnapped citizen Sabri Kmeil.

The campaign culminated in the abduction of the two brothers Hamed and Adam Shafiq Ubaid, along with youngster Shadi Muheissen, from al-Issawiya town in Occupied Jerusalem. Youngster Rami Mahmoud was kidnapped by the IOF from Jerusalem’s Qalandiya refugee camp as he passed through the Container checkpoint. 

Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu refuses to shake Israeli PM’s hand

September 7, 2016


A Dutch member of Parliament has refused to shake the outstretched hand of Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on a visit to the Netherlands.

The awkward moment captured on camera shows Tunahan Kuzu, MP for the Dutch Labor Party, standing alongside other politicians as Netanyahu approaches, before Kuzu snubs the Israeli premier.

Netanyahu is then seen shrugging in response and moving away.

Kuzu, who is a vocal supporter of Palestinian rights, has since justified his actions on Facebook, “the red carpet is rolled out” for Netanyahu while the bloodshed of Gaza had been forgotten, in reference to Israel’s war in in the Gaza Strip two years ago.

“While the streets of Gaza were reddened by blood that splashed out of the veins of children in the summer of 2014, the red carpet is rolled here,” Kuzu wrote. “That deserves no handshake, but a reference to #FreePalestine.”

Kuzu was also wearing a badge bearing the Palestinian flag at the time of his encounter with the Israeli premier.

Israeli media outlets moved swiftly to contain the embarrassment, as the snub appears to have been edited out of a video shared on YouTube by the Israeli PM’s office - the handshake refusal was nowhere to be seen in the clip.

Earlier Wednesday, an angry protest march was organized in The Hague to condemn the visit made by the Israeli premier to the country and demand his arrest for his war crimes against the Palestinians. 

Protesters from Palestine, the Netherlands, and Arab countries participated in the rally, calling for Netanyahu's immediate arrest and prosecution for the war crimes he committed against the Palestinians in Gaza and for other violations.

Israeli occupation government accelerates construction of underground wall around Gaza

September 7, 2016


The Israeli occupation government accelerated over the past few day the construction work of underground wall along the besieged Gaza Strip , an Israeli media report said. 

According to a report by the Hebrew daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the massive concrete wall, which will extend several dozen meters below the ground, will also be visible above the ground.

Israel says the plan is aimed at tackling what it calls threats posed by the underground tunnels set up by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Israel continues to carry out attacks on the besieged territory of about 1.8 million people from time to time.

The wall, which will stretch along the 96-kilometer (60 mile) border around the Palestinian enclave, is estimated to cost USD 568 million.

In early July 2014, the regime launched a 50-day offensive against Gaza, killing nearly 2,200 Palestinians, including 577 children, and injuring over 11,100 others.

Injuries reported as clashes erupt south of al-Khalil

September 7, 2016


Violent clashes erupted near the Ibrahimi Mosque south of al-Khalil amid heavy firing of teargas bombs. Injuries were reported among local residents and students during the clashes.

At least one student was hit with a rubber bullet, while dozens others suffered from teargas inhalation as Israeli forces extensively fired teargas bombs in the vicinity of their school south of the city.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that the clashes broke out when IOF soldiers prevented the passage of Palestinian students at Abu Rish military checkpoint near the Ibrahimi Mosque. 


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