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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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23 Yemenis Killed in US-Saudi Air Strikes, Fighting Continues Between Forces of the Two Rival Governments

September 22, 2016 


Saudi-led raids kill 20 Yemeni civilians in Hodeida, September 22, 2016 US drone strike kills two AQAP suspects in Marib eastern Yemen, September 21, 2016
Site of a Saudi air strike on a truck, in Shabwa, Yemen, September 18, 2016 Site of a Saudi air strike on a truck,on Sana'a, Yemen, September 18, 2016

The following news stories are from the independent Yemeni website (


US drone strike kills two AQAP suspects in Marib eastern Yemen


2016-09-21, T18:24:30

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen, Sana'a, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 
Two AQAP suspects were killed in a drone air strike Tuesday's night in Marib province northern Yemeni capital of Sana'a.  Xinhua news agency reported
" A drone stroke yesterday a fou-wheel vehicle in the eastern borders of Marib city. 
"  A local official told Xinhua
 The strike has killed two suspects were in the car which completely destroyed.
US drones have been active on Yemeni sky and carry out attacks on sites and vehicles of extremist militias and AQAP operatives killing of tens of them including leaders and senior operatives. 

Saudi-led raids kill 20 Yemeni civilians in Hodeida


2016-09-22, T13:42:34

Saudi-led air strikes killed 22 civilians and injured around 90 others in the rebel-held Yemeni port city of Hodeida late Wednesday just hours after the rebels celebrated the second anniversary of their seizure of the capital.

The raids hit the Suq al-Hunod district of Hodeida.

A government official said the residential neighbourhood was "probably hit in error."

He said the presidential palace in Hodeida was also hit.

Pictures from Suq al-Hunod showed residents combing the rubble under arclights in a search for survivors.

Children were among the dead photographed at a city mortuary.

The Saudi-led coalition has been repeatedly criticised for the high civilian death toll from its 18-month-old bombing campaign in support of Hadi's government.

Hodeida is the main port of entry for food, medicines and fuel for the millions of needy civilians in rebel-held areas of Yemen.

An old man killed and 6 others injured by Saudi-led coalition's air strike on Yemen's old city of Sana'a



Al-Masdaronline-Yemen-Sana'a, Tuesday, September 20, 2016 
An old man killed and six others of the same family injured Tuesday's early morning when an unexploded missile by air jets of Saudi-led coalition hit their house beside Yemen's National Security Bureau office in Sana'a northern Yemen. Local sources told Al-Masdaronline
The local sources said that Hajj Mohammed Al-Maswari was killed and 6 others of his family members wounded as an unexploded missile fired on their house by air fighter of Saudi-led coalition in the historical Old City of Sana'a in Yemeni capital. 
The coalition air fighters Tuesday's early morning targeted, with several air strikes, the office of National Security Bureau in Old City of Sana'a in Yemeni capital. NSB a Yemen main intelligence agency under control of Houthi militia.   

Houthis confirm kidnapping an American teacher in Sana'a, and accuse him of spying


2016-09-22, T15:42:11

An American English teacher in Yemen was Kidnapped by Houthis militia in the capital on Tuesday.
Today, Naif Al Qanes, who is a member of Houthi Revolutionary Committee, published a photo of the American teacher on his Twitter account and said "this American was arrested after confirming that he gives the coordinates to the Saudi-led Coalition".
The American teacher, Peter Williams, is the manager of Exceed Language Center in Sana'a.
There were conflicting reports on where the teacher was taken. Yemeni officials told the Associated Press that he was taken from his home in Sanaa.
However, Reuters reported that armed men in civilian clothing entered a school and forced the teacher in their car, while other faculty and students looked on.
"We were shocked when the armed group entered the building. They got to his office and took him to an unknown location," a Yemeni teacher at the school told Reuters.
Shiite rebels known as Houthis captured Sanaa in 2014, and are allied with security forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The civil war in Yemen has led to the remaining Americans in the country to be detained on suspicion of espionage by the Iranian-backed Houthis. The Houthis accuse the U.S. of arming and supporting the Saudi-backed coalition which has intervened in the conflict to aid Yemeni government forces.
Oman had previously facilitated the release of two other Americans held by the Houthis.

Unknown gunmen blow up gas pipelines in Shabwa Sothern east Yemen: Security Official


2016-09-21, T22:25:46

Al-Masdaronline-Yemen, Shabwa, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 
Unknown gunmen exploded a major gas pipeline on Wensday in Jardan area, Shabwa province southern east Yemen. Said Awadh Al-Dahboul, Security director of Shabwa province .
The director condemned the attack describing the attacker as "culprits" but he did not indicate clearly the identities of those perpetrators.
Security authorities will work on tracking the evidences and detecting those responsible; a team now is in the scene to collect evidence and screen the site. Added the director Awadh.
Awadh confirmed that Security Supreme Committee will soon implement a plan to secure all vital and important facilities in the governorate of Shabwa.
The attack came days after Yemen President Abd-Rabbu Mansur Hadi appointed new governor to Yemen Central Bank and ordered the bank to move to the government-held southern city of Aden.
 Houthi armed group have plundered 1.8 USD billions from the central bank headquarter in Houthi controlled capital city of Sana'a throughout the last 18 months , according to the Yemeni government.
Fingers are pointed on gunmen associated with Houthi armed group and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh who object the decision of relocating the central bank from which they have been take advantage.
Liquid gas which is exported from Shabwa is one of the most important economy revenue  to Yemen, and the resumption of production, will, support the collapsing Yemen's economy with millions of dollars.


The following news stories are from the anti-Saudi website (


Saudi jets wage raids on Shabwa
Sunday, 18-September-2016
The Saudi aggression fighter jets waged on Saturday two air raids on Asilan district of Shabwa province, an official said.

The raids targeted al-Mablaga area in the district, causing huge damage to the citizens' property.

Army shelling hits gathering of Riyadh's mercenaries in Taiz
Saturday, 17-September-2016
The army has fired artillery against a gathering of Saudi aggression mercenaries in Dhubab city of Taiz province, a military official said on Saturday.

The shelling killed and wounded scores of them and destroying a number of military vehicles and equipment belonging to those mercenaries, the official added.

Aggression launches raids on Razeh
Saturday, 17-September-2016
The Saudi-led aggression on Saturday waged raids on Razeh district in Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The hostile warplanes targeted al-Hajlah area with two raids causing a burn a number of cars, the official added.

Some citizens' houses were also damaged by the raids, he said.

Saudi aggression warplanes raid Jawf
Saturday, 17-September-2016
The Saudi war jets have launched two air raids on al-Maslob district of Jawf province late on Friday night, an official said.

The raids targeted Alsaqia area in the district. No casualties were reported.

Saudi warplanes raid Hodeidah
Saturday, 17-September-2016
Saudi aggression's warplanes waged raids on Hodeidah province on Saturday morning, an official said.

The enemy fighter jets launched 11 strikes targeting the 10th brigade and two more air attacks against Hodeidah airport, said the official.

Saudi aggression jets wage raids on Sana'a
Saturday, 17-September-2016
The Saudi aggression fighter jets launched late on Friday four air raids against Blad al-Rous district of Sana'a province, an official said.

The war jets targeted Naqil Yasleh mountain highway four times, causing large damage in the public road and people's property., said the official.

Saudi raid kills five people in Serwah
Friday, 16-September-2016
Five people were killed on Friday in a Saudi air raid on Serwah district in Mareb province, a local official said.

The official added the hostile warplanes targeted the house of Ali Nasser al-Duwesha in Wadi al-Zagan area in the district, killing Ali Nasser al-Dawesha himself and his four other relatives.

Saudi raid kills two in Sa'ada
Friday, 16-September-2016
Two citizens were killed on Friday in a Saudi air raid in Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The Saudi-led aggression warplanes targeted Gawr Gamer area in Gamer district in Sa'ada , killing the two citizens in an initial toll, the official added

Saudi aggression air strikes kill, wound 15 citizens in Khawlan
Friday, 16-September-2016
At least 15 citizens were killed and wounded when a Saudi aggression air strike struck their cars in Khawlan district of Sanaa province on Friday, a security official told Saba.

The official said the strike targeted the car of one of the area citizen, causing large damage to nearby cars and houses, killing and injuring up to 15 residents

Aggression wages raids on Serwah
Friday, 16-September-2016
The Saudi-led aggression launched on Friday two raids on Serwah district in Mareb province, a local official said.

The official added the hostile airstrikes targeted Wadi al-Zagan area in the district.

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