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As Slow Talks Continue in Kuwait, Yemenis Are Still Killed and Injured in Fighting and Saudi-Led Air Strikes

June 7, 2016 

Yemeni fighters in Taiz, June 4, 2016  


Yemen: 122 people severely wounded in one day as fighting pounds the city of Taiz

 الثلاثاء 7 يونيو 2016 الساعة 05:20:50 مساءاً

Source: MSF

After intense fighting in Taiz, MSF-supported hospitals in the city received in one day 122 wounded patients on Friday 3 June 2016. A further 12 were dead on arrival. The vast majority of the wounded were civilians.

Today, as fighting continues, three injured children from the same family were brought to hospital after two rockets destroyed their house, killing their mother. Their father is still missing. Incidents like these show the devastating impact of the war on civilians.

Taiz is on the frontline of the conflict and is being hit by shelling and gunfire on a daily basis. The sense of fear is intense, with people terrified that their loved ones will be wounded or killed.”

Houthis kill man in front of wife and sons

الثلاثاء 7 يونيو 2016 الساعة 05:13:33 مساءاً Houthi rebels and militias of Saleh in al-Hudeidah governorate on Monday killed Ahmed al-Hutibi inside of his house and in front of his sons and wife in the area of al-Jah, Bait al-Faqeeh district.

They further kidnapped the corpse of al-Hatibi and took it into an unknown destination.

Plus, Houthi rebels and militias of Saleh in al-Hudeidah governorate on Monday kidnapped Hashim Ahmed Shareef, Abdullah Adam Shareef and Mohammed Qasim Shareef from the area of al-Jah, Bait al-Faqeeh district, and took them into an unknown destination.

Houthis commit gross crimes in al-Mahweet during May

 السبت 4 يونيو 2016 الساعة 09:44:43 مساءاً

Militias of the Houthis and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh committed gross crimes in al-Mahweet governorate in May 2016.

The crimes ranged from killing and torture to abduction, enforced disappearance, displacement, storming and looting of houses and mosques and occupying public and private foundation and recruitment of children.

Killing : 1

Torture of prisoners and detainees: 37

Attempts and threats of killing: 3

Abduction: 96

Enforced disappearance: 28

Displacement: 105

Cutting services of communication and internet in the districts of Hufash and Shibam Kawkaban

Storming al-Mahweet’s central prison and assaulting prisoners

The militias worked to spread the culture of sectarianism and hatred inside schools and mosques  


Pro-Saudi forces kill two children, woman in Taiz

Monday, 06-June-2016 -

A child and a woman were shot dead by snipers of the pro-Saudi forces in al-Jahmaliya area of Taiz province, a military official said Monday.

Another child was killed by the mercenaries' bombing on Softtel area at the northern entrance of Taiz city, the official added.

The hirelings also pounded al-Madrab area in al-Waze'yah district with medium weapons and al-Amri Mount range with artillery shells. They stormed a number of houses in Althawra school neighborhood and kidnapped a number of residents.

The official pointed out that the Saudi war jets flew on the sky of al-Waze'yah, al-Amri, Thubab, al-Hunaishiya and Azzan areas in Taiz.

In Mareb province, the military official said the Saudi warplanes waged two raids on Serwah distrct.

Riyadh's delegation foils detainee swap

Sunday, 05-June-2016 -

The Riyadh's delegation in Kuwait talks foiled a detainee swap supposed to be carried out early in Ramadan Month, well-informed source said Sunday.

The representatives of the Riyadh delegation in the prisoners and detainees committee "Ezzedine al-Asbahi and Mervat Mojalli" left Kuwait to evade reaching a final agreement for exchanging hundreds of detainees under the auspices of UN, the source said.

The national delegation expressed its readiness to exchange a thousand prisoners and detainees but the delegation of Riyadh has hampered the swap process, he said, adding the Riyadh's delegation refused to provide a statement of the army and popular committees' prisoners.

The Riyadh's delegation recognized more only 137 detainees held in the custody of the army and popular committees and refused to recognize hundreds.

However, the national delegation expressed its readiness to achieve the swap with the figure determined by the Riyadh's delegation, the source said.

As scheduled, the prisoners and detainees committee was to hold a talk session today [Sunday] and the UN envoy would determine the date of the first group release.

Dozens of pro-Saudi forces killed, injured in Baidha

Sunday, 05-June-2016 -

At least 23 pro-Saudi forces and al-Qaeda militants, including field leaders, were killed and dozens were injured during repulsing their advance on al-Manaseh area of Baidha province, a military official said Sunday.

The official pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition and its hirelings continued to breach the UN-announced ceasefire during the past 24 hours in several provinces.

In Taiz province, two children from the marginalized were shot dead by the aggression's mercenaries after being detained in al-Khaiyateen neighborhood.

A woman and her daughter were injured with shrapnel when a mortar shell fell on the home of the citizen Ahmed al-Meqdad near Uqbah School in Taiz city.

According to the official, the mercenaries' artillery pounded the houses of citizens in Sofitel neighborhood in the city, which led to the injuring of three citizens, including a nine-year-old child, as well as the bombing of a residential area in al-Hoban with mortar shells.

The aggression's war jets flew intensively in the sky of Mareb, Jawf and Taiz provinces, dropped a sonic bomb on al-Sa'eed area of Sa'ada province, the official said.

The hostile warplanes waged six raids on different areas of Nehm district in Sana'a province and one raid on al-Jannat area in Amran province and two others on Serwah district in Mreb province, he explained.

He added that the aggression's mercenaries pounded several areas in Serwah district with missiles and artillery shells, and attacked al-Maton district in Jawf province and al-Arfan area in Moris district of Dhalea province with medium weapons.

Pro-Saudi forces' bombing kills many people in Taiz

Saturday, 04-June-2016 -

Many people were killed by pro-Riyadh forces' bombing in Taiz province, a military official said Saturday.

The hirelings bombed with artillery and mortar shells on the Military hospital in al-Jahmalia neighborhood and al-Abab al-Kaber Souk in al-Jomlah neighborhood in Taiz downtown causing dozens of killed and wounded civilians.

A farmer was also killed and five others injured due to exploding a bomblet of cluster bombs dropped by the Saudi aggression on Taiz, the official added.

The army and popular committees repulsed an attempt of the hirelings to advance towards Tha'abat and al-Jahmalia areas in Taiz. The hirelings have kidnapped citizens from their houses at al-Khayateen and Althawra School neighborhoods, the official said.

In Sana'a province, the hirelings struck, using medium weapons and missiles, areas of Mabda'a, Bani Bariq, al-Hawl, Wadi Malh and al-Tabah al-Hamra'a in Nihm district.

The Saudi warplanes waged two air raids on Usailan district of Shabwa province, however the army and popular committees destroyed a tank belong to the hirelings in al-Safra area in the same district.

In Jawf province, the Saudi warplanes waged an air raid on al-Ghail district, while the hirelings targeted houses in al-Moton district with artillery shells.

The hirelings in Mareb province pounded al-Makhdra area in Serwah district with Katyusha rockets.

According to the official, the Saudi war jets waged an air raid on Hodeida city, five raids on Mandaba area in Baqem district of Sa'ada province and two raids on al-Shurfa area in Najran province.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes launches two raids on Shabwa

Saturday, 04-June-2016 -

The Saudi-led coalition waged on Saturday two air raids on Usailan district of Shabwa province, a local official said.

Meanwhile, the Riyadh's hirelings intensively bombed Usailan and Baihan districts with artillery shells, the official added.

Saudi war jets launch two raids on Serwah in Mareb

Saturday, 04-June-2016 -

The Saudi warplanes waged on Saturday two raids on Serwah district of Mareb province.

A local official said that the hostile raids targeted the strategic Hailan Mountain.

The aggression's hirelings continued to pound houses and farms of citizens in different parts of Serwah with artillery shells.


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