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Israeli Occupation Government Builds More Illegal Settlements, Abducts More Palestinian Civilians, Bulldozes Homes, Imprisons Children

June 5, 2016 

Editor's Note:

The following news stories are just few examples of the Israeli occupation government's violation of Palestinian human rights, which cannot continue without the full financial and military support from the US-EU governments.


Palestinian 15-year old Mu’awya Alkam sentenced 6 years in Israeli prison for attempting to stab an Israeli occupation soldier, June 5, 2016 pic An Israeli occupation soldier during a raid on a West Bank city, June 5, 2016 pic


Injuries, arrests as IOF rolls into West Bank

June 5, 2016, RAMALLAH, (PIC)--

Several Palestinians were kidnapped and others were injured by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in a mass-abduction sweep launched across the West Bank at dawn Sunday.

Sources based in al-Khalil city said an Israeli army patrol stormed Sa’ir town and the Arroub refugee camp and kidnapped three Palestinians, including 55-year-old Younes al-Kawazba. 

Eyewitnesses said the IOF wreaked havoc on al-Kawazba’s family home before they kidnapped the man and dragged him to an unidentified destination.

Elderly al-Kawazba has been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. He has undergone several heart surgeries. His son Ahmad was killed by the occupation troops on January 4, 2016 following an anti-occupation stabbing attack.

Another elderly Palestinian, identified as 76-year-old Muhammad Khalil Hssein, was kidnapped in the campaign.

Meanwhile, violent clashes burst out between Palestinian anti-occupation protesters and Israeli soldiers in Ramallah’s western village of Safa at the crack of dawn on Sunday.

Local sources said the IOF attacked the Palestinian youngsters with live rounds and showered civilian homes with teargas canisters. Two Palestinians were injured by glass shrapnel in the assault.

Another Israeli army unit rolled into Bethlehem’s western town of Nahalin and ravaged civilian homes before they kidnapped the Palestinian citizen Salman Issa al-Hroub from Wadi Fukin town.

Another youngster was kidnapped by the IOF from his own family home in the town.

The IOF also kidnapped two Palestinian youths from Tubas city.

Earlier on Saturday evening, the IOF kidnapped a Palestinian citizen, identified as Abdullah al-Kassas, from the Fawar refugee camp, in al-Khalil.  

Israel sentences 15-year-old child to 6 years in jail


An Israeli court on Sunday sentenced a 15-year-old Palestinian child for six years and a half in jail and a fine of 26,000 shekels on allegations of carrying out an anti-occupation stabbing.

The Israeli court issued the sentence against Mu’awya Alkam, 15, on charges that he attempted to stab an Israeli security guard. 

A court hearing is expected to be held on July 17 to validate the sentence.

Both Mu’awya and Ali Alkam were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces after they were shot by an Israeli light rail guard in Occupied Jerusalem. Ali was hit with three bullets and sustained critical wounds following the shooting.

According to Abdullah Alkam, the chairman of the popular campaign to release Palestinian children in Israeli jails, Mu’awya is being held in the Megiddo lock-up while Ali is incarcerated at a closed school in Beit Naquba.

Both children have reportedly been subjected to harsh psycho-physical torture and strip-beating in Israeli detention.

The occupation authorities have been frequently delaying court hearings for the two minors until they reach the legal age for trials, the activist added.    

Palestinian families appeal for release of bodies of 8 slain sons


An appeal was filed to the Israeli Supreme Court to push for the release of the bodies of eight slain Palestinian youths, lawyer Muhammad Alyan said Sunday.

The Israeli court is expected to set a time limit for the police to release the bodies of the eight Palestinians.

A couple of weeks ago, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security ruled for keeping the bodies of slain Palestinian youths in Israeli refrigerators, contravening an Israeli court decision issued on May 5.

The Israeli occupation authorities have been withholding the bodies of at least eight Palestinian youths, preventing their families from bidding them last farewell and according them appropriate burial rituals.     

Israel bulldozes parts of three Palestinian homes in Jaffa

June 5, 2016, JAFFA, (PIC)--

Israeli bulldozers on Sunday morning demolished different parts of three houses in al-Basra street in Jaffa city on allegations that they were built on lands belonging to the Israel land authority.

According to Yaffa48 website, the bulldozers demolished a wall in one house, three rooms in a nearby house and two rooms in another.

Israeli policemen escorted employees from the land authority during the demolitions.

Several Palestinian homes have been demolished recently in Jaffa city, including ones belonging to the families of Annajjar and Dakka.

Israeli illegal settlement activity reaches peak

June 5, 2016, RAMALLAH, (PIC)--

A report raised on Saturday alarm bells over the swift pace in Israeli illegal settlement projects across the occupied Palestinian territories as part of larger scheme of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.

The National Office for Defending the Land and Resisting Settlement said Israeli illegal settlement activity has hit the peak with the advent of the commemoration of the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967 marked by Israelis on June 5. 

According to the report, a meeting is to be held by the Israeli government on Sunday evening to mark the occupation of Jerusalem.

Among the files expected to be discussed during the meeting is a five-year plan to stimulate Jerusalem’s economic growth in an attempt to pave the way for asserting the city as "the capital of the Jewish State". A development budget of NIS 850 million (about $220 million) will be invested in five areas aimed at boosting the city´s tourism, advanced industry, academia, business development, and quality of life for settlers.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli Ministry of Education announced the launch of the Judaization of Jerusalem Week at all schools. The event is set to be concluded on June 8.

The Israeli planning and construction committee in Occupied Jerusalem also approved settlers’ confiscation of Palestinians’ demolished homes in Silwan.

Speaking ahead of the annual Jerusalem Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “I support all efforts to maintain and strengthen a united Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu’s claims come at a time when Israeli fanatic organizations have been inciting for mass break-ins at Muslims’ the holy al-Aqsa Mosque on June 5 to mark the occupation of the holy city of Jerusalem.

Settlers tour Old City of al-Khalil amid military guard

June 5, 2016, AL-KHALIL, (PIC)--

Dozens of Jewish settlers on Saturday stormed the Old City of al-Khalil under military protection and acted provocatively against the Palestinians.

According to Quds Press, settlers escorted by soldiers toured the markets and alleys of the Old City while chanting racist slurs against the Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation army imposes movement restrictions on the Palestinians in the Old City every Saturday evening at the pretext of providing protection for Jewish settlers touring the area. 


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