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Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Syrian Death and Destruction Stuck on Greece Borders

July 9, 2016 

Editor's Note:

The US-led coalition which fights the Islamic State in northeastern Syria consists of US-led NATO forces, Syrian Alewife government forces, Iranian-backed Shi'i militias, and Kurdish peshmerga forces. The coalition's continuous attacks have resulted in the killing of thousands of Iraqi Sunni Muslim Arabs and the eviction of thousands as a result of the destruction of their cities and villages.

Millions of Iraqi Sunni Muslim Arabs have already left their cities and villages as the fighting intensifies towards an all-attack by the US-led coalition on Raqqa and Mosul. The end outcome is going to be evicting (ethnic cleansing of) Sunni Muslim Arabs from the upper Euphrates region of northwestern Iraq and northeastern Syria. 

The following news stories from the official US and Syrian websites do not (or rarely) mention any civilian casualties, despite the facts that air strikes and bombardment target cities, including residential neighborhoods!

For a background, read: 

Zionist Creative Destruction of the Middle East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime


Palestinian refugees, fleeing Syrian death and destruction, stuck on Greece borders, July 8, 2016 pic Tent Camp for Palestinian refugees, fleeing Syrian death and destruction, stuck on Greece borders, July 8, 2016 agps


Palestinian refugees fleeing Syrian death and destruction stuck on Greece borders

July 9, 2016, LONDON, (PIC)--  

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees fleeing war-torn Syria have been stranded in Greece after local authorities sealed off all passageways to neighboring countries, a rights group reported Friday.

According to the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria, hundreds of Palestinian refugees have been stuck near border-areas with Europe after they were forced to leave refugee camps due to the dire circumstances and poor hygiene.

The Action Group attributed the tragic situation to the oppressive policies pursued by the European Union as regards refugees on Greek borders.

The group further sounded the alarm over the tragic situation endured by Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria, where the Khan al-Sheih refugee camp in the Damascene suburbs has been the permanent target of strikes by the Syrian regime army. Dozens of civilians were killed and others were left wounded as a result.

The situation has gone worse after the regime army blocked all access-roads into Damascus.

A blockade imposed by the Syrian army for 1,116 days took away the lives of at least 187 civilians.  The camp has also seen a power cut since 1,177 days and a water blackout since 666 days.

The Syrian army has been preventing refugees at the al-Subeina camp from returning to their homes since 969 days running.

Meanwhile, 70% of civilian homes in the Deraa refugee camp have been reduced to rubble. A water blackout has been rocking the camp since 820 days.

Shelling Targets Deraa Al Balad and Tareeq Al Sad amid State of Panic among Palestinian Refugees -

News reported that the regular army targeted the neighborhoods of Deraa and Tareeq Al Sad near Deraa camp south of Syria, which resulted in damages in civilians' houses and panic among residents, especially women and children. No news about deaths or injuries among civilians.

Many Palestinian families who were displaced from Deraa camp live at Al Balad area and the adjacent neighborhood of Tareeq Al Sad. Refugees south of Syria suffer of difficult living and security conditions, while the remaining refugees in Deraa camp are suffering of very serious humanitarian situation, especially regarding health and living aspects. Water is still cut for 820 days, while frequent shelling and clashes resulted in the destruction of almost 70 % of the camp's buildings, in addition to a number of deaths, according to unofficial statistics.  

- See more at:  

Bombing Targets the Surrounded Farms of Khan Al Shieh Camp in Damascus Suburb -

The Syrian army stationed at Talet Al Kabouseya targeted the surrounding farms of Khan Al Shieh camp in Damascus suburb with sporadic shelling.
This comes amid a state of anxiety among the residents after repeated targeted in the past few days, as a number of air strikes targeted the camp and resulted in dozens of casualties and victims.

Checkpoints of the regular army continue to close all roads connecting between the camp and the center of the capital, Damascus, which deteriorated medical and living crises inside the camp. 

See more at:  

The Italian Navy Recovers 217 Bodies out of the Mediterranean -

The Italian navy recovered the bodies of 217 people from a ship that sank more than a year ago in the Mediterranean Sea, as it was carrying hundreds of immigrants. The ship was launched in mid- April 2015 from the Libyan coast, before drawn in the Mediterranean. The ship was carrying about 800 migrants, only 28 of them survived.

According to the Navy's statement, ships of the navy recovered shipwreck from a depth of 370 meters, and transferred it to a place was allocated especially for this purpose near a base of North Atlantic (NATO) in Augusta, Sicily. Sinking of this ship was the worst accident in the Mediterranean for decades. - See more at:

See more at:  

Palestinians of Syria; Numbers and Statistics till 7\07\2016: -

15500 Palestinian Syrian refugees are in Jordan
42.500 Palestinian Syrian refugees are in Lebanon
6000 Palestinian Syrian refugees are in Egypt, according to the UNRWA statistics till July 2015
8000 Palestinian Syrian refugees are in Turkey
1000 Palestinian Syrian refugees are in Gaza
More than 71.2 thousand Palestinian Syrian refugees have reached Europe till the End of December 2015
The Yarmouk Camp: siege, imposed by the Regular Army and PFGC groups, continued for 1115 consecutive days. Power cut continued for more than 1177 days, water was cut for 666 days respectively. The number of siege victims is 187.
Al Sbeina Camp: - Regular Army is still preventing the residents of the camp to return back to their houses for 969 days respectively.
Handarat Camp: - All Residents have left the camp for about 1161 days after the Syrian Opposition Groups controlled it.
Dara’a Camp: - It is now almost 822 days without water and almost 70% of its buildings were demolished.
Jermana, AL Saieda ZAinab, Al Raml, Al Aedein Camps in Homs and Hamma: - A relatively quiet   situation in light of the economic crises.
Khan Al Sheih Camp: - Roads linking the camp to the city center are still closed except for Zakia- Khan Al Sheih road.
- See more at:


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