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15 Yemenis Killed, 14 Injured in 3 Saudi Air Strikes on Ras 'Eissa Oil Refinery, in Al-'Hudayida

January 21, 2016 


Saudi air strike on Ta-iz, Yemen, January 18, 2016 Saudi air strike on Sa'ada, Yemen, January 18, 2016
Saudi air strike on Ibb, Yemen, January 17, 2016 Saudi air strike on Ras 'Eissa oil refinery, Al-'Hudayida, Yemen, January 21, 2016


Oman’s crossings with Yemen closed over attack fears

Arab News, January 21, 2016


Yemeni security officials say that Oman has closed its two border crossings with Yemen over fears of militant attacks, leaving Yemenis largely sealed off from the outside world.

Three security officials from the eastern province of Mahra, which borders Oman, said on Wednesday that the closure took place earlier this year, but did not give specific dates. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

The crossing was the only unrestricted passage still open for Yemenis. Except for Sanaa airport, airports and borders with Saudi Arabia were closed months after a Saudi-led military campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen.


15 Yemenis Killed, 14 Injured in 3 Saudi Air Strikes on Ras 'Eissa Oil Refinery, in Al-'Hudayida, January 21, 2016

A Saudi air strike on Ras 'Eissa oil refinery, in Al-Hudayida, Yemen, resulted in killing 15 people and injuring 14, who worked in the refinery or drove oil tankers.

Two of the air strikes destroyed most of the refinery and the third destroyed 8 oil tankers parking outside the refinery. 


حصيلة جديدة.. 30 شهيداً وجريحاً في القصف السعودي لمنشأة رأس عيسى النفطية

الخميس ، 21-يناير-2016

المؤتمرنت -

حصيلة جديدة: 30 شهيداً وجريحاً في القصف السعودي لمنشأة رأس عيسى النفطية

أرتفع عدد شهداء قصف الطيران السعودي لمنشأة رأس عيسى النفطية بمديرية الصليف محافظة الحديدة، ظهر اليوم ، إلى 15 مواطناً وإصابة 14 آخرين من العاملين في المنشأة.

وذكر مصدر طبي أن مستشفيات المحافظة استقبلت حتى مساء اليوم 15 جثة البعض منها متفحمة بالإضافة إلى 14 جريح بعضهم جراحهم خطيرة معظمهم من المتدربين الشباب.

وكان الطيران السعودي استهدف منشأة رأس عيسى النفطية بغارتين أدت إلى تدمير أجزاء كبيرة من المنشأة واشتعال النيران فيها.

فيما استهدفت غارة ثالثة ناقلات النفط خارج المنشأة النفطية ، ما أدى إلى احتراق ثمان ناقلات واستشهاد من فيها وجرح العشرات من المواطنين.


Saudi air raids kill three, injure others in Taiz

Monday, 18-January-2016 -

Three citizens were killed and other wounded in Saudi airstrikes targeted their house in Bir Basha area in Taiz province, a local official said on Monday.

These airstrikes coincided with other raids launched by the aggression warplanes and targeted Mokha Port and the quarantine premises, causing destruction in the port and the quarantine, the official explained.

According to the local official, the hostile war jets waged also two raids on al-Barh area in Maqbna district, as well as others raids targeted the areas of Jashat al-Harrair and Wadi Arsh eastern Taiz city.

He pointed out that the Saudi aggression raids on those areas aimed at supporting its mercenaries, who tried to creep towards some sites in the areas of al-Harrair, al-Da’wa and al-Kamb.

One killed, two injured in Saudi raid in Sa’ada

Monday, 18-January-2016 -

A citizen was killed and his wife and son were seriously injured in a Saudi airstrike targeted their home in Baqem district of Sa’ada province, a security official said on Monday.

The raid led to the destruction of the house in full, the official added.

The aggression warplanes waged two raids on al-Sahn and Al Uqab areas in Sahar district, as well as two other raids on the villages of al-Marqoa and Al Lakon in Saqain district, he said.

He pointed out that the hostile war jets targeted also a stadium in Sa’ada city by two raids, which caused damage to the stadium and its annexes and to the

Saudi coalition launches five sorties on Ibb

Sunday, 17-January-2016 -

The Saudi-led coalition war jets waged five raids on Qa'a al-Jame'a in Assabrah district of Ibb province on Sunday.

No human casualties were reported due to the raids, a security official said, adding that the aggression strikes destroyed the remaining buildings and facilities in the area.

Qa'a al-Jame'a was hit by the Saudi aggression many times in the last ten days.

Qa'a al-Jame'a has received more than 50 airstrikes since January 01, one of which killed two people and injured 12 others.

Saudi war jets launch sorties on Belad al-Aros

Saturday, 16-January-2016 -

The Saudi-led coalition waged on Saturday four sorties on Belad al-Aros district of Sana'a province, a security official said.

The sorties targeted Naqeel al-Abs in the district and caused damage to the agricultural land, the official added.

The same district was a target to an airstrike the coalition has launched on Tuesday. The airstrike bombed Hamam Jaref resort and killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens.


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