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Global Anti-Israeli Aggression Campaign Kicks Off in Istanbul, in Support of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Against Israeli Criminal Siege of Gaza

February 8, 2016 


Sudanese immigrant, Kamel Hassan, Killed after stabbing Israeli occupation soldier in Asqalan, February 8, 2016 pic

Sit-ins across Germany in solidarity with Palestinian children, al-Qeiq, February 7, 2016
Venezuela's ambassador to the UN, Rafael Ramirez, called on members of the Security Council to visit the besieged Gaza Strip file, February 8, 2016

Global anti-Israeli aggression campaign to kick off in Istanbul, in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque


Sudanese immigrant Killed after stabbing Israeli occupation soldier in Asqalan

February 8, 2016,  ASHKELON, (PIC)--  

The stabber of an Israeli occupation soldier near the central bus station in 'Asqalan (Ashkelon) in western 1948 occupied Palestinian earlier Sunday died in hospital after succumbing to fatal wounds.

The Walla Hebrew website reported that a young man of African origin, turned out to be Sudanese later on, had stabbed an Israeli occupation soldier then fled the scene.

It added that Israeli occupation policemen chased the man and fatally shot him, and identified the stabber as 32-year-old Kamel Hassan.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Channel Seven said paramedics evacuated the 20-year-old Israeli soldier to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon in moderate condition with stab wounds to his upper body.

Few hours later the Israeli police said that the attacker was a Sudanese refugee and that efforts to resuscitate him in hospital had failed.

Hamas values Venezuela's call for visiting Gaza

February 8, 2016, GAZA, (PIC)--

The Hamas Movement has expressed its appreciation to Venezuela's ambassador to the UN, Rafael Ramirez, for calling on members of the Security Council to visit the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a press release on Sunday, Hamas said that such delegation is welcomed to visit Gaza to closely see the humanitarian suffering of its population and work on ending the unjust blockade imposed on them.

Hamas also expressed its deep thanks to Venezuela and its ambassador to the UN for their supportive positions towards the Palestinian people and their national cause.

Israeli occupation government minister says Egypt flooded Hamas Gaza tunnels at Israel’s request

February 7, 2016, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--  

Israeli occupation government energy minister Yuval Steinitz called for following the Egyptian model of flooding Gaza border in order to find out and destroy resistance tunnels.

Minister Steinitz said Saturday during an event in the southern city of Beersheba that the Egyptian military had flooded several tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip’s southern border at Israel’s request. 

The energy minister said that Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi had ordered the destruction of numerous tunnels built by Hamas at Israel’s request.

"Security coordination between Israel and Egypt is better than ever. The best means to end the threat of Hamas Gaza tunnels is flooding the border with water”, Steinitz said (in order to continue the criminal siege of 1.8 Palestinians in Gaza).

Sit-ins across Germany in solidarity with Palestinian children, al-Qeiq

February 8, 2016, BERLIN, (PIC)--

Sit-in tents were pitched Saturday by the Palestinian Assembly in Germany (PAG) across German cities in solidarity with hunger-striking journalist, al-Qeiq, and in protest at Israeli crimes against Palestinian children.

PAG said in a statement sit-ins were organized in Germany’s western city of Bochum and another was held in Stuttgart, to the southwest, in solidarity with Muhammad al-Qeiq and Palestinian children.

According to the statement, 480 Palestinian children were murdered by the Israeli occupation army and terrorist settler gangs, among a total of 2,205 Palestinians killed in the 2014 summer offensive on the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza. 

The group spoke out against the abductions and military trials to which Palestinian children have frequently been subjected.

PAG’s head, Suheil Abu Shamaleh, urged the UN and the UNICEF, among other international child institutions, to immediately step in and work on bringing such violations against Palestinian children to a halt.

He further denounced the psycho-physical upshots of Israel’s ongoing violations, terrorism, and genocides, on Palestinian children, particularly in the blockaded Gaza Strip, where life has already been marred by high rates of poverty, unemployment, starvation, and sickness.

PAG deputy head, Fadi al-Tayesh, also said the sit-in aims at mobilizing mass support for al-Qeiq, who has been starving for 75 days in protest at his arbitrary detention.

He said the assembly holds the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for al-Qeiq’s life, calling on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European governments to urge the Israeli occupation to release al-Qeiq and stop its administrative detentions, without charge or trial.

A letter sent to Merkel, along with the German Foreign Minister and MPs, by Pro-Palestine institutions in Berlin, including PAG, spoke up for the 700 Palestinian administrative detainees, including children and women, who have been held in Israeli lock-ups with neither charge nor trial, in a barefaced contravention to international laws.

Global anti-Israeli aggression campaign to kick off in Istanbul, in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque

February 8, 2016, ISTANBUL, (PIC)--

 The seventh international conference of the Global Anti-Aggression Campaign is set to kick off in Istanbul on February 12.

Executive director of the campaign, Rabie Haddad expressed his hope that the two-day conference, staged under the slogan “In Support for al-Aqsa,” would signal a watershed in Arab and Islamic conferencing.

He said no speeches or lectures will be delivered during the conference, where a set of workshops is expected to be held in support for al-Aqsa, with practical annual plans being designed to that very end.

The conference concludes with a series of activities to mark the Global Day to support al-Aqsa and Occupied Jerusalem.

Prominent political and religious figures are expected to take part in the anti-aggression conference, staged by the Association of Palestinian Scholars Abroad and Turkey’s Irada Organization, among other institutions.

IOF carries out raid, arrest campaign across West Bank

February 8, 2016, WEST BANK, (PIC)--

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) carried out at dawn Monday a large-scale raid and arrest campaign across West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. 18 Palestinians were rounded up during the campaign.

In Nabus, the IOF soldiers arrested two young men in Hawara town after violently breaking into the town. The two detainees were then taken to an unknown detention center, the PIC reporter said.

Similar other raids were carried out in different areas of the city amid heavy firing of tear gas bombs, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes. No injuries were reported during the confrontation.

Along the same line, Israeli forces violently stormed and searched the Palestinian MP Nasser Abdel Jawad’s house after blowing up its gate. 

His son was interrogated during the raid, the PIC reporter pointed out.

In Jenin, the IOF detained at dawn today two citizens after breaking into Qabatia town to the south of the city. 

The PIC reporter quoted local sources as saying that IOF soldiers in nearly ten military vehicles stormed the town and deployed throughout its neighborhoods before arresting two young men and brutally attacking their families.

Several make-shift checkpoints were also erected throughout Ananin town to the east of Jenin.

A member of Hamas Movement was also arrested in Jalama town, while three others were detained in Tulkarem.

Two more arrests were carried out in Qalqilia and Qalandia refugee camp to the north of occupied Jerusalem, whereas five youths were kidnapped in Aida camp and Khuder town in Bethlehem. 

Two young men were also arrested in Surif and Beit Awa town near al-Khalil.

Illegal Israeli settlers storm the Aqsa Mosque under Israeli police protection

February 7, 2016, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- 

Illegal Jewish settlers Sunday morning stormed the Aqsa Mosque, amid confrontation of Muslim sit-inners, under protection of Israeli police and Special Forces.

According to Quds Press news agency, Israeli policemen along with Special Forces secured  16 settlers while roaming the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque amid confrontation by Muslim sit-inners who were present in the early morning in order to confront settlers’ incursion.  

Palestinians who are barred from entering the Aqsa Mosque by an Israeli police order are still staging their sin-in near Hettah gate regardless of severe cold weather, Quds Press pointed out. 

460 settlers broke into the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque in January, while Israeli police kept confiscating the IDs of some Muslim worshipers while passing through the various gates of the holy site.  


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