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Fighting intensifies in Yemen, air strikes, missiles, and suicide bombing, August 30, 2016

Scores of Yemenis Killed in Saudi Air Strikes, Bombing Attacks, and Fighting

August 30, 2016 


A site of a Saudi air strike on Amran, Yemen, August 28, 2016 A site of a Saudi air strike on Dhamar, Yemen, August 26, 2016
Site of the army recruiting office in Aden, Yemen, which was attacked by a suicide car bombing on August 29, 2016 Yemeni pro Saleh-Houthi forces launched missile attacks on Saudi forces in Najran, August 28, 2016


ISIS attack kills dozens in Yemen’s Aden

Al-Arabiya TV (Pro-Saudi), 29 August 2016

A suicide car bomb attack claimed by ISIS on an army training camp in Yemen’s second city of Aden killed at least 60 people on Monday, medical sources said.

A security official told AFP that the attacker drove his vehicle into a gathering of new recruits at the camp in northern Aden.

The assault killed 60 people and wounded 29 others, medical sources from the three hospitals where the victims were taken told AFP.

Security officials had provided an earlier toll of 11 dead.

The port city, the temporary base of Yemen’s Gulf-backed government, has seen a wave of bombings and shootings targeting officials and security forces.

Little is known about the suicide bomber, however local news channel Yemen Press release an image of a man carrying a weapon with the ISIS flag in the backdrop who they claim was behind the attack. The man was identified by local media as  Abu Sufyan.

Attacks in Aden are often claimed by extremist from either al-Qaeda or the ISIS, which have both taken advantage of the chaos in Yemen to make gains in southern and southeastern regions.

Yemeni authorities have trained hundreds of soldiers in Aden over the past two months to as part of operations to retake neighboring southern provinces from extremists.

Earlier this month, Yemeni government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition entered Abyan’s provincial capital Zinjibar. 

Troops retook other towns across Abyan but have been met by fierce resistance in key al-Qaeda stronghold, Al-Mahfid, a town which lies further east, security sources said.

The militants are still present in areas surrounding the recaptured towns and control large parts of the neighboring Shabwa province, the sources say.

The Arab coalition which backs the Yemeni government against Iran-backed rebels has also been providing troops with air cover throughout their war against the extremists.

People gather at the scene following an attack by a suicide bomber who drove a car laden with explosives into a compound run by local militias in the port city of Aden, Yemen August 29, 2016. (Reuters)

The coalition intervened in Yemen in March last year and has helped government troops push the rebels out of Aden and four other southern provinces.

But authorities have been struggling to secure these provinces.

More than 6,600 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in Yemen since March 2015 and more than 80 percent of the population has been left in need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN.


The following news stories are from the pro Saudi website Al-Masdar Online ( ):

Houthis ban entry of aid into Taiz Selou district

ALMASDARONLINE, 2016-08-29T03:30:44

Al-Masdar Online-

Houthi rebels and allied troops loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday blocked the entry of humanitarian aid into Al-Selou district to the southwest of Taiz, residents reported Sunday.
They said Houthi fighters sealed off Al-Khadhra-Samea road already designated as a humanitarian passage for civilians in the war-stricken district where heavy battles are still raging on between Houthis and   pro-government forces.
The road is the area's one and only lifeline, as it links the eastern parts of Taiz with other areas in Hujariya district.
The rebels barred ten truckloads of WFP humanitarian supplies  from entering the area, forcing them back to the city of Demneh, according to the residents.
Other locals said the Houthis seized the WFP relief aid desperately needed by the area's  conflict-affected civilians.

Massive Saudi combing operation along Yemen borders

ALMASDARONLINE, 2016-08-29T00:41:05

Al-Masdar Online-

Saudi troops launched Sunday an intense combing operation along the border with Yemen to flush out Houthi and pro-Saleh fighters trying to push into Saudi territory, a local source reported.
The Source said the operation came after the Houthi rebels were engaged in heavy battles with Saudi forces that used heavy artillery, missiles and Apaches to check the Houthi offensive.
The Houthis have been mounting raids on Saudi border areas in a desperate attempt to advance into the kingdom, but have so far been kept at bay by Saudi heavy artillery fire.
Over the past couple of week, Houthis and allied troops stepped up artillery and missile shelling on Saudi cities in the proximity of Yemeni frontiers, inflicting casualties among civilians.
On Saturday, a Saudi child was killed in Houthi shelling on Saudi fringe villages and townships.    

Yemeni inmate tortured to death by Houthis

ALMASDARONLINE, 2016-08-24T02:34:40
Al-Masdar Online-

A Yemeni internee held in Houthi-run jails      reportedly died owing to the brutal torture meted out to him by the Houthi prison authority, the second such incident in a week.
Adel Al-Zawari of Al-Haima district to the west of Sana'a, passed away after the deterioration of his health condition as a result of the inhumane torture he endured  at the hands of  Houthi and pro- Saleh militias, family sources reported.
 They said Zawari was rushed to hospital for medical treatment, but was later pronounced dead.
  He spent  several months in Houthi prison cells over his alleged opposition to the militia.
Last Wednesday, former Yemeni prisoner , Yasser Al-Nashri of Hajja province to the west of Sana'a, died  from  a year-long of  severe torture by Houthi jailers, and in February 2015, a third captive,  Saleh Al-Bishri, also from Haima, passed away after being ruthlessly tortured by Houthis for three days.
 The Houthi militia has been harshly cracking down on journalists and political activists ,who reject to subscribe to its sectarian and ideological discourse, since it overran the Yemeni capital Sana'a in September 2004.
Scores of politicians and media persons are still lingering in Houthi detention centers, and calls for the group to release them went unheeded.  


The following news stories are from the pro Saleh-Houthi website Al-Motamar ( 

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Hjaah

Sunday, 28-August-2016

The border areas in the province is exposed daily to the bombing Saudi war aggression, Targeting citizens' houses and Public and private properties, the official said. The operating room did not receive any communication about presence of human victims, the official explained.

Army launches missiles on Najran, Jizan

Sunday, 28-August-2016

The missile force bombed Saudi enemy soldiers gatherings in Nhoukh, Abu Hamdan and al-Sudais areas, a military source said, adding to another gathering of Saudi enemy soldiers and Saudi military vehicles in al- Katra site in Najran with many missile ,caused a number of killed and injureds In their ranks

Saudi jets launch raids on Sa'ada

Saturday, 27-August-2016

The Saudi war jets waged on Saturday air raids on Sa'ada province, a security official said. The war jets targeted a gas station in Qahzah area with three raids causing the destruction of hundreds of gas cylinders, the official added.

Saudi raids destroy electricity station in Amran

Saturday, 27-August-2016

The Saudi warplanes pounded on Saturday an electricity station in Amran province, a station manager in Amran said. The raids destroyed the main Electricity Conversion Station completely, the station manager Amin al-Adani said.

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Sana'a

Saturday, 27-August-2016

The three raids targeted Dilaa area , which led to great damages to citizens' houses and properties .also raids targeted al-Madfon area with three raids ,caused huge damages to citizens' houses and proprieties .

Nine hirelings killed and injured in Jawf

Saturday, 27-August-2016

The official confirmed six of the mercenaries were killed and three were injured including a Front leader of al- Ghayl Ahmed Abdullah Muhsin when they tried to advance towards al-Mgath area in al- Ghayl district .

Saudi raids injure five in Dhamar

Friday, 26-August-2016

Around five people injured on Friday in Saudi raids on al-Hada district of Dhamar province, a security official said. The Saudi warplanes targeted al-Ahsa area in the district with two raids, injuring five people, some critically, while on their way on the main road, he added.

Saudi raids kills 11 in Baqem

Friday, 26-August-2016

At least 11 people, mostly women and children, were killed on Friday in Saudi raids on Baqem district of Sa'ada province, a security official said. The Saudi fighter jets targeted two houses in al-Zamah area, killing the eleven and injuring others, the official added.

Saudi jets launch raids on Bani Matar

Friday, 26-August-2016

The Saudi war jets have waged two air raids on Bani Matar district of Sana'a province, a security official said Thursday. The official added the raids targeted al-Subaha area causing huge damage to citizens' houses and their properties.

Saudi war jets launch raids on al-Ghail

Thursday, 25-August-2016

The Saudi war jets waged on Thursday air raids on al-Ghail district of Jawf province, a local official said. The official added the war jets targeted al-Ordhi, al-Adhabah and al-Maqatea areas in the district, leaving huge damage to houses and farms.  


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