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The   "Creative   Destruction"  of   the   Middle   East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime





Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Settlers Attack Palestinians, Burn Olive Trees,  Get Away with Killing Pregnant Young Woman, October 29, 2016 Attacks Intensify on Mosul by NATO and Iraqi Government Forces, Hashd Militiamen Torture Mosul Civilians, October 29, 2016 Scores of Yemenis Killed in Clashes, US-Saudi Air Strikes, October 29, 2016 Fierce Syrian Government Air Strikes to Thwart the Rebel Forces Attempt to Break Aleppo Siege, October 29, 2016




Attack on Mosul Imminent: Oil Set Ablaze in Trenches Around City, Iraqi Forces to Move in from Three Directions, With US Air Support, October 13, 2016. Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill a Palestinian in Jerusalem, Kidnap Civilians, Open Fire Injuring Many in Al-Ram, Gaza, and Tulkarem, October 13, 2016 Hundreds of Syrians Killed in NATO-Russian-Regime Air Strikes, October 13, 2016





Hundreds of Yemenis Killed and Hundreds Injured in Saudi Air Strikes and Houthi Shelling, October 8-12, 2016 Warmongering Islamophobia in the US, October 1-10, 2016, CAIR Reports American Holocaust: 34 Americans Killed, 65 Injured in Just One Day of Gun Violence, 11,387 Killed in Nine Months, Up to October 11, 2016  












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