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"Creative Destruction" of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya Continues Unabated, November 17, 2015 

For a background about the Israeli-led destruction of the Middle East, read:

Creative Destruction: The Name of the Game in the Middle East


A corpse of a Yemeni child moved from under the rubble of a building targeted by a Saudi air strike, November 16, 2015 mot

Several people killed and injured of an explosive north of Baghdad, November 17, 2015 mot


Russian airstrikes target Khan Shekhon and kill civilians, November 17, 2015



Russian airstrikes target Khan Shekhon and kill civilians

SOHR, November 17, 2015

Idlib province:

Shells fired by rebels fell on Kafria which is inhabited by Shia, no reports of losses. Regime forces target Jozef town with missiles what killed and wounded a number of civilians. Russian warplanes targeted with 3 airstrikes areas of Khan Shekhon what wounded 10 civilians 4 of them were seriously wounded. Russian warplanes also targeted Mer’ian town in the Zawiya mount, no reports of losses. 

Dar’a explosion kills 3 rebels

November 17, 2015

Dar’a province:

3 rebels were killed by an explosion in an Islamic battalion HQ. The clashes continue between Shohadaa al-Yarmouk and Jabhat al-Nusra backed by rebels around Sahem al-Jolan amid explosions in the area.

Leader of Nour al-Din Zenki battalion killed during clashes in Aleppo

November 17, 2015

Aleppo province:

The military commander of Nour al-Din Znki Hussein Ma’ika was killed by clashes against regime force and Hezbollah in the southern countryside of Aleppo. The warplanes raided al-jarah military airport and Maskna town which is taken over by IS in the eastern countryside. A commander allied to regime forces was killed by clashes and bombardment against Islamic battalions in Aleppo southern countryside. 

Russian Aerial bombardment targets Der-Ezzor and Idlib and IS attacks Jazal field

November 17, 2015

Idlib province:

Russian warplanes raided Saraqib and Orm al-Joz near Ariha, what left casualties. 

Der-Ezzor province:

Explosions rocked the eastern countryside, caused by the coalition airstrikes on al-Shagfa town, leading to material damages in the area. 

Homs province: Clashes took place after midnight between IS and regime forces around Jazal oil field after an attack by the IS, confirmed reports of losses in both sides. 

Explosion of ammo warehouse kills and wounds no less than 10 rebels

November 17, 2015

Dar’a province: IS targeted Islamic battalions in al-Lajag area, no reports of losses. A massive explosion has been heard in al-Ashaari area in Dar’a countryside caused by explosion of an ammo warehouse belongs to Islamic battalions what killed and wounded 10 rebels.

Bombardment on Reef Dimashq and clashes in Hama countryside

November 17, 2015

Reef Dimashq province: Areas of Duma farmlands were exposed to bombardment by regime forces, no reports of losses, activists accused the regime in arresting young men and leading them to military service. regime forces bombarded Duma city with missiles amid clashes in the eastern Ghouta.

Hama province: Clashes took place after midnight between regime forces and rebels around Aqarib village, reports of losses in both sides, Russian warplanes raided KafarZita what wounded a number of civilians. An officer in regime forces was killed by clashes against rebels in the southern countryside. 




13 Saudi air strikes on Sana'a and Sa'ada targeting government buildings and residential neighborhoods

طيران العدوان يشن 13 غارة على صنعاء وصعدة

الإثنين, 16-نوفمبر-2015
المؤتمرنت -

طيران العدوان يشن 13 غارة على صنعاء وصعدة
شن طيران العدوان السعودي اليوم خمس غارات على مديرية الطيال بمحافظه صنعاء.وأوضح مصدر محلي بالمديرية أن طيران العدوان استهدف منطقة العرقوب بخمس غارات ما أدى إلى إلحاق أضرار بالأرض الزراعية ومراعي الأغنام .

وأدان المصدر استمرار العدوان السعودي في استهداف المدنيين في ظل صمت دولي مخجل إزاء ما يرتكبه العدوان من جرائم بحق اليمنيين .
وفي محافظة صعدة شن طيران العدوان السعودي الغاشم سلسلة من الغارات استهدفت منطقة مران بمديرية حيدان.
وأوضح مصدر أمني بمديرية حيدان أن طيران العدوان شن ثمان غارات استهداف منازل المواطنين وممتلكاتهم في منطقة مران إضافة إلى الخط العام .. مشيراً إلى أن أضراراً كبيرة طالت عدداً من منازل المواطنين ومزارعهم .

وحسب وكالة الانباء اليمنية (سبأ) فقد استنكر المصدر تعمد العدوان الغاشم في تدمير منازل المواطنين ومقومات حياتهم واستهدافه الخطوط العامة والطرقات وسيارات المواطنين .. مطالباً المجتمع الدولي إلى وضع حدٍ لهذه الانتهاكات الصارخة بحق اليمنيين .




Scores of Shi'i militiamen's corpses in Mahmoudiya Hospital

Baghdad protests against Government corruption

Car bombing in Southeast Baghdad results in killing and injuring 8 people

Two corpses found in east Baghdad

Several people killed and injured of an explosive north of Baghdad

Arrests of protesters against government corruption in Baghdad 




Heavy fighting in Libya's Benghazi, 16 killed: official


Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:53am EST


Libya At least 16 people have been killed in heavy fighting in the Libyan city of Benghazi between forces allied with the official government and Islamic State fighters, a military commander said on Wednesday.

Benghazi, caught up in fighting for more than a year, is just one front in Libya's multi-sided war involving two competing governments -- an official one in the east and a self-declared one controlling Tripoli -- and the loose coalitions of armed factions backing them.

Battles involving air strikes erupted on Tuesday between Gen. Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) forces, and militants allied with Islamic State, military spokesman Milad Zwei told Reuters.

"Our special forces are making progress and have recaptured the air defense camp between Mash'hash and Sidi Faraj districts. The camp was captured last year by Islamic State," he said.

Haftar declared war on Islamist fighters in Benghazi more than a year ago and he was later named commander in chief for the official government. But his campaign has failed to sweep out militants from the city.

Both sides have alternately held the upper hand in the fighting. Islamic State fighters are also increasingly in the battle, including foreign jihadists.

Four years after former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi fell in a civil war, Libya still has no national army. The two competing governments have forces loyal to them but these often answer to regional, tribal or local commanders first.

(Reporting by Ayman Al-Warfalli; Writing by Patrick Markey; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)



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