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2 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Occupation Forces, Home of an Activist Demolished in Qalandiya,

November 16, 2015 




2 Palestinians killed as Israeli occupation troops demolish activist’s home in Qalandiya

November 16, 2015, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)--

Two Palestinian civilians were killed by the Israeli occupation army in the Qalandiya refugee camp at predawn time Monday in clashes sparked by the demolition of the home of a Palestinian anti-occupation activist.

Medical sources said 28-year-old Ahmad Abu al-Eish, and 21-year-old Leith Manasra were shot dead by Israeli bullet fire in the Qalandiya refugee camp.

Dozens of Palestinian civilians were shot and critically injured by Israeli live rounds in the same clashes.

The Israeli occupation patrols further kidnapped an injured minor from the ambulance.

Eye-witnesses identified the child as 17-year-old Youssef Abu Latifa, who was critically wounded in the Qalandiya clashes.

On-the-spot observers further reported cases of aggressive attacks and heavy discharge of tear gas canisters on the ambulance and paramedical staff in the area.

An eyewitness was quoted by a PIC journalist as reporting that the occupation army cordoned off the area at 2 a.m. before they broke into the camp and knocked down the home of activist Muhammad Shaheen, who Israeli officials claim killed an Israeli settler in June near the West Bank province of Ramallah.

Violent clashes flared up shortly afterwards, resulting in the murder of Abu Eish.

Palestinian media reported that the Israeli occupation troops summoned military reinforcement, fanning the flames of the simmering tension that burst out at the refugee camp. 

An Israeli chopper kept, meanwhile, hovering over the territory to ensure the safe backtracking of the army troops.

Shortly after, over 1,000 Israeli soldiers re-rolled into the camp, and sealed it off from all corners, sparking violent clashes. Ashraf al-Shou’ani was shot and killed right on the spot.

The attack culminated in the demolition, without prior notification, of Shaheen’s family home 

Recent months have seen a dramatic surge in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian civilian homes, triggering the wrath of a plethora of national and international human rights organizations.

The practice of demolishing the family homes of Palestinian anti-occupation activists has often been criticized as a form of collective punishment against the Palestinian people.



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