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Israeli Racist-Extremists Form Government, Illegal Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, IOF Invades Jenin, Lays Minefield in Al-Khalil

May 8, 2015 


Illegal Israeli settlers storm Aqsa Mosque, try to attack child

IOF invades different towns of Jenin at dawn

IOF lays minefield in southern al-Khalil

IOF razes industrial structure in southern Bethlehem

Resheq: Israel's gov't a combination of racists and extremists

IOF closes Health Work Committees’ center in Jerusalem





Resheq: Israel's gov't a combination of racists and extremists

8-5-2015 9:26 AM


Member of Hamas's political bureau Ezzat al-Resheq has described the new formation of the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu as a combination of racists and extremists.

In Facebook remarks on Thursday, Resheq expressed his belief that the Israeli government would continue its criminal Judaization and settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

He said that the declared composition of the government vindicated further the frivolity of continuing to wager on the negotiation option to reach a peaceful solution with the Israeli occupation state.

He added that Netanyahu's government can only be confronted through achieving a genuine Palestinian reconciliation based on the resistance option.

The Hamas official stressed that the Palestinian people would remain steadfast in the face of the successive Israeli governments until the liberation of their land and holy sites.

IOF invades different towns of Jenin at dawn

8-5-2015 11:15 AM


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Friday stormed the towns of Yabud, Arraba, Mirka, south of Jenin city, and invaded different neighborhoods, without making arrests.

Local sources said that dozens of Israeli soldiers raided the neighborhoods of Yabud town, occupied some rooftops of houses under construction, and videotaped alleys and homes.

The invading troops also established a makeshift checkpoint at the main entance to the town and intercepted passing cars.

Meanwhile, the IOF reportedly stormed the nearby town of Arraba and Mirka, patrolled their neighborhoods and erected barriers.

Israel approves 900 settlement units in occupied J'lem

8-5-2015 12:29 AM


The so-called Israeli Planning and Building Committee has approved the construction of 900 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem, Peace Now organization revealed Thursday.

The new housing units will be built in the settlement neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo following a decision late Wednesday by the Israeli district planning committee, the sources explained.

The Israeli authorities declared two days ago a plan to build 1,500 settler homes near Shuafat refugee camp in occupied Jerusalem.

Rights Watch: Political prisoners subjected to mistreatment by PA

8-5-2015 12:10 AM


Human Rights Watch on Thursday accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces of arresting West Bank students over their pro-Hamas political affiliations and opinions , saying several had been mistreated.

“It is deeply worrying that students are being held by PA forces for no apparent reason other than their ties with Hamas or their opinions,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director. 

“Palestinians should be able to express critical political opinions without being arrested or beaten,” she added.

On April 25, 2015, PA security officers arrested Jihad Salim, representative of a Hamas-affiliated student group at Birzeit University in Ramallah, following the group’s victory in Birzeit’s student council election, Human Rights Watch reported. 

The officers assaulted Salim’s mother and sister shortly before they brutally beat him and held him for about 24 hours, Salim told the organization. 

The PA devices further arrested former student at Birzeit University, Ayman Abu Aram, questioned him about his affiliation with Hamas, and held him for 24 hours, his attorney told Human Rights Watch.

The latest case follows the November 2014 arrest, alleged beating, and criminal charges against Ayman Mahariq, a journalism student, for critical postings about Palestinian Authority forces on Facebook. Mahariq was released after 30 days of detention, during which he had reportedly been subjected to severe torture.

Settlers storm Aqsa Mosque, try to attack child

7-5-2015 8:15 PM


 Aqsa Mosque’s guards confronted an extremist Jewish settler who tried to attack a Palestinian child in storming the Aqsa Mosque with a group of settlers under Israeli tight security measures on Thursday.
QPress revealed that an extremist Jewish settler tried to assault a Palestinian child who was chanting Allahu Akbar on Thursday morning. 

The Mosque’s guards along with worshipers confronted the attacking settler and forced him with the other settlers to go out of the vicinity of the holy site. 

An altercation erupted between an Israeli officer and one of the Mosque’s guards who objected taking photos of settlers in the vicinity of the holy Aqsa Mosque.
  Meanwhile, the Israeli forces deliberately harassed Muslim worshipers while entering the Mosque. The forces detained the IDs of teachers who accompanied school students who visited the holy place in the morning hours.

 The forces also threatened the women of arrest in case the school students chanted Allahu Akbar inside the Mosque.

 30 settlers stormed the Aqsa Mosque in the morning hours while 14 others stormed it at noon on Thursday.

 Moreover, 40 officials of Israeli intelligence toured the Mosque’s Plazas for more than one hour and a half in the morning. The Israeli intelligence members have recently broken into the holy site in a semi daily basis.

 500 children of Jerusalemite school students including kindergarten students along with their mothers and teachers visited the Aqsa Mosque in a school trip on Thursday morning.  

IOF razes industrial structure in southern Bethlehem

7-5-2015 7:09 PM


Israeli military bulldozers razed an industrial structure used for repairing vehicles in al-Khader town in southern Bethlehem.
The Coordinator of the Popular Committees against Settlement Ahmad Salah said the Israeli forces razed an industrial structure which area is estimated at 80 square meters and used as auto repair shop.

 Salah pointed out that the shop belongs to a Palestinian man called Jamal al-Abed. It is his only source of income. Nevertheless, it has been razed due to the lack of a building permit which is a false pretense for justification the demolition of Palestinian houses and structures, Salah added. 

IOF closes Health Work Committees’ center in Jerusalem

7-5-2015 5:44 PM


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) escorted by policemen stormed Health Work Committees’ center in Shufat in Occupied Jerusalem and handed a one-year closure notice to the staff.
The Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) claimed that “the center is used for terrorist activities and accordingly it has been decided to close it for one year based on Prevention of Terrorism Act (1948)”.

 The center is run by the Health Work Committees School Health Program which offers health services to Jerusalemite students in more than 62 schools. Thousands of students as well as teachers and parents benefit from the program. The Israeli officers stormed the center, confiscated its computers and handed summonses to the head of the school health program and its administrative assistant to be questioned in Israeli intelligence headquarters.

 The program started its work in Occupied Jerusalem in 1990. It offers health services and health educational activities to school students.

 The services include children vaccination, preventive and diagnosis medical checkups and many others in light of the fact that Israel does not allow the Palestinian Ministry of Health to work in schools of Occupied Jerusalem.

 The Health Work Committees in Jerusalem called on the international and local human rights, health and legal institutions to intervene in order to oblige Israel to cancel the closure order. 

It said the closure order is arbitrary and unjust as it affects the health of thousands of the Jerusalemite school students. 

IOF lays minefield in southern al-Khalil

7-5-2015 4:42 PM


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) laid a minefield near Yatta town in southern al-Khalil.
The Coordinator of the Popular Committees against the Wall and Settlement in Yatta Ratib al-Jabour told Quds Press that the IOF isolated more than four dunums of Yatta’s land by an iron fence and announced it as a minefield.

 The Israeli forces put banners warning of approaching the minefield, Jabour added.

He said it is very dangerous to the lives of the town’s inhabitants especially children and shepherds.

 Jabour denounced the Israeli aggressive practices against Palestinians for the purpose of settlement expansion. 


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