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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Iraqi Government Forces and Militia Prepare to Attack Ramadi, Bombard Fallouja, Ba'aqouba and Other Cities

May 28, 2015 


Shi'ite paramilitaries riding military vehicles travel from Lake Tharthar toward Ramadi to fight against Islamic state militants, west of Samarra, Iraq May 27, 2015 Iraqi government air strikes on Fallouja, May 25, 2015


A news report about the capture of Tadmur (Palmyra) by the Islamic State (Orient TV).



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Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution

Bulletin no. 563

Tuesday 26th  , May , 2015

The Bulletin of events that happened during   the last 24 hours

A roadside bomb hit Wardiyah area in Mada'in district in south of Baghdad, further details unknown.

7 persons have been either killed or wounded as a roadside bomb has exploded in Siba'a area in the middle of Baghdad.

A hummer for the government's army and silverado for federal police have been destroyed as two roadside bombs have exploded in Abaichi area in Tarmiya district.

The mother of dean assistant of Anbar Medicine College was killed when a home - in Albu Shajal Village in Saqlawiya- was shelled ............

25 elements of Hashid militias and police have been killed in Ankoor area in east of Ramadi.............

Hashd Al-sha'abi militias have blazed 12 homes for sectarian purposes in Sa'idiya in northern east of Ba'aquba .......

Hashid militias have blazed 10 homes in Khashan Village in southern east of Ba'aquba and threatened to kill the families there if they stay in the village........
Salah-il-deen :

An armored vehicle for the government's army was blazed while advancing towards Beiji from Mazra'a side......
Miscelloneous :

This man's tears summarize the displaced persons' suffering.

Two dead bodies have been found ,one of them for imam and preacher of masjid in Wasiti neighbourhood in south of Kirkuk ,and the other at Laylan nahiya entry in southern east of city.

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 562 Monday 25th  , May , 2015


Two persons were killed and 6 wounded as a roadside bomb exploded near shops in Saidiya area in south of Baghdad today night......  A soldier was sniped and a lieutenant wounded at a checkpoint for the government's army in Latifiya today night.

  The government's forces have detained dozens of families in Doura and Abi -Ghreib in Baghdad after crossing Bizebiz and demanded them to have guarantors .....

9 persons have been either killed or wounded as a roadside bomb has exploded in west of Baghdad.

A doctor has been killed as a roadside attached to his car has exploded in Amiriya area in west of Baghdad.


ISIL has controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border gate of al-Waleed .

More than 700 elements of Hashid militia have been killed as Habaniya Base has targeted during the last few days.....

If the situation at Habaniya Base continues as it is ,it will be controlled by ISIL in a week, a senior officer in the ministry of defense says...... The government's army and Hashid militias morale has collapsed after Ramadi events.

The signs of shelling that has targeted Ramadi are shown.

Hashid militias have forced Anbar displaced persons to leave Baghdad..............

Jawa'ana Bridge in Baghdadi nahiya has been destroyed as it has been targeted by the war planes...... 

Diyala :

ISIL has adopted 12 roadside bomb explosions targeting groups and targets for the government's army and militias in various areas in Balad Ruz.

ISIL has exploded many broadside bombs accompanied by clashes with the army and Hashid militias in Bani Sa'ad Khan..

Miscelloneous :

Our response will be violent against any American land interference ,Al-Ahrar Bloc which is part of National Iraqi Alliance declares.


Iraq rebrands military campaign against Islamic State over fears of sectarianism

Wed May 27, 2015 7:11pm EDT


A campaign led by Shi'ite paramilitaries to drive Islamic State militants from Iraq's Sunni heartland was rebranded on Wednesday after criticism that the name chosen for the push was overtly sectarian.

The move was a response to fears that Iraq's reliance on Shi'ite paramilitaries to defeat Islamic State fighters, instead of the disordered and demoralized national army, could alienate Sunni Iraqis and deepen the region's sectarian divide.

The United States said it was "unhelpful" that the militias had dubbed the operation to retake Iraq's western province of Anbar "Labeyk Ya Hussein." The name translates to "At your service, Hussein," in honor of one of the most revered figures in Shi'ite Islam.

The name also provoked complaints from Iraqis in Anbar.

"This is extremely sectarian," said unemployed resident Salam Ahmed, 41. "We have no more trust in them (the paramilitaries). They follow a foreign, Iranian agenda."

State TV said the paramilitaries had renamed the campaign "Labeyk Ya Iraq" (At Your Service Iraq) on Wednesday. A spokesman for the paramilitary groups, known as Hashid Shaabi, said both names had "the same meaning."

"Now we have opted for 'Iraq' and there is no problem," Karim al-Nouri said.

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been reluctant to send Iran-backed Shi'ite militias to Anbar, concerned they could provoke a sectarian backlash from the province's predominantly Sunni population.

But he was forced to deploy thousands of Shi'ite militiamen to Anbar after Islamic State insurgents overran the provincial capital of Ramadi on May 17, his government's biggest military setback in almost a year.

Two thousand more militiamen arrived at the Habbaniya base east of Ramadi on Wednesday, as insurgents laid mines on the city's eastern and southern outskirts.

The militia and a smaller contingent of security forces are within 6 km (4 miles) of the city's southern outskirts and about 11 km (7 miles) to the east. It's unclear when they will begin an assault on Ramadi.

The insurgents are trying to consolidate their gains in the rest of Anbar before the military campaign begins.

There were several small skirmishes on Wednesday, tribal fighters said. Militants ambushed a convoy of police and tribal fighters east of Ramadi, killing six of them.

Northwest of Ramadi, clashes broke out between pro-government fighters from the Jaghaifa tribe and IS insurgents. At the nearby Haditha dam, insurgents fired four Grad rockets at a key military command center.

The militants also seized a small village near Garma, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) northwest of Baghdad, after ambushing a military convoy and killing eight soldiers.

(Writing by Isabel Coles Editing by Katharine Houreld)


Islamic State photos purport to show unharmed Tadmur (Palmyra) ruins

Thu May 28, 2015 5:57am EDT

BEIRUT, Reuters --

 Islamic State posted photographs online which it said were taken in the central Syrian city of Tadmur (Palmyra) and appeared to show its ancient ruins unharmed since the hardline group seized it from government forces.

Reuters was not able to independently confirm the authenticity of the photographs posted on jihadi forums by the Islamic State's media branch. Activists in contact with people inside the city have also said there has been no damage to the UNSECO World Heritage site since the takeover.

Islamic State is an offshoot of al Qaeda that has seized territory in Syria and Iraq and is the target of a U.S.-led air strike campaign in both countries.

The group has destroyed antiquities in neighboring Iraq and Syria's antiquities chief has voiced fears it might now devastate Palmyra, home to renowned Roman ruins including temples, colonnades and an amphitheatre.

On Wednesday the group shot dead around 20 men in the amphitheater, accusing them of being government supporters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.

It has said the group has killed at least 200 people and taken around 600 captive in and around the city, which is also known as Tadmur.

The 10 images were published as a photographic report entitled "The ancient city of Tadmur" and showed the inside and entrance to the amphitheater.

It appeared to have an Islamic State flag flying on top of it. There were also pictures of columns and arches.

A separate photo report claimed to show the city's prison in control of the group. It included images of an entrance, cell doors, an empty single cell and collective detention room. A picture of an empty office inside the jail had an image of late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad on the wall.

The Syrian air force has carried out airstrikes in and around Tadmur (Palmyra). U.S.-led forces, whose campaign U.S. officials say is not coordinated with Damascus, have not bombed the city, which sits on a crossroads leading westwards to Homs city and the capital.

(Reporting by Sylvia Westall in Beirut and Omar Fahmy in Cairo; Editing by Angus MacSwan)



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