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Palestinians Struggle to Survive Israeli Siege and Closure of Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza, Israeli Kidnapping of Children and Human Rights Violations in the West Bank

June 21, 2015 


A Palestinian family breaking the fast near their destroyed home, in northern Gaza Strip, in the second day of Ramadan, June 20, 2015. During the Israeli terrorist war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, thousands of Palestinians were killed, thousands were injured, and tens of thousands lost their homes, which were destroyed by Israeli air strikes and bombardment.
The Egyptian government re-closed the Rafah border crossing after three days of opening it for Palestinians to enter or leave Gaza Strip. Rafah border crossing is the only gate to the world for Palestinians in Gaza, as the Apartheid state of Israel besieges Gaza Strip from the other three directions. Israeli occupation kidnapping a Palestinian child in the West Bank, a daily practice of human rights violation by Israelis against Palestinians.


Rafah crossing re-closed indefinitely

June 21, 2015, RAFAH, (PIC)--

Egyptian authorities re-closed on Friday the Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip until further notice after opening it for a week.

Head of Border Crossings Authority in Gaza Maher Abu Sabha said that Rafah crossing has been closed Friday until further notice after being opened for a whole week.

He expressed hope that Egypt allows its opening next week especially that 12,000 passengers are still in urgent need to travel.

Rafah crossing should be opened around the clock as it is the only gateway to the outside world for more than 1.8 million persons in Gaza, he said.

450 Palestinians managed on Friday to leave the Strip, while 88 passengers were allowed access into it, he clarified.

During the past week, 3,819 Palestinians left Gaza to Egypt through Rafah, and more than a thousand others entered. In addition, 155 passengers were prevented from traveling.

Egypt has temporarily opened the Rafah crossing last Saturday after being closed for more than three months.

The Egyptian authorities have been closing Rafah crossing since October, 2013. It was partially opened for few days for the travel of few sick people, students, and the humanitarian cases. 

One hundred thousands of Palestinians mostly patients and students; however, are waiting for the opening of Rafah crossing in order to be able to travel.


IOF soldiers detain prisonerís mother

June 21, 2015, AL-KHALIL, (PIC) --

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested the mother of prisoner Haitham al-Batat in al-Khalil town of Daheriya at dawn Sunday.

Local sources told the PIC reporter that IOF soldiers in 15 army jeeps raided the town, south of al-Khalil, and broke into the home of Batat.

They said that the soldiers searched the house and confiscated a number of the captiveís belongings before taking away his mother.

Batat, who has been in Israeli custody since 2003, is serving two life sentences and 30 years. The mother was arrested at the hands of the IOF two years ago during a visit to her son. She was beaten during the arrest.

Minor among 5 Palestinians kidnapped by IOF in W.B., Jílem


 At least five Palestinian citizens, including a minor, were abducted by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) overnight Saturday and at dawn Sunday in Occupied Jerusalem and cities of the West Bank. 

Sources based in the southern West Bank province of al-Khalil said two Palestinians identified as the 15-year-old child Fadi al-Natsha and the 18-year-old teen Mahmoud al-Rajabi, were arrested by the IOF at the Tel al-Rumeida checkpoint in al-Khalil. 

The Israeli occupation soldiers prohibited a Palestinian activist from documenting the abductions.

Jerusalem-based sources said, meanwhile, the IOF rolled into Bab al-Amoud neighborhood and targeted a group of Palestinian unarmed youngsters with randomly-shot waves of stun grenades, moments before they apprehended a young Palestinian protester.

In a related incident, the IOF at dawn on Sunday nabbed two Palestinian young men from al-Issawiya village, in Occupied Jerusalem, and dragged them to an investigation center pending further interrogation.

Local sources identified the captured youths as Adham Muheissen and Ata Ubeid, both kidnapped from their own homes.

Clashes flared up after the IOF reportedly cracked down on Palestinian citizens and smashed their car windows. 

The IOF soldiers attacked the Palestinian protesters with barrages of stun grenades and tear gas canisters.

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kidnap Two Children In Hebron

Sunday June 21, 2015 08:22 by IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli occupation soldiers kidnapped, late on Saturday, two Palestinian children in Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Israeli settlers hurled stones on Palestinians and their property, in Hebronís Old city.

Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers kidnapped Fadi Nader an-Natsha, 15, and Mahmoud ar-Rajabi, and took them to the Etzion military and security base.

The army claimed the two were taken prisoner following clashes between Israeli soldiers and local youths.

In related news, Israelis living in illegal outposts in the Old City of Hebron, hurled stones on Palestinian homes, and cars, causing property damage, including damage to childrenís toys displayed by a street vendor, identified as Thaíer Jaber.

Child Shot Near Ramallah, Palestinian Kidnapped In Jerusalem by Israeli Occupation Soldiers

Sunday June 21, 2015 07:58 by IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli occupation soldiers invaded, on Saturday evening, the al-Bireh city, in the central West Bank district of Ramallah, shot and injured a Palestinian child, during clashes with local youths, while one Palestinian was kidnapped in occupied Jerusalem.

Palestinian medical sources said the child, 15 years of age, was shot with two live rounds in the leg, and was moved to the Palestine Medical Center. The incident took place in Jabal at-Tawil area.

In Jerusalem, Israeli occupation soldiers kidnapped a young Palestinian man, and took him to an interrogation center in the city.

Soldiers said an Israeli man was injured, reportedly after Palestinian youths hurled stones on his car, in Bab al-ĎAmoud area.

Israeli sources said the man was moved to the Hadassah Medical Center suffering a head injury.

Illegal Israeli Settler Runs Over Child

Sunday June 21, 2015 02:54 by IMEMC News & Agencies

An illegal extremist Israeli settler ran over 3-year old Palestinian child in occupied Jerusalem, Saturday.

The child was identified as Yasser Shammas from Wadi al-Hilwa, in the village of Silwan, occupied city of Jerusalem.

Witnesses said, according to Days of Palestine, that the settler, who was driving a mini-car, approached the Palestinian child while he was waiting with his mother to cross the street.

Palestinian paramedics rushed to the scene and evacuated the child to Hadasa Hospital, in Silwan.

According to medical sources, the child sustained light injures, but bruises are spread all over his body. The child is still under continuous observation, medical sources added.

Many Palestinians Injured by Israeli occupation soldiers in Nabi Saleh Weekly Protest

Saturday June 20, 2015 03:16 by IMEMC News

Israeli occupation soldiers attacked, Friday, the weekly nonviolent protest against the Israeli Annexation Wall and Settlements, in Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, causing several injuries.

The protesters, accompanied by Israeli and international peace activists, marched towards Palestinian orchards Israel illegally confiscated to expand its nearby illegal colonies, built on Palestinian lands.

The Israeli occupation soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets and gas bombs at the protesters, causing scores to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The Israeli occupation soldiers also surrounded the area to prevent the Palestinians from entering or leaving it.

In addition, soldiers attacked several nonviolent protests against the Wall and Settlements, including in Bilíin and Niílin villages, near Ramallah, and Kufur Qaddoum, near the northern West Bank city Qalqilia, casing dozens of injuries.  


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