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Five Car Explosions in Gaza, Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Farmers East of Gaza, Vandal Attacks in Bethlehem and Khalil

July 19, 2015 


Haniya: Mishaal's visit to Saudi Arabia "successful"

July 19, 2015


Deputy head of Hamas's political bureau, Ismail Haniya, has expressed his confidence that the recent visit of a delegation from his Movement to Saudi Arabia would be a promising start to rebuild the relations between the two sides.

Haniya made his remarks during his visit on Saturday morning to the families of Palestinian martyrs from al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas in Rafah area to congratulate them on Eid al-Fitr occasion.

The Hamas official also expressed his satisfaction with the results of this visit, describing it as "successful and fruitful."

He hailed the Saudi leadership for its positions in support of the Palestinian cause and the efforts it intends to make to end the humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip.

He highlighted that "Hamas is a Palestinian liberation movement belonging to the Islamic and Arab worlds and defend the legacy of the whole Muslim and Arab nations, so it needs every support from them."

Five cars blown up in blockaded Gaza

July 19, 2015


Five cars belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad cadres were blown up at dawn Sunday in Gaza city.

According to local sources, unidentified assailants blew up five cars parked near family homes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists.

There was no immediate confirmation of any casualties.

The car bombs went off in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City around 6 a.m. Three vehicles belonged to members of Hamas and two to Islamic Jihad affiliates.

A nearby house reportedly burst into flames as a result of the blasts.

Security officials and rescue crews rushed to the scene and immediately began investigation into the attack.

Interior ministry opens investigation into Gaza explosions

July 19, 2015

 GAZA, (PIC)--

The interior ministry in Gaza opened an investigation into the explosions that targeted six resistance vehicles in northern Gaza City on Sunday. 

The spokesman of the ministry Iyad al-Bezem said, in a terse statement, that saboteurs blew up six cars belonging to resistance factions and caused great damage. No casualties, however, have been reported. 

He stressed that the security forces are tracking down those saboteurs, saying that “they will be held accountable”. 

Several explosions occurred on Sunday morning in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northwest Gaza city. Four vehicles belonging to members of Hamas and two to Islamic Jihad affiliates were destroyed in the incident.

Armed wings: Culprits will be captured

July 19, 2015


Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, and Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, vowed to chase down and capture the vandals who carried out the explosions in Gaza on Sunday morning. 

In a joint statement, both armed wings confirmed their continuation to protect the Palestinian people and resisting the Israeli occupation. 

The statement said that “such criminal acts will not stop us from doing our duty". The statement added that such acts only serve the Israeli occupation. 

Unidentified persons blew up six cars belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad and caused great damage on Sunday morning. Four vehicles belonged to members of Hamas and two to Islamic Jihad affiliates. No casualties have been reported.

Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian meadows in Bethlehem


 Israeli settlers overnight Saturday uprooted seedlings planted in a Palestinian cultivated land tract in Bethlehem’s town of al-Khader.

Coordinator for the anti-settlement committee in al-Khader, Ahmad Salah said Israeli vandals rolled into a Palestinian agricultural land at a late night hour and chopped some 65 seedlings.

Israeli settlers have frequently attacked Palestinian natives and lands in al-Khader town, particularly on Saturdays, under counterfeit pretexts. 

Israeli intelligence renews remand of prisoner Fasisi for 3rd time


The Israeli intelligence issued an order to renew the administrative detention of Akram Fasisi for another four month-term for the third time in a row, Muhjat al-Quds Foundation said Saturday.

Akram, a father of four, was arrested on 24/11/2014 and held in administrative detention without trial or charge.

The 32-year-old Akram, an Islamic Jihad activist, served three years in Israeli jails over the past few years.

He began an open hunger strike in protest at his unlawful imprisonment during his previous detention on September 19, 2013, to which the IPS and Israeli intelligence responded immediately and transferred him to solitary confinement, where he suffered ill-treatment.

After two months of hunger strike the Israeli prison service agreed not to renew his detention in return for ending his strike.

IOF attacks Palestinian farmers east of Gaza


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday afternoon opened machinegun fire at Palestinian farmers east of the Gaza Strip, with no reported casualties.

Local sources told Quds Press that Israeli border troops posted near the security fence opened fire intensively at Palestinian farmers and their homes to the east of al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza.

They added that several drones were seen overflying the area while there were unusual military movements along the eastern border with Gaza.

Israeli vandals attack Palestinians in al-Khalil


A horde of Israeli extremist settlers, residing in the illegal Ma’un settlement, attacked on Saturday Palestinian passers-by and shepherds in al-Khalil’s town of Yatta, in the southern West Bank.

Rateb al-Jabour, coordinator for the popular committee against the wall and settlement in southern al-Khalil, said the Israeli settlers, escorted by army officers, attacked shepherds and unarmed citizens.

The Palestinians responded to the assault by hurling stones at the Israeli vandals.

Israeli fanatic settlers have often come down heavily on Palestinian citizens across the West Bank in an attempt to force them out of the area and misappropriate their lands as a means to pave the way for illegal settlement expansion.

Allan and Estiti continue their hunger strike for second month


Prisoners Mohamed Allan and Alaa Estiti on Saturday entered the second month of their hunger strike in Israeli jails in protest at their administrative detention.

Recently, the Israeli jailers in Eshel prison imposed severe punitive measures against prisoner Estiti, a resident of Jenin refugee camp, according to an informed source.

Among the measures taken against him, the prisoner, who is locked up in an isolation cell, has not been allowed to bathe for more than two weeks, have new clothes or possess a holy book of Qur'an.

The jailers also refused to provide Estiti, who suffers from severe pains in his joints, with a wheelchair.

Prisoner Allan, in turn, is also administratively detained in solitary confinement and being exposed to similar punitive measures to pressure him to break his hunger strike.

Allan is a lawyer from Einabous town near Nablus city and has already served several prison terms in Israel jails before his recent administrative detention.    

Report: Syria’s neighbors ban the entry of Palestinians


The Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said that the neighbor countries of Syria have been banning the entry of Palestinian refugees into their lands regardless of bad security conditions in the country.  

The group said, in a statement on Sunday, that the Jordanian authorities bar the Palestinians of Syria from entering its land under any condition based on an official order by the Jordanian government. 

Lebanese authorities as well impose certain conditions described by refugees as crippling in order for them to be able to enter Lebanon. 

Those who are allowed to enter the country must possess documents that prove being invited for reunion interviews in European embassies or those who have flight reservation through Beirut Airport. 

As for Turkey, the Turkish embassy in Beirut has stopped the issuance of entry of visas for Palestinian refugees from Syria to its lands two years ago. Turkish embassies in the gulf countries, however, still issue entry visas for Palestinians of Syria, but only for those who have residencies in those countries.    

Human rights activists opine that such procedures put the lives of Palestinian refugees in Syria at a real risk, which runs contrary to international laws and regulations on the protection of refugees during wars and crises. 


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