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Illegal Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Settlers Violate Palestinian Human Rights, by Kidnapping them, Uproot Olive Trees, Restrict Movements

July 12, 2015 


Illegal Israeli settlers uproot 80 olive trees west of Salfit

Israeli army closes Hawara crossing near Nablus

MK Abu Arrar slams confiscation of Aqsa Foundation's funds

July 11, 2015


Arab Knesset member Talab Abu Arrar strongly denounced the Israeli occupation authority for confiscating funds belonging to the Aqsa Foundation in the 1948 occupied lands.

Abu Arrar stated in press remarks that Israel's confiscation of Palestinian societies' funds and its violations against the Jerusalemite people stem from its antagonism against Islam and Muslims and its intent to Judaize the Aqsa Mosque.

He also pointed out to the Israeli government's support for racist Jewish groups and societies advocating the construction of the alleged temple mount on the ruins of the Aqsa Mosque.

The lawmaker demanded the Israeli internal security minister to release the funds of the Aqsa Foundation, which he said is licensed.

IOF kidnaps two citizens, sets up checkpoints in al-Khalil

July 11, 2015


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped at dawn Saturday two Palestinians from their homes in al-Khalil (Hebron) city.

Local sources said that Israeli soldiers stormed homes in al-Khalil city and kidnapped two citizens identified as Ibrahim Salhab and Mohamed Marqattan.

The IOF also established makeshift checkpoints at the northern entrances to al-Khalil city and the main entrance to the nearby town of Sa'ir.

The IOF intercepted and searched Palestinian cars at the checkpoints and checked the IDs of passengers.

In a separate incident, the IOF on Friday arrested a Palestinian patient at Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, north of Gaza.

Palestinian sources told Quds Press that Israeli border soldiers kidnapped a patient from Gaza as he reached the crossing in order to travel to the West Bank for medical treatment.  

As a result of the ongoing closure of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, the Gazans, who need special medical care, find themselves forced to go to West Bank hospitals through Beit Hanoun crossing, which is considered a trap for the arrest of patients and businessmen.

Health of Allan and Stiti declines on their 24th day of hunger strike

July 11, 2015


The health conditions of Palestinian prisoners Mohamed Allan and Oday Stiti have seriously declined as a result of days of hunger strike in protest at their administrative detention, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies.

The center said the two prisoners, who started their hunger strike 24 days ago, are in need for local and international solidarity with their cause in light of their jailers' persistence in ignoring their demands.   

The center also urged all active human rights groups working in the Palestinian arena to heed the cause of the Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails and pressure for their release.

Palestinian girl attacked on her way to al-Aqsa Mosque

July 11, 2015


The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), stationed at the northern Bethlehem checkpoint, beat up Friday afternoon a 16-year-old Palestinian girl before arresting and taking her to an unknown detention center.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli soldiers deliberately provoked the girl, Noor Manasra, and did not allow her to cross into occupied Jerusalem to perform Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque.

The IOF soldiers assaulted the girl when she insisted on her right to cross into occupied Jerusalem before arresting her, the sources added.

The IOF soldiers were deployed since the early morning hours of Friday at main checkpoints linking between the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, allowing only women over the age of 30 to cross into Jerusalem, as well as men over 50.

Palestinian prisoners to escalate protest

July 11, 2015


Palestinian prisoners decided to escalate their protest steps in all Israeli prisons in rejection to Israeli punitive measures, Prisoners Information Center said Thursday.

The center affirmed that the prisoners declared their intention to take protest steps just after the Eid al-Fitr protesting the Israeli punitive measures imposed on them for more than a year.

The prisoners expressed their total rejection to the continued Israeli sanctions that were brutally imposed on them following the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers in al-Khalil in June 2014.

The Israeli punitive measures include banning family visits to dozens of prisoners, decreasing the visit duration to a half-hour instead of 45 minutes, sending some of them to solitary confinement, and increasing night raids and strip search.

Israeli army closes Hawara crossing near Nablus

July 11, 2015


The Israeli occupation army on Saturday morning closed the military crossing of Hawara, south of Nablus city, until further notice.

Specialist in settlement affairs Ghassan Daglas told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the crossing was closed in the early morning hours to all Palestinian passengers and vehicles, causing heavy traffic congestion in the area.

Daglas added that the Israeli army claimed there were security reasons behind the closure of the crossing, expressing his belief that the measure was part of Israel's persistent restrictions on the lives of the Palestinians in the West Bank

Several days ago, the Israeli army had closed the same crossing for 12 hours, which completely obstructed the movement of passengers and prevented them from reaching their workplaces and homes.

Illegal Israeli settlers uproot 80 olive trees west of Salfit

July 11, 2015


Illegal Israeli settlers stormed agricultural lands in Deir Estiya, town northwest of Salfit, and destroyed 80 olive trees.

Local farmers said on Saturday that Israeli settlers used bulldozers to uproot the olive trees in order to expand a bypass road trekked by those settlers west of the town.

The town’s mayor, Amal Kukash, affirmed that Israeli expansion works have been extensively continuing in the town at the expense of its agricultural lands. She added that the settlements were draining the town's natural resources.

Israeli bulldozing operations are daily carried out in Salfit for the expansion of 24 settlements illegally built in the province, Khaled Ma'ali, a researcher in settlement affairs said.

120 Gazans arrested since the beginning of the year


120 Palestinians were arrested in Gaza Strip since the beginning of year including minors, fishermen, traders, and a woman, a Palestinian rights group said.

The Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies revealed that Israeli forces kidnapped 120 Gazans since the start of 2015, representing an increase of 90% compared to the same period last year, where 70 arrests were reported from the Gaza Strip.

Spokesman for the center Riyad Ashqar said that most of the reported arrests were carried out at the Israeli border checkpoints as Gazan residents are forced to cross through it for medical treatment or education purposes.

Four Palestinians were arrested at Bit Hnoun (Erez) checkpoint including a woman while on her way back from West Bank.

The center pointed out that 27 fishermen were kidnapped during the same period after the confiscation of their fishing boats while sailing off Gaza shores.

Since the beginning of 2015, 72 Gazan youths including minors were also arrested for approaching the border fence in an attempt to look for job opportunities in Israel in light of the high employment rates and economic crisis in the besieged strip.

The center documented the arrest of 20 Gazan traders at Israeli checkpoints despite obtaining travel permits.

Ashqar considered traders’ arrest as part of Israeli policy to restrict Palestinian economy and tightening the siege on Gaza.



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