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Re-Institution of Islamic Caliphate Is a Necessary Condition for Muslim Salvation

By Khalid Amayreh

in occupied Palestine

PIC, [ 30/06/2014 - 07:38 AM ]

It is hard to predict the actual ramifications and repercussions of the declaration by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) on Sunday, 29 June, that its chief Abdul Latif al-Baghdadi has been declared a Khalifa (caliph) of all Muslims.
Many Muslims, including this writer, are reluctant to pass a final judgment on this matter for many reasons.
A chief reason that makes many people exercise caution and discretion in this regard is the fact that western powers, which more or less dominate the bulk of Arab states, will hasten to nip in the bud every serious effort to reinstitute the political authority of Islam, formally terminated with the downfall of the Ottoman State following the First World War.
Indeed, it was this earth-shaking event that eventually enabled the treacherous west to divide the Arab world into numerous failed "states" and implant the Zionist snake in Palestine.
Never the less, Muslims must never think that the caliphate can only see the light of the day by western permission.  Indeed, the more logical assumption is that the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafa can only be realized despite the west and against its wishes.
This is because a successful caliphate would eventually undo all western conspiracies woven against Muslims in the course of the past two centuries. This should include the creation of territorial nation-states which are utterly subservient to their western masters, given these entities' shocking lack of true sovereignty, economic depravity and inability to defend themselves against foreign predators.
Israel is the ultimate example that comes to one's mind when discussing the utter failure of the modern nation-state in the Arab world.
As a foreign body implanted by the west in the heart of the Arab- Muslim world, Israel has been able to steal Palestine from its original rightful proprietors, destroy their homes, bulldoze their fields, murder their children and then expel millions to the four winds.
Israel continues to play the role of the rabid dog as it goes on tormenting the Palestinian people on a daily basis while Arab regimes from Morocco to Bahrain are basking in their impotence and powerlessness, unable to do anything meaningful to help the Palestinians, save regurgitate stale rhetoric about solidarity with our people.
Needless to say, Israel, now ruled by a Nazi-like Talmudic-minded junta that appears hell-bent on liquidating the Palestinian cause, understands this shocking impotence on the part of nearly all Arab regimes whose main preoccupation is never the liberation of Palestine or even helping the Palestinians withstand Israeli repression but is rather maintaining their tribal leaders, ruling families, and despicable tyrants in power for as long as possible.
This historical anomaly can't continue as it is both unacceptable and untenable.
That is why, there is a phenomenal consensus among Muslims these days that they can regain their long-usurped dignity and liberty only under the Caliphate.
I know that some secular-minded Arab intellectuals, many of them graduates of anti-Islam missionary schools, are decidedly against the reinstitution of the Caliphate which their patrons in the west had long convinced them it embodied backwardness and hindered progress.
But these so-called intellectuals are a tiny though conspicuous minority and must never be allowed to foil the will of the vast majority of Muslims by impeding the historical revival of the Muslim Umma.
To conclude, Muslims around the globe must be ready and willing to sacrifice their souls if necessary to reestablish the Khilafa, which would be a modern state that must observe human rights, civil liberties and justice for all irrespective of race and religion. A gentle, kind and humane caliphate is a sine-qua-non for its success, not so much to please the notoriously hypocritical  west, but rather because it is the right thing to do.
In short, Muslims must return to their roots or risk being uprooted from the face of earth.
Khalid Amayreh is a veteran journalist living in occupied Palestine

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