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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

1,200 Palestinians Killed, Including 100 today, 6700 Injured by Israeli Air-Land-Naval Attacks on the Besieged Palestinian Population in Gaza Strip, July 29, 2014

More than 100 killed in Gaza in last 14 hours, on July 29, 2014

Maan, 29/07/2014 15:05

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) --

The Palestinian Ministry of Health on Tuesday afternoon said that more than 100 Palestinians had been killed by the Israeli air-land-naval attacks on Tuesday alone, bringing the death total past 1,200 as hundreds of thousands fled their homes across the Strip.

Earlier statements from the ministry had given the number of dead at around 57 for the morning, but after consultation with hospitals across the Strip the total was revised to more than 100 dead and hundreds more injured.

The Ministry of Health also said that as of Monday night nearly 5,000 homes had been completely destroyed, while tens of thousands more had been partially destroyed.

The United Nations, meanwhile, estimated that more than 215,000 Gazans had fled their home, or more than 10 percent of the besieged coastal enclave's total population.

Late Monday, Israeli authorities had given 400,000 Gazans evacuation orders, but with all the borders closed and the Israeli bombardment and ground invasion continuing in the northern, central, and southern Gaza Strip, the vast majority had nowhere to go except UN shelters.

Last week, however, Israeli shelling hit at least four UN-designated shelters, killing more than 20 and injuring hundreds.

The violence followed a relatively quiet weekend in which more than 100 bodies were found in Gaza rubble but Israeli shelling killed only a handful of Palestinians, drawing increasingly urgent international demands for an end to the fighting.

"In the name of humanity, the violence must stop," pleaded UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

But the calls appeared to be falling on deaf ears, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning Monday it would be "a lengthy campaign" that would not end before troops destroyed cross-border tunnels used for staging attacks on southern Israel.

"Israeli citizens cannot live with the threat from rockets and from death tunnels -- death from above and from below," he said.

On the ground, hundreds of Palestinians could be seen leaving their homes after the army warned residents of five areas to flee and take refugee in central Gaza City, an AFP correspondent said.

New Gaza exodus

Many headed for already-cramped UN schools in the north, where children ran barefoot around a dirty school yard alongside stinking piles of rubbish.

"We came yesterday after the army warned us to leave," said 46-year-old Ghassan Abed who fled from his home in the northern town of Beit Lahiya with his wife and six children.

"About 200 people just from our street have fled," he said.

UN statistics published Monday showed 215,000 Palestinians had already fled their homes, with 170,461 staying in 82 of the agency's schools.

On Tuesday, several tank shells struck Gaza's sole power plant, causing damage and a fire, bringing it grinding to a halt, a senior official with the power authority said.

Another air strike targeted the home of top Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City's Shati refugee camp, officials said.

Palestinian rescue workers remove a body from under the rubble of a building destroyed by an

A deceptive calm

Tensions rose sharply on Monday after a shell landed inside the Shifa hospital compound in Gaza City, followed by a blast at a children's playground in the city's Shati refugee camp, that killed 10, eight of them children.

Residents in Al-Shati said an F-16 fired several missiles at a motorized rickshaw in a claim denied by the Israeli army, which also said it had not targeted the hospital.

Shortly afterwards, a mortar killed four soldiers near a kibbutz in southern Israel, the army said, indicating another soldier had been killed in action in southern Gaza.

As the violence soared, top diplomats from Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the United States pledged to "redouble their efforts" and step up the pressure to persuade the sides to accept a truce.

And Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas was expected to visit Cairo with representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, another militant group, for fresh talks with the Egyptians on ending the violence in Gaza, a senior source in Ramallah told AFP, without saying when.

Another bloody night in Gaza, Scores of Palestinians killed infrastructure destroyed

[ 29/07/2014 - 09:50 AM ]


Israeli warplanes continued to heavily strike civilian homes overnight throughout Gaza Strip, killing and injuring dozens of people mostly children and women.

Eight Palestinians were killed at dawn Tuesday while dozens of injuries were reported when Israeli warplanes hit three civilian homes in central and southern Gaza Strip.

Local sources confirmed that five Palestinians were killed after bombing a home in Maghazi camp in central Gaza. Dozens of injuries, mostly children, were reported during the attack.

A child was also killed after bombing their family home in Nussayrat camp also in central Gaza.

In Khan Younis, Israeli warplanes heavily bombed Al-Najjar family’s home. Two martyrs and a number of injuries were reported during the airstrike.

On the other hand, Israeli jet fighters hit late Monday Al-Buraij refugee camp, totally destroying dozens of civilian homes. Dozens of casualties were reported.

At least 12 civilians were killed while 40 people were critically wounded during the attack. Several casualties are still buried under the rubble.

In Rafah, seven people were killed and 20 others were injured, most of them were children and women.

Along the same line, 12 civilians including six women were killed after targeting three homes in Gaza Strip late last night.

Eight people including five women were killed after bombing a home in Rafah southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes have also targeted two civilian homes and an UNRWA school harboring hundreds of displaced people after destroying their homes during the heavy airstrikes on the Strip.

Three other people were killed after bombing former premier Ismail Haniya’s family’s home in central Gaza late on Monday.

Several casualties were reported after bombing a new home in Dair El-Balah, while four citizens were killed during the heavy airstrikes on Gaza City.

Meanwhile, five people including three brothers were killed and around 20 others were wounded during a series of airstrikes over Khan Younis late last night.

Gaza death toll has been steadily increasing as each day of Israeli aggression passes. At least 1108 Palestinians have been killed, with some 6500 wounded.

Young Palestinian Man Dies Of Wounds Suffered Last Week In Hebron

Tuesday July 29, 2014 13:29 by IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian medical sources reported that a young Palestinian man, died on Tuesday, due to a serious injury suffered last week during clashes with Israeli occupation soldiers invading Ethna town, west of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

The sources said Ala’ Jihad Ahmad Zghayyar, 21, suffered a serious injury a week ago, after the army fired live rounds at Palestinian protesters at the entrance of Ethna.

He died of his wounds at the al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron.

Medical sources said Zghayyar was shot by a Dumdum bullet that expands and explodes in the body upon impact.

Thousands of Palestinians have been killed and seriously injured due to Israel’s illegal use of mushroom and expanding bullets, including Dumdum bullets.

Journalist, His Family, Killed By Israeli Missile In Rafah

Tuesday July 29, 2014 12:50 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies
Mayor of Al-Boreij Killed By Israeli Missile

The Israeli occupation terrorist army continued its illegitimate bombardment of Palestinian homes, and civilian property, and killed five family members of a Palestinian journalist, including two children in Gaza City.

Media sources said the Israeli strikes also targeted government facilities and ministries, media outlets, mosques and even homes of senior political leaders of Hamas, including the deputy head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismael Haniyya.

Medical sources said resident Ezzat Dheir, a 23-year-old journalist, working for a local radio, was killed along with four members of his family, after an Israeli missile striking his home.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

1. Ezzat Dheir, 23, Rafah.
2. Turkeyya Dheir, 80, Rafah.
3. Yasmeen Dheir, 25, Rafah.
4. Mary Dheir, 12, Rafah.
5. Tasneem Dheir, 8, Rafah.

The al-Hurriyya (Freedom) Radio issued a statement denouncing the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, including journalists and medics, adding that Dheir was its correspondent in Gaza.

Also on Tuesday, head of the al-Borei Local council, Anis Abu Shammala, was killed after an israeli missile was fired into is home.

On Monday, ten children were killed, and more than 30 were injured, when the army fires missiles into a playground north of the Shaty’ refugee camp, west of Gaza City.

The army also fired missiles into clinics of the Shifa Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in the Gaza Strip, wounding at least five Palestinians.

Another Palestinian was killed, and three were injured, after the army fired a missile into his home in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Three Palestinians, including two brothers, have also been killed by an Israeli missile striking a home, belonging to al-Hashshash family, in Rafah.

Gaza's main power plant was hit by Israeli tank shells on Tuesday, shutting it down completely. The power plant had already been operating at 20% capacity, after having been hit by Israeli airstrikes last week. Most Palestinians depend on the central Gaza power plant to provide electricity.

This will also severely impact the ability of Palestinians to communicate to the outside world via the Internet -- which has been the main source of information getting out of Gaza up until this point. Gaza's main power plant was also heavily bombarded during the Israeli invasion of 2009, which had a serious impact on hospitals' ability to provide care.

At least 40 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli missiles on Tuesday, while dozens have been injured, some seriously.

At least 1100 Palestinians have been, and Israeli missiles have injured more than 6470 and shells since Israel launched its offensive on Gaza on July 8. The majority of the casualties are are children, women and elderly.

32 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Airstrikes Tuesday Morning; Government Buildings Targeted

Tuesday July 29, 2014 10:57 by Celine Hagbard - IMEMC News

Palestinian sources in Gaza are reporting a large number of Israeli bombs dropped in northern, southern, central, western and eastern Gaza on Tuesday morning, including the Palestinian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, the home of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya, the Al Quds News Agency, the Port of Gaza, and carpet-bombing of whole neighborhoods, particularly in northern Gaza and in Rafah. Palestinian resistance fighters killed 10 Israeli soldiers.

Tuesday morning shelling of Gaza port (image by Nicole Johnson - @nicolealjazeera on Twitter)

The attacks began in the early morning hours on Tuesday, when most of Gaza was in darkness because of cuts to electricity. The bombs began to fall on residential areas in northern and southern Gaza, and striking government buildings in Gaza City.

A teenage girl, @Farah_Gazan, tweeted pictures of bombs dropping near her house and wrote “I might die tonight”, reflecting the sentiments of many Palestinians in Gaza who have been living in terror for the past three weeks.

In Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, an Israeli airstrike killed five people and wounded at least 20. The five killed were identified as Naji Ahmad al-Raqqab, 19, Ramy Khaled al-Raqqab, 35, Mahmoud Osama al-Qosas, Shadi Abd al-Kareem Farwana, Mustafa Abd al-Samiee al-Ubadala.

Also in Khan Younis, in the neighborhood of al-Fakhari, an airstrike killed Yahiya Mohammad Abdullah al-Aqqad, 49.

In Jabalia, in the north, five people were killed, and 50 were injured by Israeli tank shells and air strikes. The people killed include three children - Yusef Emad Qaddoura, Huna Emad Qaddoura, and Mohammad Musa Alwan. Also killed were Mariam Khalil Ruba, age 70, and Hani Abu Khalifa.

This is the same town in which around 200,000 people were ordered via leaflets dropped by planes Monday to leave their homes, but were not told where they should go, other than ‘south’. UN schools that have been turned into makeshift shelters are already full to overflowing, with refugees from the eastern Gaza town of Shuja’eyya and other bombed out areas.

In central Gaza, at least 15 people were wounded in an airstrike on Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City.

Al Jazeera reporter Imtiaz Tyab reported that Israeli airstrikes in western Gaza City hit the Gaza port, causing windows to blow out in the hotel where many foreign journalists are housed.

Palestinian fighters engaged with the Israeli military twice in northern and once southern Gaza between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The Israeli paper Ha’aretz reported “Ten Israeli soldiers have died in the past 24 hours: five in a militant border infiltration, four in mortar shell fire near the border and one during clashes in Gaza's south.”

Palestinian resistance fighters managed to access an Israeli military base in northern Gaza via a tunnel, and killed five Israeli soldiers in a gun battle.

The Tuesday morning aerial and ground assault by Israeli troops is a marked increase from the last several days, in which Palestinian medics were allowed (for an hour at a time) into bombed-out neighborhoods to try to find survivors and to pull bodies from the rubble. Some survivors were found in Khuza’a in eastern Khan Younis, but medics were forced out of the area before they could finish checking the area, because of heavy Israeli shelling.

See also: Remains of 85 Palestinians Located Under Rubble of Bombarded Homes

Israeli jets destroy the house of Hamas leader Haniya

[ 29/07/2014 - 08:06 AM ]


A drove of Israeli warplanes blasted the house of Ismail Haniya, former Palestinian Prime Minister and Deputy Head of Hamas Political Bureau, inside the Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City at dawn Tuesday.

According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli jets hit Haniya’s home with a barrage of rockets, reducing it to rubble.

The incident occurred at a time when the besieged Gaza Strip has been targeted by a large-scale Israeli military offensive, leading to the mass-murder of 1100 civilians and the destruction of hundreds of homes.

The Israeli jets rocked other public institutions and a factory along with a number of Gaza civilian homes, leading to unspeakable human and material damages.

The attack turned the headquarters of the civil service department, west of Gaza, into ruins.

Al-Amin mosque, southwest of Gaza, and Al-Salihin, west of Rafah, were razed to the ground.

Dozens of Gaza civilians have been left severely wounded in the process.


List of Palestinians Killed Between 7/8 and 7/29

Tuesday July 29, 2014 12:11 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News, 8:00 am ET

This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 953 names have been confirmed.

We realize the number of slain Palestinians is higher than this. The Ministry of Health has stated that a total of 1100 Palestinians have been killed, but we are still awaiting confirmation of some names.

This site, 'Beyond Numbers', has pictures of many of these victims.

Killed Tuesday, July 29

  1. Naji Ahmad al-Raqqab, 19, Khan Younis.
  2. Ramy Khaled al-Raqqab, 35, Khan Younis.
  3. Mahmoud Osama al-Qosas, Khan Younis.
  4. Shadi Abd al-Kareem Farwana, Khan Younis.
  5. Mustafa Abd al-Samiee al-Ubadala, Khan Younis.
  6. Yahiya Mohammad Abdullah al-Aqqad, 49, Khan Younis.
  7. Yusef Emad Qaddoura, child, Jabalia.
  8. Huna Emad Qaddoura, child, Jabalia.
  9. Mohammad Musa Alwan, child, Jabalia.
  10. Mariam Khalil Ruba, 70, Jabalia.
  11. Hani Abu Khalifa, Jabalia.
  12. Soheila al-'Ejel, 70, Gaza City.
  13. Mo'nes Ahmad, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  14. Ezzat Dheir, 23, Rafah.
  15. Turkeyya Dheir, 80, Rafah.
  16. Yasmeen Dheir, 25, Rafah.
  17. Mary Dheir, 12, Rafah.
  18. Tasneem Dheir, 8, Rafah.
  19. Soheil Hasan Nassar, Beit Lahia.
  20. Anis Abu Shammala, Al-Boreij (Mayor). Waddah Abu Amer, Khan Younis. His wife and five children killed, names unavailable yet.

Killed Monday, July 28

  1. Samih Jebriel Jneid, 4, Jabalia.
  2. Mohammad Abu Louz, 22, Jabalia.
  3. Ahmad Abdullah Hasan Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  4. Widad Ahmad Salama Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  5. Sham'a Wael Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  6. Mariam Marzouq Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  7. Falasteen Mohammad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  8. Abdullah Nidal Abu Zeid (child), Rafah.
  9. Bissan Eyad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  10. Abdul-Hadi Abu Zeid (Child9, Rafah.
  11. Seham Najjar, 42, Khan Younis.
  12. Abdul-Samad Mahmoud Ahmad Ramadan, 16, Central District.
  13. Ayman Adnan Mousa Shaker, 25, Central District.
  14. Issa Kamel Abdul-Rahman Mousa, 61, Central District.
  15. Salem Mousa Badawi al-Far, 59, Central District.
  16. Ramzi Hussein Ahmad al-Far, Central District.
  17. Salem Mohammad al-Far, Central District.
  18. Azza Abdul-Karim Abdul-Rahman Al-Faleet, 59, Central District.
  19. Mohammad Jom’a Shaat, 30, Khan Younis.
  20. Mohammad Fadel al-‘Agha, 30, Khan Younis.
  21. Marwa Nader al-Agha, Khan Younis.
  22. Ahmad Nader Al-Agha, Khan Younis.
  23. Donia Nader al-Agha, 13, Khan Younis.


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