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While French President, François Hollande, his Mistress, Valérie Trierweiler, Are Involved in More Affairs, Court Actions, Who Is Launching French Wars in Africa?

By Hassan El-Najjar

January 10, 2014

As the French President and his mistress are busy having affairs with other people and battling journalists for uncovering the affairs, a question comes to mind:

Who really controls the French government, particularly launching French wars on Muslim countries in Africa (Libya, Mali, and Central African Republic)?

The groomers and handlers of politicians, who pick them from the crowd of opportunistic politicians, groom them, and support them until they take office, figured out that one of the best categories of persons to be enabled to become leaders (presidents, senators, and representatives) are the ones who have no moral values.

These are constantly busy to satisfy their urges for more wealth, sexual activity, power, and fame. Consequently, they leave running the country to their handlers, who have managed to drag NATO countries to a global war on Muslim individuals, groups, and nations.

This means that the so-called leaders are more easily controlled by their handlers if they are only guided by their urges, rather than moral values or principles. All what they need to have is one-hundred percent loyalty to the rulers of the Zionism Empire.

This is why they commit the resources of their nations to subjugate the Muslim World to the rulers of the Zionist Empire through invasions, occupation, wars, and manufactured civil wars.

Simply put, these are just the puppets used to distract the ruled populations away from the real rulers, who stand behind the curtains, making new puppet leaders through their financial and media support.

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The newest mistress of the French President, Julie Gayet

The first mistress (officially, the first lady) of the French President, Valerie Trierweiler

Hollande threatens legal action over report of affair

France 24, AFP, January 10, 2014

French President François Hollande says he is considering legal action against a French magazine after it claimed he was having an affair with an actress.

The Friday edition of Closer, a tabloid magazine, carried a seven-page spread on the 59-year-old president's alleged affair under the headline, "The president's secret love".

The weekly published seven pages of photos detailing the comings and goings outside a Paris apartment block to support its allegation.

According to Closer, actress Julie Gayet, 41, is seen arriving at the apartment block in Paris's upmarket 8th arrondissement (district) late at night.

A man resembling Hollande's personal bodyguard then arrives at the building. A second man – which Closer claimed was Hollande – then arrives on the back of a scooter. He is unidentifiable because he is wearing a black helmet.

The magazine also published photos taken in the morning, showing the first man returning to the flat with what Closer said was a bag of croissants. The second man then emerges, again wearing a helmet, and jumps on the back of a scooter.

Gayet is a well-known actress in her native France and has appeared in numerous films, including the popular 2013 French comedy "Quai d'Orsay" in which she plays a vampish diplomatic adviser in the foreign ministry.

Rumours that Hollande was having an affair with the actress have been circulating on the internet for months.

In a statement to AFP, Hollande slammed the report as an attack on the right to privacy, to which he has a right "like every other citizen.”

(So, there's no attempt to deny the affair, just demanding the right to privacy! - Editor)

Earlier, a source close to the president said, "François Hollande strongly deplores the invasion of his privacy, to which he has a right as any other citizen does. He is studying what action, including legal action, to take following this publication." However, the source did not specifically deny the affair.

French blasé

Gayet, a Socialist Party supporter, openly backed Hollande during the 2012 presidential race, describing him in one filmed interview as "fantastic" and "really ready to listen".

There was no immediate comment from lawyers for Gayet, a mother of two. She filed a complaint for breach of privacy last March after rumours of an affair with Hollande became public.

French politicians have in the past been known to have affairs with little impact on public opinion, most notably former Socialist president Francois Mitterrand, who had a daughter with his mistress.

The French public also shrugged off Sarkozy's complicated private life during his presidency. Divorced from his wife Cecilia in 2007, Sarkozy married singer and ex-model Carla Bruni after a whirlwind romance in February 2008.

Even political opponents of Hollande were reluctant to condemn the president Friday in the wake of the tabloid exposé.

"As far as the president is concerned, as long as not a cent of public money was used ... I believe that everybody has the right to the respect of their privacy," said Marine Le Pen, of the anti-immigrant National Front, in an interview with i-Tele TV.

Hollande, 59, came to power in 2012 and according to polls is the most unpopular president in France's modern history for his failure to tackle unemployment stuck at around 11 percent and a widespread sense that he lacks authority.

The Closer article overshadowed news of a surprise rebound in the French economy in late 2013, with the Bank of France estimating last-quarter growth at 0.5 percent and November industrial output beating analysts' forecasts.

Hollande lives with his partnerValérie Trierweiler, a journalist for whom he left fellow Socialist politician Ségolène Royal, the mother of his four children.

Closer magazine was previously criticised in 2012 for publishing topless pictures of Kate Middleton, Britain's Duchess of Cambridge.


French first lady seeks damages over infidelity claim

Latest update : 2012-11-08

French President François Hollande's partner, Valérie Trierweiler, is seeking €85,000 in damages from the authors of a book that claims she had an affair with a right-wing politician early in her relationship with Hollande.

Valérie Trierweiler, the girlfriend of French President François Hollande, is seeking 85,000 euros in damages from the authors and editor of a book that claims she two-timed the Socialist leader with a prominent right-winger. Trierweiler has sued the authors of "La Frondeuse" (The Rebel) for defamation and infringement of her right to privacy.

François Hollande and Valérie Trierweiler

The book, written by television journalists Christophe Jakubyszyn and Alix Bouilhaguet, claims Trierweiler had an affair with former minister Patrick Devedjian early on in her relationship with Hollande.

At the time she was still married to her second husband and Hollande was still officially with Ségolene Royal, the mother of his four children. Devedjian, who was a minister under Hollande's predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, has also initiated legal proceedings against the authors of the book, the latest in a string of publications designed to capitalise on public fascination with the president's complicated love life. Trierweiler's suit will be considered by a court here on December 10, her lawyer said.

(AFP), f24, 2012-11-08

French first lady hits back at rumours on past love life

Latest update : 2012-10-11
Valérie Trierweiler, the partner of France’s Socialist President François Hollande, is suing the authors of a new book that alleges she once had an affair with a prominent right-wing politician.

New rumours are swirling about the French first lady’s private life, and she is preparing a counterattack.

Valérie Trierweiler, the partner of French President François Hollande, will sue the authors of a new book about her, her lawyers have said.

The 47-year-old journalist alleges that the book, a biography called “La Frondeuse” (The Rebel) set to be published Thursday, constitutes a breach of privacy.

Among the hot topics covered in the biography is Trierweiler’s supposed affair with Patrick Devedjian, a prominent right-wing politician and one-time ally of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The book also explores the reported animosity between Trierweiler and Hollande’s ex-partner -- and former Socialist presidential candidate -- Ségolène Royal, who is mother of the president’s four children.

“La Frondeuse”, written by journalists Christophe Jakubyszyn and Alix Bouilhaguet, is just the latest in a slew of exposés on Trierweiler that have hit French bookshelves since Hollande’s election in May.

‘Malicious rumours’ or ‘honest investigation’?

In an interview with popular French magazine Point de Vue, the authors said that several years ago, Trierweiler and Devedjian had an affair while both were married to other people. In their account, Trierweiler began a relationship with Hollande when Devedjian, a leader in the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, balked at leaving his wife for her.

The authors claim that as she grew closer to Hollande, Trierweiler pulled away from Devedjian, “who suffered considerably in the break-up”.

Despite their political differences and rivalry over the same woman, Jakubyszyn and Bouilhaguet insisted, Hollande and Devedjian maintained a relationship of great mutual respect.

Trierweiler’s lawyer has characterised these claims as “malicious and unfounded rumours”.

The book also delves into more thoroughly documented territory, like the controversy surrounding a message on Trierweiler’s Twitter account that seemed to endorse Ségolène Royal’s rival in the French legislative elections last June. Though Trierweiler apologised, the press pounced, portraying her as a troublemaking diva who was proving to be a distraction for a newly inaugurated president.

Author Alix Bouilhaguet took to French TV this week to defend her book as an “honest investigation…into the ambiguity that exists between [French] political class and the reporters that cover them”.

Several other big-name French politicians, including current Hollande cabinet member Arnaud Montebourg, Sarkozy’s former foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, centrist leader Jean-Louis Borloo, and disgraced Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, are or have been married to top female journalists. 

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