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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

Syrian Regime Forces, Hizbullah Fighters Intensify Attacks to Capture Qusayr from Opposition Fighters



Opposition urges rebels to join Qusayr battle

Fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah are battling for control of strategic city

Gulf News, AFP, 14:12 May 22, 2013

Beirut: Syria’s opposition urged fighters across the country Wednesday to “rush to the rescue” of rebel stronghold Qusayr, while appealing to the international community to set up a humanitarian corridor to the embattled town.

Syria’s acting National Coalition opposition chief George Sabra issued the call for rebel reinforcements to the town as Syrian troops backed by fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement battled for control of Qusayr.

“Revolutionary battalions and Free Syrian Army, rush to the rescue of Qusayr and Homs,” Sabra said in a statement, urging brigades around the country to send forces and weapons, “however small”.

“We call on the international community to open a humanitarian corridor to rescue the wounded and take in medicine and assistance to 50,000 besieged people,” he added.



Elite Hezbollah fighters lead battle in Syria’s Qusayr

Human Rights group says Hezbollah fighters stoking violence

France 24, AFP Published: 17:54 April 22, 2013

Beirut: Elite fighters from the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, a staunch ally of the Syrian regime, are leading the fight against rebels in the region of Qusayr in the central province of Homs, a watchdog said on Monday.

“It’s Hezbollah that is leading the battle in Qusayr, with its elite forces,” Rami Abdul Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said.

“It’s not necessarily fighters coming from Lebanon. It’s Hezbollah fighters from Shiite villages on the Syrian side which are inhabited by Lebanese,” he said.

Over the weekend, Syrian regime forces retook control of a string of strategic villages in the region, which is along the border with Lebanon.

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That raised fears among rebels that the town of Qusayr itself, a stronghold of the uprising, could fall into government hands.

The Observatory said fighting was raging Monday morning between rebels and Hezbollah fighters around several other villages in the area, leaving two rebels dead.

The area is of key strategic importance because it runs along the border with Lebanon and is near the route running from Damascus to the coast.

On Sunday, the main opposition National Coalition urged Hezbollah to “immediately withdraw its forces from Syrian territory”, adding its involvement in Syria’s conflict “could drag Lebanon and the region into an open-ended conflict with disastrous consequences”.

In the past, Hezbollah has insisted that its members fighting in Homs province were Shiite residents of Syrian border towns engaged in self-defence against rebel forces. The group has not commented on the intensified fighting near Qusayr.

Fighting in the area has spilled over into Lebanon, with rebels reportedly targeting border towns inside Lebanon in response to Hezbollah involvement in the conflict.


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97 victims : SNHR – Syria – Final casualties report – 21 May, 2013
Syrian network for human rights documented 97 victims , Tuesday 21/5/2013 all across Syria most of them in Homs , among the victims : 9 children , 4 ladies, 2 tortured to death , 30 free army .
Damascus and countryside : 31 victims
Aleppo : 13 victims
Homs : 24 victims
Dier Alzoor : 2 victims
Daraa : 9 victims
Hasaka : 1 victim
Idlib : 14 victims
Qunaitra : 2 victims
105 victims : SNHR – Syria – Final casualties report – 20 May, 2013
Syrian network for human rights documented 105 victims , Monday 20/5/2013 all across Syria most of them in Homs , among the victims : 15 children , 5 ladies, 3 tortured to death , 1 media activist ,44 free army .
Among the victims 7 children with their mother by MIG shelling in Raqqa they are displaced from Dier Alzoor
Photos and video for the massacre :
Damascus and countryside : 25 victims
Aleppo : 23 victims
Homs : 20 victims
Dier Alzoor : 12 victims
Daraa : 7 victims
Hama : 5 victims
Idlib : 10 victims
Raqqa : 1 victim
124 victims : SNHR – Syria –casualties report – 19 May, 2013 . to the time we make this report
Syrian network for human rights documented 124 victims , Sunday 19/5/2013 all across Syria most of them in Homs , among the victims : 7 children , 7 ladies, 3 tortured to death ,25 free army .
49 victims fell in Al-Qusair – Homs countryside cause of the heaviest shelling on all of the city neighborhoods by Syrian Government's Armed Forces and Lebanese Hezbollah led to kill civilians inside their homs
Homs : 57 victims
Damascus and countryside : 24 victims
Aleppo : 14 victims
Daraa : 11 victims
Dier Alzoor : 5 victims
Hama : 5 victims
Idlib : 5 victims
Raqqa : 3 victims

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