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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.


7 Palestinians Killed In Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp In Syria

7 Palestinians Killed In Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp In Syria

Thursday September 06, 2012 02:55 by IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian sources in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, in the Syrian Capital, Damascus, reported that seven Palestinian refugees were killed in the camp, on Thursday evening, after several mortars were fired into the camp.

The sources stated that the mortars targeted Safad and Al-Ja’ouna areas in the camp; several refugees were also injured in the shells.

Furthermore, several shells were fired close to the Al-Basel Hospital in the area.

5 Palestinians killed in al-Yarmouk refugee camp

[ 07/09/2012 - 10:08 AM ]


Five Palestinians were reported killed and at least 20 others injured on Thursday, in Yarmouk Palestinian refugees camp located in Damascus after the camp was bombarded.

The sources pointed out, according to Yarmouk camp News page on Facebook, that a barrage of mortar shells hit various regions in the Yarmouk refugee camp, as al-Magarba Street and the regions close to the Palestine Mosque.

The victims were identified as Ahmed Maher Khatib, Maher al-Khatib, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahli, Anas Abdullah, Saeed al-Sahli.

The areas and neighborhoods of the camp have been frequently exposed to shelling, because of its closeness to areas where fierce battles take place between the Syrian Regular Army and the Free Syrian Army.

"Thabit" discuss the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Syria

[ 06/09/2012 - 06:04 PM ]


Thabit Organization for the right of return held, on Wednesday, a workshop in the Lebanese capital Beirut titled "UNRWA and the role required in the Syrian crisis."

The seminar, which was attended by a significant number of specialists and researchers, came following the many criticisms made ​​against the "UNRWA", and its inaction regarding the issue of Palestinians in Syria or the Palestinians displaced from Syria to Lebanon.

The number of Palestinians in Syria has exceeded five hundred thousand, while the number of Palestinians displaced from Syria to Lebanon, as a result of the recent events, has reached about one thousand and five hundred families.

The first paper was entitled "Introduction to Palestinian refugees in Syria", and presented by Ahmad al-Bash, a researcher at the Palestinian return assembly (Wajeb).

It dealt with the emergence of the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and the Syrian laws regulating the Palestinian presence in the host country, as Law 260, issued on 07/10/1956, which provided to treat Palestinians living in Syria as Syrians in recruitment, work and commerce. Al-Bash also talked about a decline in services provided by "UNRWA" in Syria.

The second paper was entitled "The families' opinion about the performance of UNRWA in Syria" and presented by Palestinian researcher and writer Hisham Munawar.

He gave the demographic distribution of Palestinians in Syria, noting that more than 80 per cent of them are living in the capital Damascus and its suburbs.

Concerning the "UNRWA", Munawar reported that the agency's services in areas of conflicts have been decreased, as a result of military operations.

As for the number of Palestinian martyrs, Munawar said it is between 300 and 500 martyrs.

The third paper was titled "Displaced Palestinians from Syria to Jordan, UNRWA's role and duties" and presented by researcher Mo'in Manna, who stated that "UNRWA recorded nearly 5,000 Palestinians displaced to Jordan and Lebanon, because of the conflict in Syria.

Manna pointed out to UNRWA's repeated calls for covering the deficit, and supporting the displaced Palestinians from Syria and to the aid it provided for those displaced to Jordan, including health and educational services and nutritional aid.

Palestinians Amongst Rescued as Refugee Boat Sinks Near Turkey: 39 Killed

Thursday September 06, 2012 14:20 by Circare Parrhesia - IMEMC & Agencies

The al-Jazeera news network has reported on Thursday that 39 persons were killed when a boat carrying refugees sank attempting to illegally enter Turkey. Amongst those who survived were Palestinians.

The boat capsized of the coast of Izmir, Turkey, leading to the death of 39 individuals including women and children. Al-Jazeera reporter, Ozgun Levant , stated that some of those dead had been locked in a compartment of boat and were unable to escape as the vessel sank. Furthermore 49 individuals were rescued by Turkish authorities. The group also included Syrians and Iraqis. At present the nationalities of those deceased are unclear. Further information will be reported as events develop.

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