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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.


Vladimir Putin Competes With American, European Politicians in Pledging Allegiance to Zionist Israel

Editor's Note:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting the racist, apartheid, Zionist State of Israel. Like his counterparts in the U.S. and EU, he traveled to Israel to demonstrate his loyalty to the global Zionist Empire. Like them, he also uttered the words Zionists require of their loyal subjects, that Jews have a history in Jerusalem (read below).

Whether Putin knows it or not, the real descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Palestinian people (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) whose ancestors lived on the Holy Land uninterruptedly.

Whether Putin knows or not, the overwhelming majority of Jews in the Zionist State are descendants of non-Middle Eastern converts, who have no roots in the Holy Land. These are Europeans and Central Asians, mainly of Khazari origin.

Palestinians slam Putin for his anti-Islam remarks in Occupied Jerusalem

 [ 27/06/2012 - 11:33 AM ]


The Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands strongly denounced Russian president Vladimir Putin for the offensive remarks he made during his visit to the Buraq Square in which he claimed that the Jewish history is carved in the stones of Jerusalem.

"This was unctuous and cheap position in favor of the Israeli regime by the Russian bear that is stained with the blood of our people in Syria," spokesman for the Islamic Movement Zahi Nujeidat said in a press release.

For its part, the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage addressed Putin saying that "the Buraq wall is a purely Islamic endowed property and landmark, and part and parcel of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, so none other than the Muslims has the right to this wall or the Aqsa Mosque and all historical facts and international documents, such as the one by the British Shaw committee, confirm the Islamic identity of the Buraq wall." "We like to remind Putin that the Israeli occupation destroyed when it seized east Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque about 45 years ago a whole [Palestinian] neighborhood with its real estate and buildings and turned it into a prayer square for the Jews unjustly," the Aqsa foundation said in a statement.

"Then [the Israeli occupation] carried out extensive excavations including diggings around and beneath the holy Aqsa Mosque and during these excavations, many Islamic and Arab monuments were wiped out, not to mention that these excavations caused cracks and collapses all over the Aqsa Mosque and its premises," it added.

Shaikh Sabri warns of Israeli scheme to destroy Jerusalemite property

[ 27/06/2012 - 09:53 AM ]


Preacher of the Aqsa Mosque Shaikh Ekrima Sabri revealed an Israeli scheme to destroy different Palestinian property, real estate and holy sites in occupied Jerusalem.

In a press statement on Tuesday to the Jordanian newspaper Addustour, Shaikh Sabri said this scheme is carried out by Jewish settlers who were able to burn Palestinian stores and property in Bab Al-Amoud near the Aqsa Mosque a few days ago.

The preacher declared that the Jerusalemite figures in charge of protecting the Aqsa Mosque and the holy city initiated a plan to intensify the presence of Palestinian natives inside and outside the Aqsa Mosque and to keep it peopled by Muslim worshipers all the time.

He noted that officials from the Jordanian government are working on extracting a resolution from the world heritage committee of the UNESCO forcing Israel to stop its unilateral measures in all east Jerusalem.

"Our responsibility is to commit the UNESCO to preserve the holy sites despite its modest decisions in this regard, but we have to make it sense its obligations towards the holy city and sites and the need to protect them," he added.

IOF soldiers fire at residential quarters in southern Gaza

 [ 27/06/2012 - 09:50 AM ]


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened machinegun fire at residential quarters in Qarara to the north east of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday night.

Local sources said that IOF soldiers patrolling the border fence near Kissufim military position suddenly opened fire at buildings in the town but no casualties were reported.

Other sources said that Israeli gunboats fired at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza but no casualties were reported among the fishermen.

Bedouins forced to leave their homes to make way for IOF maneuvers

[ 27/06/2012 - 07:33 AM ]


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) forced Bedouins inhabiting Wadi Al-Maleh in the northern Jordan Valley to leave their homes on Tuesday evening.

The municipal council of Al-Maleh and the Bedouin tribes said that the IOF command told the inhabitants that they should leave their homes for two days to make way for military exercises.

It said that the soldiers forcibly evacuated dozens of families from Wadi Al-Maleh.

The council said that the IOF regularly launches maneuvers near the area using live ammunition threatening lives of the inhabitants, adding that the Israeli army never launches such maneuvers near the Jewish settlements.

Israeli plan to build 180 settlement units east of O. Jerusalem

[ 27/06/2012 - 09:47 AM ]


The Israeli district committee for planning and building approved on Tuesday a plan to build 180 settlement units as an addition to Armona Netseev settlement east of occupied Jerusalem.

Member of the association of field researchers in Jerusalem Ahmed Sablaban said these units will be built on 67 dunums of Palestinian land which Israel confiscated from Palestinian citizens of Sur Baher and Umm Leeson towns on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem.

Sablaban added that the expansion will be to the south of Armona Netseev settlement and aimed at expanding the settlement towards Sur Baher and Umm Leeson towns through building nine huge buildings including a building for public use and three buildings for the management of Armona Netseev expansion plans.

He noted that many objections have been filed by the Palestinian natives of Sur Baher and Umm Leeson and their local councils against this plan, but to no avail.

The field researcher added that the most important points of these objections were that the Israeli occupation authority has been annexed since 1967 about 2, 000 dunums of Palestinian land in Sur Baher and Umm Leeson to expand its settlements and has been preventing since then the Palestinian natives from getting construction permits to build homes for themselves as a result of the natural increase in their numbers, while giving itself the right to expand its settlements at the expense of their lands.

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