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Speaking Event About Preemptive Prosecution,

Political Prisoners, and Civil Liberties

in Atlanta, Georgia, May 14, 2011

Dear Allies in Peace, Truth and Justice,

Thank you for your support in the struggle for peace and justice! You are cordially invited to the following event in Atlanta, GA.  We would greatly appreciate it if you attend, and distribute widely and announce to your contacts the following social justice event on legal debates taking place in Atlanta on Preemptive Prosecution of Muslim and African Americans and immigrant communities.

In Solidarity, 

Justice for Shifa Supporting Committee

Law as a Weapon of War

A Peoples Assembly to Confront Preemptive Prosecution via the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and Anti-Immigrant Legislation in the 21st Century

Preemptive Prosecution

The investigation, prosecution and imprisonment of persons by US law enforcement agencies based on religion, country of origin, political beliefs, and alleged aspirational intent - but not necessarily on material actions***

Join organizers, legal advocates, families, academics, and human rights activists to build alliances between communities affected by preemptive prosecution, racial profiling, and criminalization.


- To build a common understanding of the post-9/11 political climate & context regarding preemptive prosecution and racial profiling

- To connect the tactics & strategies of the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and anti- immigrant legislation

- To connect the Southern historical and racial context to these strategies

- To build alliances across communities targeted by law enforcement agencies, including but limited to immigrant communities, Muslim communities, and Black communities 

- To lay the foundation for a legal advocacy infrastructure connected to social movements


Saturday, May 14

12:30PM--  5PM


Auburn Avenue Research Library

101 Auburn Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA 

Panel Speakers Include:  

Steve Downs, Esq., Attorney and Co-Founder Project SALAM,

Nahal Zamani, Center For Constitutional Rights (CCR)

Sonali Sadequee, Co-founder Atlanta Transformative Justice Collaborative

Mel Underbakke, Friends of Human Rights, on the case of Sami Al Arian

Jess Sundin, Anti-war activist from Minnesota, on Stop the FBI Rpression of peace activist

Samia Ahmed, Educator and sister of Haris Ahmed, on the case of Haris Ahmed, Atlanta

Laila Yaghi, Palestinian American and mother of Ziyad Yaghi, on the case of Raleigh 7

Laila Murad, Arab-American activist, on the case of Tariq Mehenna, Boston, MA

Barandra Kennedyon the case in Dallas, TX

Lejla Duka, statement on the case of Fort Dix 5, New Jersey

Panels Will Be Followed by Round-Table Discussions 


Participant Organizations Include:  

National Coalition To Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF);

Center For Constitutional Rights (CCR);

Project South; 

Families United For Justice In America (FUJA); 

The Peace Thru Justice Foundation,

Project SALAM,

Atlanta International Action Center,

National Committee to Stop FBI Repression, 

Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT),

National Jericho Movement,

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-GA,

Amnesty International-GA,

Georgia Immigrants and Refugee Rights Coalition, 

Movement to End Israeli Apartheid (MEIA-GA);

Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom);

Friends Human Rights-Tampa;

Rights Working Group-Washington, DC; 

                                                          To RSVP and co-sponsor the event and to learn more:


                                                                          Atlanta Contacts:

                                                                Find the event on Face book:  Law as a Weapon of War

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