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US Foreign Policy in the Middle East:

The Role of Lobbies & Special Interest Groups,

By Janice J Terry,

Reviewed By CRB

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 3, 2011


Pluto Press, London, Ann Arbor, 2005. Interesting book. It’s concise, only 160 pp., with a collection of  Notes. I recommend it because the book makes its points more clearly than any other book I‘ve read. Not anti-Semitic.

It’s challenging to educate oneself on the big question: Why do the Zionist Jews, a small percentage of Jews, become so successful in their political endeavors? It’s clear to see why in this book. Their persistence exists in educating each generation on history and politics and the history of politics through the past and the present, even though that history is biased toward the Jews and at times, would seem ethnocentric. Their lobbies are explained here, and the very strong hold in Washington and in all or most areas of the media, is brought to light. They are the only ethnic group with a high percentage of voting, even though their numbers are small. They see voting’s importance in this country. Sadly, many US citizens do not partake of this vital privilege.
Who among us non-Jews have been taught by our parents and teachers to learn and study in as erstwhile and persistent manner as the Jewish children are? Few, but they are to be envied, as most of us cannot hold a conversation, say, on the Reign of Terror in France, or the history of the Krupp family in Germany, or the 9,000 years of one period of history in China? Does anyone discuss Frederick II, the Great? Or the dire sufferings of all other ethnic groups on our planet as a result of WWII, that is, the other 50+ million or so who have died in that war? Only one ethnic group has tackled sufferings at that time.  Who has read the protest writings of  Martin Luther, Professor Norman Finkelstein (“The Holocaust Industry”), Professor Kevin MacDonald, Professor Said, (who was a Palestinian a professor of English at Columbia U)? Jimmy Carter’s Peace, not Apartheid? Walt + Mearscheimer? Few. We are too busy.
In London, England, one can get strange stares and a refusal in a bookstore when asking for the books of one Elizabeth Dilling, on The Talmud. In Germany, Mein Kampf cannot be bought or sold. It’s not allowed, not that it’s on my list. But suppression of historical or political books is not anyone’s idea of freedom.
This writer suspects that the intense study of the Talmud during early years teaches one to discuss -- not only to promote --  but to destroy certain ideas. It’s also an intense and long-term training with which to expound ideas into writings. It is a training in logic and illogic. It’s a teaching on how to express ideas orally--and to convince. This ideology has found its way into our public writings. Ill-conceived and trifling, worthless and picayune subjects are brought up repeatedly for discussion -  ad absurdam, ad nauseam. It's called "Spin."
In United States politics, the pro-Israeli lobbies with their biased interests are always at work. Funding is accelerated with laws to promote monetary gifts and donations to Israel. American Zionists not only vote carefully with an admired togetherness, they fund raise profitably. They are extremely organized. Chapter 7, “Jewish Americans & Pro-Zionist Lobbies” backs up this truth in the Notes area of this erudite book. This chapter tells the history of the strongest lobby: AIPAC. On the net, one can see groups that are working to free the Israeli spy, who sold American government secrets, one Jonathan Pollard.

Another thought: Are we watching and trailing speeches and actions of our Senators and our Representatives? Do we let them know what we think? All of them have local telephone numbers, and addresses. We should all be in touch with them, and often.
This book clarifies that Arabs and Arab-American groups only come out strongly to protest when highly important and vicious attacks upon Palestinians or Muslims or Arabs appear in the news. When the crisis is over, the American Jews continue their work assiduously, while the protesters lie back to a certain extent, until the next occasion arises. This is why the Jewish lobbies are so forthcoming in Washington. With influence, the press encourages and promotes pro-Israeli views of the Middle East. The one exception to this is that after 9/11, many freedom groups have come into the open and are still fighting to stop the needless war upon the Iraqis. They are also fighting to protect our freedoms, which are waning away as the result of the Patriot Act and new laws instituted as we speak. The Internet has been very helpful in spreading the positive ideas that dissent brings.
Small but very important book. Please do go to your library or purchase it. You won’t be sorry!
Notes taken on this book by CRB in 2007.




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