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News, May 3, 2011

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AIPAC as Enron, IRS Refusal to Regulate, Conference, Sibel Edmonds - IRmep
Report: Washington Showdown with AIPAC

Prohibited Activities are again catching up with the lobby

Excerpt:  ...

The year 2011 is remarkably similar to a tipping point catalyzed by misdeeds that took place a half a century ago, when a coalition of fed-up Americans finally laid down the gauntlet and insisted on rule of law in America, breaking the back of AIPAC's parent organization.

...In 2011, AIPAC is the number one obstacle to those seeking peace in the Middle East. Today the lobby launders with impunity purloined US national defense information, rather than overseas charitable funds, to undermine peace. It has forced concerned Americans of many stripes, liberal to libertarian, foreign policy novices to pros to rekindle the spirit of the 1960s AZC accountability moment by again gathering in Washington May 21-24 at

Move Over AIPAC Full essay with hyperlinked documents 
Broadcast- AIPAC: The Next Enron?

Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, and Grant F. Smith discuss a range of illegal Israel lobbying and espionage activities, the dangerous recommendations in the book Start-Up Nation by Senor and Singer,  and why the 1985 US-Israel bilateral trade agreement is really a $10 billion/year private-industry funded foreign aid program. 
Edmonds and Smith also discuss the importance of attending Move Over AIPAC.

Listen: Boiling Frogs Show Radio Podcast #40 (MP3) 
Conference May 21-24

Schedule - Education, Action, Workshops
Unpacking AIPAC by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
Time for a New Foreign Policy Phyllis Bennis, Noura Erekat, Nadia Hijab
Exposing AIPAC Jeffrey Blankfort, Janet McMahon, Grant F. Smith
and much more! 

Sliding scale registration and accommodation support.
Newly Declassified AIPAC-IRS Documents Released 
Today the Israel Lobby Archive releases two declassified documents detailing sensitive Senate-IRS correspondence about Israel lobby tax exemptions and violations.  The National Archives has locked down further new releases until 2013.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommends an Israel (and other foreign) lobby investigation to the IRS and asks for tax exemption review.  The Senate submits investigatory evidence that AIPAC and its parent organization the AZC are laundering overseas tax exempt funds into US lobbying and public relations.  The AZC was at the time under a Justice Department order to register as a foreign agent. 08191963 (PDF)

IRS  responds with tax information and analysis, noting that AIPAC had never applied for exempt status while refusing to revoke its parent's (the AZC's) status.  The AZC later shuts down under the weight of a Justice Department order. 01161964 (PDF)

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