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Representative Anthony Weiner of New York Sends a Lewd Photo to Female Student in Seattle

Weiner denies he sent lewd photo

June 02, 2011|Associated Press


Representative Anthony Weiner of New York denied yesterday that he sent a lewd photo from his Twitter account to a female college student but did little to calm the media storm when he said he could not say “with certitude’’ that the man in the photo wasn’t him.

After a combative news conference on Tuesday in which Weiner refused to answer any questions about the incident, the Democratic lawmaker spent yesterday in a series of interviews trying to explain the situation. But some answers — and his attempts at humor — only stirred up the situation further.

“We know for sure I didn’t send this photograph,’’ the seven-term congressman told reporters in the Capitol. But he told MSNBC he “can’t say with certitude’’ that the photo of a waist-down view showing a man’s bulging underpants wasn’t him.

It's Not My Weiner


4:47 p.m. CDT, June 1, 2011

Call it a hack attack! At least that's what democratic representative from New York, Anthony Weiner is calling it.


"You know, I was hacked. It happens to people,” said Weiner.

A college student in Seattle received this photo of what she thought was Weiner's, eh...wiener, from his twitter account.

Weiner says he didn't do it and his buddy John Stewart agrees.

"No way! In my memory, this cat had a lot more Anthony and a lot less wiener. This is not what I remember,” said Stewart.

This still leaves a few questions unanswered and the media shows no mercy.

"Why haven't you asked the capitol police or any law enforcement to investigate,” asked one reporter.

“If I was giving a speech to 45,000 people and someone in the back of the room threw a pie, or yelled out an insult, would I spend the next two hours responding to that? No. I would get back to the question. You do the questions, I do the answers, and this jack*** interrupts me. How about that as the new rule of the game,” said Weiner

Understandably Weiner might be a little "testy."

Weiner has hired a lawyer to see what sort of legal leg he has to stand on.

If this picture is accurate, he's got 3.

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