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 5 Israeli Agents Filmed 9/11 Destruction:
Interview with Mark Glenn

Author and political commentator, Idaho
Press TV, Sunday, July 31, 2011 8:37AM GMT
A political analyst says the US should launch an investigation into the 9/11 attacks to find out more about the Israeli role.

Press TV discusses the anniversary of 9/11 with Mark Glenn, author and political commentator from Idaho on US and Israeli foreknowledge of the event and how it was used to start a war against the Muslim world. Following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Tell us about this specific ceremony. Two presidents, current and former, will be attending. What is your perception of this?

Mark Glenn: Well, we have to keep in mind as with all things involving American politics particularly today that this will be another staged production as anything coming out of Hollywood.

If Presidents Obama and Bush truly want to do honor to the victims of 9/11 they should open up an honest and independent investigation of exactly what took place that day and to bring into the picture some very embarrassing details such as foreknowledge by certain Middle Eastern governments about the intending attacks that day - governments that are supposed to be allies of the US, but governments who refused to warn us.

I'm talking specifically about the state of Israel and the fact that she had enough foreknowledge of these attacks that she had at least half a dozen intelligence officers stationed across the river in the state park of New Jersey and who were witnessed filming the destruction that was taking place that day and cheering.

In fact the only arrests that took place on 9/11 were these five Israeli intelligence officers.

So if President Obama and former President Bush truly wish to do honor to those who lost their lives that day I think there needs to be a new chapter that is opened up into the 9/11 investigator including at least Israel's foreknowledge of the events of that day.

Press TV: There are still a lot of myths and mysteries surrounding the events of 9/11. A wide range of people even in the US believe that 9/11 was an inside job and had some sort of inside cooperation at least in order to have an attack of that scope happen. What more can you tell us about those hypotheses?

Mark Glenn: This is not something we would consider a fringe theory. We had the former president of Italy who came out and stated clearly that he believed that it was an inside job and involved certain high level elements and of course with Israel's Mossad.

Of course we also had your honorable President Ahmadinejad address the UN General Assembly in September where he broached the unmentionable topic, which is the possible foreknowledge of the attacks that day on the part of the US and of Israel and the fact that nothing was done to prevent this.

So it's not a fringe theory anymore; it is not the stuff of tabloid newspapers in checkout lanes anymore. My personal theory is that every intelligence agency of every government in the world knows that the US colluded with each other in order to bring these things about although these intelligence services and these executive officers, maybe the presidents of their prime ministers or even their kings for that matter; even though may not come out and publicly state this I think that it is obvious to them that the US is involved in these wars for Israel's benefit.

It is something that's going to slowly but surely receive more and more of the light of day and unfortunately the American people are probably going to be the last to know about it because we really do live in a closed society as much as we like to brag to the rest of the world that we are the beacon of freedom and democracy. That fact of the matter is that America is a closed society because of the fact that we have total lockdown of information.

The American people have virtually no information as to how the government works or more importantly, foreign policy. If you ask them why are we in Iraq, they'll say because of 9/11. And when you say that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, they'll blink and mutter some little sound to say isn't that slightly interesting and then they'll just go on about their lives despite the fact that we have lost upwards of 5,000 of our young men and women fighting this war, which had nothing to do the events of 9/11.

Press TV: Let's talk about the ripple effects of 9/11 in the bigger picture. How much has the US changed since 9/11. The repercussions that 9/11 has had on society; its effect on multiculturalism not only in the US, but also in European countries as well. Many pin the rise of Islamophobia to the events of 9/11.

Mark Glenn: Absolutely. The US is now a different country. I would say that Europe is a different continent as well; a different society where, as you pointed out, Islamophobia is the order of the day. We have Muslims being attacked everyday in the US for nothing other than for the crime of being Islamic.

Of course, we saw the tragic events that took place in Norway recently where, purely out of the hatred of Muslims, which is a by-product of the concerted effort of these pro-Israel groups to foster this hatred between the West and Islam, a man goes on a rampage and kills close to a hundred innocent children.

There has been a great shift in the cultures and the societies of the US and throughout Europe and not accidently. It is exactly what these pro-Israel groups and Israel herself has wanted all along is to see this clash of civilizations take place between the Western Christian world where the preponderance of military and economic power lies and of course you have to have great military and economic power in order to wage a war against a billion and a half people, which is exactly what this is all about, it is a war against Islam it is not a war against terrorism.


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