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Hassan Nasrullah to Egyptians:

Your Victory Will Change Face of Region

Al-Manar, February 18, 2011

Translated by H. Assi


Hizbullah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah, announced on Monday support to the Egyptian and Tunisian people in the light of their revolutions against their regimes. His eminence stressed that what we’re witnessing today is a real and patriotic revolution in Egypt.

Sayyed Nasrullah expressed belief that the victory of the Egyptian people in its revolution will change the whole face of the region. “On behalf of Hezbollah and all resistance parties, we place our capabilities at your service,” his eminence declared during the speech.

Sayyed Nasrullah was speaking through a TV screen at the end of a rally organized in support of Egypt by a number of Lebanese political parties and figures at Ghobeiry square, Beirut. The rally was held under the slogans “In support of the Egyptian people's revolution against the Camp David regime” and “In support of Egypt's Arab identity.”


He began his speech by offering his apology to the Tunisian and Egyptian people for the delay in this stance of support, which was not delayed by hesitation or confusion. “After all our experiences in resistance the American-Zionist schemes in Lebanon and the region, we cannot stand by idly when the dispute takes place between the oppressed and oppressor, between the right and the wrong,” Sayyed Nasrullah said.

Sayyed Nasrullah emphasized that his party and the other Lebanese national parties delayed their stance of support to make sure the Egyptian patriotic men are not accuses of receiving assistance. “In case we announced solidarity earlier, they would have said that the revolution was motivated by Hezbollah or Hamas cells or even by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Then, this real, original and patriotic movement would be accused of serving a foreign agenda.”


Hizbullah Secretary General noted that the Resistance party had a painful experience in this regard with the Egyptian regime when only one of its members was arrested because he was cooperating with a few Egyptian and Palestinian young men to serve the Gaza people. “Only one of our brothers was detained because of an operation of a logistic nature to back the Resistance in Gaza. Yet, we were accused of having a cell aiming at overthrowing the regime, changing the picture and converting Egyptians to Shiites,” his eminence explored. “That’s why we chose to delay our stance out of respect of the Egyptian sensitiveness, after taking the same advice from our Egyptian friends.”


Hizbullah Secretary General, meanwhile, declared solidarity with the Egyptian nation in its patriotic revolution against the current regime. “One of the faces of our support to this historic and great revolution is defending it and one of the elements of defense is displaying its true image,” his eminence said.

According to Sayyed Nasrullah, we’re witnessing a real, patriotic and popular Egyptian revolution in which Muslims and Christians are participating as well as Islamic, scholar, national, and intellectual various movements. “In this revolution, all Egyptians are taking part, including children, women, men, intellectuals, scholars, workers. But the major and strongest element in this revolution remains the youth generation. That’s why we can say that we’re before a complete revolution.”


Sayyed Nasrullah also emphasized that this revolution is the product of the people’s will and determination. “The people are the ones protesting, offering martyrs. They are the ones who will decide what they want, which system will prevail, which solution they will adopt,” his eminence said. “All accusations to the revolution of having an outside agenda will fall in front of the will of the courageous people of Egypt.”


Hizbullah Secretary General then questioned the content of the Egyptian revolution and Intifada. “Is it a revolution for the poor or a revolution of freedom and democracy or a political Intifada, related to the current regime’s foreign policies as well as Egypt’s position in the region and the world?” Sayyed Nasrullah wondered.

Sayyed Nasrullah pointed to the different interpretations of the Revolution as every side is seeking to take the facts towards a specific direction. “For instance, Israel and US’s friends are seeking to convince the whole world that what’s happening in Egypt is nothing but a humanitarian revolution,” his eminence explored.

“The truth is declared, however, by the protesters themselves through their slogans, blood, smiles, madness and stances. They obviously say that their revolution is actually all this. This means that we’re before a complete revolution for the poor, the free, the students, the freedom seekers, the people who reject subordination to the American and Israeli will. We’re before a humanitarian, social and political revolution against everything, against oppression and corruption but also against the regime’s policies towards the Arab-Israeli conflict.”


Sayyed Nasrullah then pointed to the worst accusation addressed to the revolution in Egypt and also in Tunis of being an American product and that the American intelligence status has motivated the youth and incited them to revolt against the current regime.

He said that it was unfair to think in this way. “Even more, it’s a great insult to the youth in Tunisia and Egypt to claim that their movement is directed by the US,” Sayyed Nasrullah stressed. “Who would imagine that the US would topple such a loyal ally working day and night to protect Washington’s interests and project?” his eminence wondered.

Sayyed Nasrullah recalled that the same rhetoric was adopted in 1979 during the great Islamic Revolution in Iran when Imam Khomeini was accused of being a CIA agent. “The truth, uncovered by the victory, days and decades was that Imam Khomeini was loyal to the aspirations of the nations and not an American ally,” his eminence said. “This is the case of the Tunisian and Egyptian people today.”


Hizbullah Secretary General also noted that the Americans are seeking to contain the revolution in order to improve their ugly image In the Arab and Islamic world. “They are seeking to portray themselves as defenders of the nations and their rights, will and freedom. This is the biggest threat and that’s why the revolutionist nations and the resistance movements in the region should be aware.”

He emphasized that American studies have revealed that the vast majority of the people in the Arab world reject the American policies for obvious and known reasons such the absolute American adoption of Israel and its wars since the establishment of the Zionist entity as well as the absolute American adoption of dictatorships in the regions without forgetting the American wars and the US crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. “American studies have also revealed that there are major changes in store in the region and they have realized that regimes that are allied with the US will not be able to withstand popular pressure that has had enough of their policies.”


Sayyed Nasrullah said that the American administration is aware that it should maintain the middle ground in a bloody confrontation in the revolution because it knows that its negative repercussions will affect it and its allies. “The US does not care if an Islamic or a secularist assumes power. They have no veto on anybody as they only care for their interests and Israel’s interests as well. Their only concern is the substitute’s political approach and whether it will provide its and Israel’s interests.”

He also stressed that the Egyptian people should be aware the effects this revolution will have on the world and the region and the great confusion felt by the world power and its allies.


Hizbullah Secretary-General then pointed to the great Israeli concern and panic caused by 14 days of the Egyptian revolution and called to listen when they call for reconsidering national security strategies.

“Israel is working day and night to prevent Egypt’s regime from falling,” Sayyed Nasrullah pointed out. “Israel is wailing over the loss of its last ally in the Middle East,” his eminence went on to say. “I’m not going to evaluate the Egyptian regime now and the strategic services it has offered to Israel since Camp David. But I’m pointing to the Israeli status of panic.”

“We are before a clear scene: there is a regime that Israel is working day and night to maintain and a regime that the people are seeking to topple,” his eminence said. “In which front you will stand: in the front of Israel, defending the regime or in the front of the Egyptian people seeking to topple it?”


“We won’t interfere in your internal affairs. You and only you will decide what to do. But as brothers and friends, we would like to express our belief that that what you’re doing is huge. We believe that your success will change the whole face of our region in the interest of its nations,” Sayyed Nasrullah said, addressing the Egyptians and their youth.

“Today, Egypt’s youth is engaged in the battle of Arab dignity after it was humiliated by the submissive leaders,” Sayyed Nasrullah said. “Your action is not any less important than the Resistance’s victory in the July 2006 war,” his eminence went on to say, addressing the Egyptians.


“We wish we can be with you in the Tahrir Square and all of Egypt,” Sayyed Nasrullah said at the end of his speech, while expressing belief that the Egyptian are capable of achieving the change and return Egypt to its advanced historical position.

He announced on behalf of the party and other resistant forces placing all capabilities at the service of the Egyptian youth.

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