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1. Slavoj Zizek: The capitalist system is pushing us all towards an apocalyptic doomsday (video).
However, in this new film genius documentary maker Lawson exposes once again the conflict between  'friends of Israel' and the growing community of truth seekers.

2.New Anthony Lawson's Film (video)

 Gilad Atzmon




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$3 Billion More from the US to Israel While Americans Are Losing their Homes Every Day

Israel looks to build support for US deal,

 by Josef Federman, Associated Press
Dear Editor:
Today we have reached a dangerous move toward insanity.
While the Boston Globe, above the fold, on Page One, decries the loss of
homes in MA, ONE EACH HOUR of the day, we go to Page 4 only to see
that we are sending $3 billion in planes to Israel, and other goodies with which
to attack Iran unseen and unknown by radar. What a nice world.
Could these two happenings (US's poor economy + Israeli giveaways) be linked?
Is it Israel's intention to own the entire Middle East?  Why are we pissing
away our money on Israel? We give and give to that state, and what happens?
We are never closer to peace.
As we see it, Israel gets more of what it wants, and the Palestinian people get
nothing after this so-called 90-day freeze. They don't get their right to return to their
lands and homes; they don't get East Jerusalem as their capital. They lived there
for centuries. Their homes are being demolished as we speak so incoming foreigners
can have new homes.
So, why would any Palestinian come to this Mad Hatter's table? These peace
talks have become a joke over many decades. Who could be fooled by it?
American money is gone, disappeared, but to where? We see storefronts
emptying out each day.
What good will it do to harm the American people's ownership of their homes?
This is not just a cause and effect occurrence. It's just happening much too often.
One can suspect all sorts of controversial ideas, such as it could very well be some
kind of draconian plan.
Moreover, what purpose would it be to decimate more innocent populations in
Muslim countries? We now can count the countries we've attacked, and next, Iran.
People here in the US and overseas do not want war. But our governments do not
listen. Life and health means nothing to them.
To what extent are the citizens in America going to accept these egregious
events? Don't we have any fight in us? Don't our votes and our letters and
telephone calls have any effect? We should think of what more could and should
be done to stop the insanity in Washington and in Israel.  It's time that special interests
be halted. How can we enable ourselves to return to good government?
Are America and its leaders AFRAID of Israel? It would seem to be so.
Paul Bradford
Carol Rae Bradford






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