Letters to the Editor, Dr. Hassan El-Najjar, January 15, 2004

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Thank you to Joe Feldman

Dear Joe Feldman, Thank you for your insights regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The history and intense emotions of this part of the world have often seemed too much for me to even conceive let alone understand. I have 2 personal friends here in Philadelphia that moved here from Palestine because they could not bear the thought of raising arms against Israel (Or anyone for that matter).

I have often thought that the "fence" was just an idea to give Palestinian militants something to bomb without hurting anyone (But it really aims at annexing Palestinian land- Editor).

I am also a very strong supporter of Wes Clark because of his ability to see both sides of an issue and therefore be able to help both sides come to agreement. I know that he has talked at length about the "Sticking point" issues. That of the Palestinian right of return and the land of Jerusalem. I've often wondered how Israel could hope to maintain the non-contiguous lands in Gaza and the West Bank. It seems to me that that is unlikely.

I have an idealist hope that one day Jerusalem will become not a land that is owned by any government but one that is placed in the "World trust" and could be capitol to both Israel and Palestine.

Thanks for your work, Thanks for Al-Jazeera and the emergence of a one day free press in a part of the world that has seen ideas an opinion controlled by the powerful (I think we are still waiting for it in America too)

I too will look forward to clarification from General Clark, because I am sure that he has an understanding of the situation that if spoken, may be unpopular with voters that want only to hear what they want to hear.

Rich Westcott Philadelphia





President Bush had declared within 10 days of his inauguration, that regime change in Iraq is his among first priority

Cornered on the point that according to Former US Treasury Secretary, Paul ONeil; President Bush had declared within 10 days of his inauguration, that regime change in Iraq is his among first priority, President Bush addressing a news conference in Mexico, sheepishly pushed the blame on previous administration for the regime change policy on Iraq. He sought protection under the ruse, that all he was doing was following the US State policy inherited from President Clinton.

The question remains, if regime change in any UN member state can be so blatantly made a state policy without any reference to international law. If President Bush and all previous US administrations are legally correct in having an open and declared policy of regime change in other countries, then how it feels if I call on the OIC to openly debate and institute a declared policy of regime change in the United States of America, through all means available to Muslim member countries.

It may involve direct lobbying, covert financing of political parties, consolidation of friendly vote-backs. Let all resources at the command of 50 plus Muslim nations of the world, made available to bring about a Muslim friendly administration in the US. But it should be a publicly declared OIC policy, to match Americas highhanded intervention in other countries affairs.




Please cover the National 911visibility.org Project.

New York, Seattle, Kansas City, San Francisco and other cities are launching 9-11 visibility projects to demand a full accounting of 9-11, and to stop the Bush cover up. Projects involved bringing 9-11 widow, Ellen Mariani, who is suing the Bush Admin for 911 complicity to cities throughout the U.S., and Canadian TV journalist Barry Zwicker, maker of the "The Great Deception" to cities.

See: www.911visibility.org or www.septembereleventh.org

Contact info is there for interviews.

Warm regards,

Bill Douglas,

National 911visibility.org Project

Editor: Al-Jazeerah is ready to publish any news articles you send about the event.





Subj: Incredible How Washington Post Cuts off AP Article's Mention of Capt Boston 
Date: 1/13/04 8:11:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: vances@washpost.com

Mr. Vance,

I just found out that you are the editor who did not have the full version of the AP article (full version included below from haaretz.com) in today's print edition of the Washington Post (on page A 13). That is incredible to me. Please take a look at a copy of Captain Boston's declaration (a signed copy can be sent to you as well via a PDF) which is included after the AP article below to see just how historically significant it is to blowing the lid off the ongoing cover-up of the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. If you did not have room to run the entire article, why didn't you wait until you did?


James Morris
Los Angeles

Subj: Incredible How Washington Post Cuts off AP Article's Mention of Capt Boston 
Date: 1/13/04 7:10:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi All,

We should email and telephone the Washington Post and let them know that it is incredible how they cut off the AP article (the same one which is shown in full below from www.haaretz.com) to conveniently not have Captain Boston and his declaration mentioned (on page A 13 of today's Washington Post print edition):




Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).
The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).



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