The Human price of maintaining the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories

January 2005



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According to the Palestinian President's website, Palestinians who were killed by Israeli occupation forces during December 2004 reached 67 people, which increased the Palestinian loss of life into 4,408 victims (excluding an estimate of 500 unconfirmed victims of the uninvestigated Jenin massacre). The number of Palestinians who were injured during December 2004 reached 266 people, which increased Palestinian injuries to 41,470. 

Palestinians who have been arrested during November 2004 were 451, which increased the total estimate of Palestinian arrestees until the end of November 2004 to 41,499. Statistics concerning other Israeli occupation atrocities, such as demolished houses and uprooted trees, can be found at the Palestinian President's website.*  

The total number of Israelis who were killed during December 2004 was 8, which increased the total number of Israelis killed by the end of November 2004 to 912 (928 according to AP calculations). The total number of Israeli injuries during December 2004 was 21, which has kept the total Israeli injuries about 3,044.

The following is an attempt by Al-Jazeerah Information Center to document the number of victims of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine during January 2005 (Note: For Palestinian figures, there may be some differences between the total figures provided by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Wafa, and President Arafat's Office).

January 2005


Day of the siege 


Palestinians killed Palestinians injured Palestinians arrested Israelis killed    Israelis injured


1 5 4
1295 2 - -
1296 3 1 2 3
1297 4 8 27 2
1298 5 2 4 5
1299 6 2 - 12
1300 7 2 3 28
1301 8 3 2 1 3
1302 9 5 4 1
1303 10 - 4 4
1304 11 1 2
1305 12 4 4 5 1 3
1306 13 2 11 10
1307 14 3
1308 15 8 12
1309 16 3 21
1310 17 5 7 1
1311 18
1312 19
1313 20
1314 21
1315 22
1316 23
1317 24 1 5 18
1318 25
1319 26
1320 27
1321 28
1322 29
1323 30
1324 31

4,009 Palestinians Killed and More than 44,500 Wounded by Israelis from September 2000 to February 2005, PNIC Report

GAZA, Palestine, March 22, 2005 (IPC) - -

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada) in September 2000, through February 2005, 4,009 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces plus 82 were unregistered due to he Israeli measures, while 44,500 others have been injured, plus 8435 received treatment on the spot, according to a report published by the Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) of the Gaza-based State Information Service.

The PNIC report mentioned that the number of killed children aged less than 18 years reached 742. 261 females, 344 security members and 817 students and teachers were also killed during the years of the Intifada.

As for the killed in extrajudicial executions perpetrated by Israeli undercover units and warplanes, the number had risen to 324, as that of those died due to delays at checkpoints mounted to 130 men, women, children and elderly.

Meanwhile, the frequent Israeli armed settler attacks resulted in the killing of 49 civilians, while 36 members of medical and civil defense crews, along with 9 journalists and 220 athletes lost their lives to the Israeli forces.

The total wounded Palestinians reached 44500 plus 8435 received treatment in the field, as the number of students and employees who were shot and wounded by Israeli gunfire has reached 4800.

As for the prisoners profile, the report explained that 7000 Palestinians are currently jailed inside Israeli prisons and concentration camps, including 644 who have been in prison prior to the outbreak of the Intifada, distributed across 24 Israeli prisons, concentration camps and detention centers.

Prisoner students reached 1389, including 310 children, 196 teachers and employees of higher education ministry. 800 others sustaining chronic diseases, in addition to 126 female prisoners including 41 have been courted while 10 others were administrative detainees.

The report made clear also that the total number of demolished houses throughout the abovementioned period has reached 69843 including 7438 completely destroyed including 4595 while the number of partially demolished houses was 63099, of which 22879 in the Strip.

As for the educational buildings that have been damaged by the Israeli aggression, 12 institutions were damaged, including universities and schools, which have been closed under military orders.

316 schools have also been exposed to shelling, as 43 others have been turned into military outposts, the report hinted.

Regarding the Israeli violations against the Palestinian agricultural sector, the report referred that the total areas of Palestinian-owned lands that have been razed by the Israeli bulldozers reached 76471 dunums, as 2054121 trees have been uprooted.

765 stores have been demolished, 765 farms and pens have been devastated, 31056 of dunums of irrigation networks have been bulldozed, and 1326 water wells have been destroyed.

899767 broilers and 350148 layers have lost, while 14749 sheep, lost as well.12131 cows lost also, while 15265 bee hives have been damaged, as 397 water wells destroyed completely and 207 Palestinian farmers-owned houses have been demolished, the report counted.

The PNIC's report mentioned that the number of unemployed Palestinians has reached 287.000, rating %31.2 of the Palestinian people, as the rate of poverty across the Palestinian territories reached %67.6 according to a survey pt poverty by the Palestinian central statistics bureau Dec 2003.

The Israeli occupation troop violations against the journalists reached 724 attacks, as the shelling of residential buildings has been 31473 times since October 10, 2001until October 31, 2004, the PNIC made clear.

As for the Israeli checkpoints that have been placed by the occupation troops across the occupied Palestinian territories, the report numbered them to 2924.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy, 413 Palestinian industrial facilities have been exposed to severe damages due to the Israeli violations.

Finally, the official Palestinian report said that the Israeli occupation authorities have expropriated 214127 dunums of Palestinian-owned lands for the sake of the Apartheid Wall.



* Starting from December 10, 2004, the above statistics have been taken from the website of Palestine Red Crescent Society and news reports published at No statistics have been reported in the Palestinian President's website. No data about Palestinians arrested in statistical form but they can be found in the IPC news reports published daily at 

In September 29, 2002 , the Palestinian News Agency (wafa) reported that the number of Palestinians who were killed by the Israeli occupation forces since the beginning of the Palestinian Uprising (Al-Intifadha), was 2,523, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. But according to Palestine Red Crescent Society, that figure was 1,787 deaths and 20,593 injuries. 

According to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, the total number of Palestinian deaths in West Bank & Gaza from September 29th, 2000 to the end of May 2003  was 22,822  injuries, and 2,336 deaths. 

According to AFP, since the September 2000 launch of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, a total of 3,301 people have been killed, including 2,494 Palestinians and 747 Israelis (AFP tally until June 10, 2003).

Important Note: The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced in the 2nd anniversary of the Intifadha (9/28/02) that the total number of Palestinian killed by Israelis or died as a result of Israeli occupation practices were 2,520. The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that the number of Israelis killed since 9/26/2000 were 624. These figures differ from the ones above because Palestinian figures included Palestinians who die because they are prevented from reaching hospitals as a result of curfews or closures. See the following article: Border closure hits Palestinians - WHO

On 2/14/03, AFP reported: "Their (two Palestinians in Rafah) deaths raise to 2,945 the number of people killed since the beginning of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000, including 2,199 Palestinians and 690 Israelis.(AFP).

- The official website for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society can be found at: 

   The Palestine News Agency (Wafa) website can be found at:

    The Palestinian President's website can be found at:

-- No data available, particularly Palestinians wounded by Israeli occupation forces, on daily basis.

Note: Only the Israeli government knows the exact number of  Palestinians who have been arrested since March 29, 2002. Nobody except Israel knows what has happened to them, whether released, kept, tortured, or killed. However, the office of the Palestinian President provides a daily account about Palestinians arrested by Israeli occupation forces. 


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