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Arafat to Saddam: Turn on TV, let's know about the negotiations between Abu Mazen and Sharon (Hamed Atta, Al-Khaleej, 5/19/03).


More wars create more Bin Ladens (Jalal Al0-Rifa'i, Ad Dustour, 5/19/03).


The World: Blind, Deaf, and Dumb  (By Khalil Abu Arafeh, Alquds, 5/19/03).


Negotiations, the Sharon Style (Nasser Al-Ja'afari, Alquds, 5/19/03).


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Where does the Road Map lead Palestinians? (Zaki Shaqfeh, Al-Ra'i, 5/19/03).


Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. (Hamed, Alittihad, 5/19/03).


 Bush surrendering at the first hint from Sharon that he does not accept the Road Map (By Mustafa Rahmeh (Alittihad, 5/19/03).


Yassin Al-Khalil (Teshreen, 5/19/03).


An Arab lost in the matrix of tall rise buildings in the Gulf states   (Haroon, Al-Khaleej, 5/19/03).

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